[Top 10] Minecraft Most Powerful Mobs

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If you see these mobs, don´t hesitate... Just run!

Which are the mobs that you should be running from?

The world of Minecraft can be a beautiful and peaceful place to spend your time building beautiful structures of stone and other materials, or to make a farm full of peaceful and friendly animals like chicken, cows and pigs. That is until the sun sets and it becomes nighttime; that is the perfect moment to grab your things and run to the nearest bed unless you want to stick around and face the most terrible creatures you could ever imagine.

So in this list, we`ll be ranking the top most powerful mobs you can encounter in the world of Minecraft. 


10. Enderman: 

This hellish like creature seems to be a bit too similar to one of the most famous creepypastas (Slenderman), the name also seems to be inspired by the same. The Enderman is generally a peaceful mob that walks around at night picking up blocks; that is until the player stares directly into its eyes; that's when the real horror begins, the Enderman can teleport making it almost impossible to escape or to predict where he will attack from and it will only stop until it kills you. 


· Hearts: 20

· Attack (Hard mod): 10.5 of damage

· Behavior: Neutral 


9. Elder Guardian:

This pufferfish looking creature is even scarier than it looks, once you find yourself face to face with one in the bottom of the ocean. A guardians sole purpose is to protect the ocean monuments and to guard the treasures that they hold and they will attack anything that comes their way, without hesitation; whether it`s a dolphin, a squid, or an innocent player swimming around looking for treasures, the guardian will go at full force, whether it uses its spikes or its laser, the guardian will not give an easy battle to anyone. 


· Hearts: 15

· Attack (Hard Mode): 13.5 of damage

· Behavior: Hostile


8. Vindicator:

Also referred to as “Johnny” this axe-wielding mob belongs to the illager family and thought it may not look so though, we can assure you that you would not like to be around one when things get nasty. , I'm sure you will regret not bringing a bow to an axe fight; And to make it even harder these guys are like scorpions and will always come in groups ready to take on whatever village that crosses their path. 


· Hearts: 12

· Attack: 21 of damage 

· Behavior: Hostile 


7. Charged Creeper:


Not to be confused with the creeper, the charged creeper is created when a ray of lightning strikes near one of them; Turning this walking sack of TNT into a devastating sack of destruction and pain. The Creeper can spawn at night and it can be turned into a charged one either by a thunderstorm or by throwing an enchanted trident at them. The explosive power is 50% more powerful than that of a block of TNT and if not wearing the right armour, the damage could result in a one-hit kill, definitely not something you would like to hear when mining for diamonds in the bottom of a cave; or at any moment in the game. 


· Hearts: 10

· Attack: 127.5 of damage

· Behavior: Hostile 


6. Iron Golem:

This Huge creature is made from pure iron and can be summoned by the player or found roaming in villages, protecting them from other hostile mobs, although it generally is a peaceful entity  the Iron Golem can be a huge pain to deal with if it perceives you as a threat for the villagers that it sworn to protect  


· Hearts: 50

· Attack: 32.25 of damage

· Behavior: Neutral 


5. Ravager:

The ravager is a bull looking creature that will charge against anything that comes it's way, lucky for us this mob will only spawn during raids and cant be found in the wild on its own. 

Illagers use them as a mean of transportation and a way to make it harder for you to attack them since they will ride on top of them as they charge towards you, not only will you have to run from the ravager but also from the arrows of the illager that is sitting on top; making it one of the strongest mobs in the game and a complete nightmare to fight if you can't seem to find a place to hide from them. 


· Hearts: 50

· Attack: 24 of damage

· Behavior: Hostile 


4. Vex:

Although they make look like cute little fairies, the vex is far from cute and they are a real pain to fight if you find yourself in the middle of a raid. They may not be the strongest mobs, but they can fly through any block and hit you where you least expect it, their size also makes it almost impossible to hit them and since they are always flying, trying to calculate their moves will seem like an impossible task. 


· Hearts: 7

· Attack: 13.5 of damage 

· Behavior: Hostile 


3. The Wither:

Here is where we meet the big leagues, these mobs are what we call Bosses and they are the strongest and hardest to kill in all the game.

This three-headed creature from hell can only spawn if it is crafted by the player, by putting together three wither skeleton heads and four blocks of soul sand in a T shape. A few seconds after spawning the wither will introduce itself with an explosion so destructive and loud that it can be heard by anyone across the map, destroying anything in its way; the explosion is stronger than that of a charged creeper. The wither is immune to lava, drowning, suffocating and it will attack and destroy any mob or block that crosses its path. , making head to head combat the only alternative to take it out. 


· Hearts: 150 Java, 300 Bedrock

· Attack: 148.5 of damage

· Behavior: Hostile 


2. Ender Dragon:

The Ender Dragon is the first boss to be introduced to the game and it is also considered the final boss of the game, so beating this mob will reward you with the game credits and the satisfaction of having cleared one of the hardest games ever. 

But be assured, the Ender Dragon will not give an easy fight, not only is he flying around the End throughout the battle, but he can also regenerate its health with the help of the end crystals which can be found on top of the towers that conform the end. 


· Hearts: 100 

· Attack: 

· Melee: 15 of damage 

· Wings: 7 of damage

· Dragons breath: 3 of damage per second

· Fire Balls: 6 of damage per second

· Behavior: Hostile 


1. The Warden:

This mob has not yet been released, but we already know it is going to be really powerful and hard to take on. The Warden is a Blind but powerful monster-like creature that will be added in the 1.17 update of the game, it roams the caves looking for intruders or unexpected adventurers that may cross its path. 

Although he might be blind, the Warden is still the strongest mob and one hit can deal a huge amount of damage or an instant kill; so the best way to deal with it, is either to sneak through caves so it cannot hear you or to distract it by throwing snowballs or arrows around the cave. The Warden is one scary looking monster and one that I assure you wouldn't like to find while mining or wandering in a cave, so it's best to keep your guard up all the time and if you hear him, be prepared to run; cause fighting it may be the last thing you do. 

Stats: (not yet revealed but this is an estimation)

· Hearts: 42 or more 

· Attack: up to 31 

· Behavior: Hostile 


Some honourable mentions to this list are the killer bunny which is a really rare type of bunny that will attack you until it kills you and the Herobrine since it is just a myth that appeared since the beginning of the game. Although speculations say it is the strongest mob, no one has actually encountered it and even Notch has said that such Mob isn't real; but we still thought he needed a mention in this list, for the sake of the veteran players.

So with this list do you think you are ready to take on the most powerful mobs or do you still need some more time to prepare? Anyway, it's time to gather your netherite armour and prepare for a long and complicated battle with the strongest mobs you can encounter in Minecraft. 


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