[Top 20] Best Minecraft Light Sources - [Strongest and Weakest Light Sources Revealed]

Light up your blocky world in style.

The best light sources in Minecraft today

Are you looking for new ways to light up your world?

Maybe you are tired of planting the same plain torches in your house and want to spice it up to make your home look more like a mansion than a shed.

If so, you should stick around to see what the experts are using to decorate their homes.

Buckle up, this is the list of the 20 best light sources in Minecraft.


20. Candle

Starting us off is the Minecraft Candle. While they are at the bottom of the list, lighting a candle is perfect for a romantic setting for your dinner date.

Light Source details:

  • They have up to 17 colors to choose from to fit into any type of setting.
  • You can place more candles next to each other to emit more light.
  • Light level: 3


19. Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster can be great if you want to reject the modern world and live in a cave. While their light level is low, the beauty of the crystals can really make up for it.

Light Source details:

  • These pretty purple minerals can be mined and planted, but you will have to wait until they are fully grown from a Small Amethyst Bud.
  • The Amethyst is a renewable resource
  • Light level: 5


18. Sea Pickle

If you fantasize about the lost world of Atlantis and wish to live in the sea, you might be interested in trying a Sea Pickle. Its effect is very similar to a candle.

Light Source details:

  • They can be found in colonies of up to four pickles at the bottom of the sea.
  • They work similarly to candles, when placing 4 pickles on the same spot, they emit more light.
  • Light level: 6


17. Redstone Torch

The Redstone Torch is a perfect combination of functional and pretty. Ignore the low light level, and embrace the new possibilities this bad boy can offer.

Light Source details:

  • It can be used with various Redstone contraptions.
  • The Redstone version has a beautiful red glow, which can help make the room more romantic.
  • Light level: 7


16. Glow Lichen

The massive caves that came with the 1.18 update were too big for a simple torch to light, and that’s where the Glow Lichen comes in to save the day. While it’s mossy and gross, you can’t deny that it gets the job done.

Light Source details:

  • It grows on stone blocks and emits the same light level as a Redstone torch, helping you navigate the cave system easier.
  • It is a renewable resource, so you can grow as much as you like on your farm.
  • Light level: 7


15. Soul Lantern

The weaker, but a fancier variant of the Lantern. The hanging blue light creates a beautiful mellow setting for any home.

Light Source details:

  • They can be placed on the top and bottom of solid blocks and can make an ominous light corridor for your tunnels in the mines
  • They repel piglins to make your trip to the Nether a bit safer.
  • Light level: 10


14. Soul Campfire

The Soul Campfire is a perfect addition to any blue-themed world. While it’s a bit ominous, it goes perfectly with the Soul Lantern.

Light Source details:

  • This turquoise variant of the traditional Minecraft Campfire can also repel piglins, so along with the Soul Lantern, you have everything you need for a peaceful camping trip in the Nether
  • Can be used to cook food and send smoke signals.
  • Light level: 10


13. Torch

The Torch is the OG light source that’s been around since 2009. Can’t go wrong with the classics.

Light Source details:

  • The minimal amount of required resources is very low, which makes it a great light source for any newbie.
  • You can stack it in bulks and carry a ton of them which makes it a must-have for anyone that’s exploring the never-ending world of Minecraft.
  • Light level: 14


12. Glow Berries

These easy-to-spot berries can replenish hunger during your cave exploration. They come in bulk and make a big beacon of hope for any hungry stomach.

Light Source details:

  • They can be found growing on cave vines and eating them restores 2 hunger points
  • In addition, their strong glow can be a perfect natural light for your gardens, which makes Glow Berries one of the best foods in Minecraft.
  • Light level: 14


11. End Rod

The End Rod is the best choice for a light source if you have plans on building a modern mansion in your Minecraft world. Simple and sleek, the End Rod is a great addition to any new household.

Light Source details:

  • It’s found in End City towers, and unlike torches, they don’t need a supporting block, making it one of the most versatile light sources you can find.
  • Using /item replace command, you can wear it like the horn of a unicorn.
  • Light level: 14


10. Lava

Probably the most dangerous light source you can have in your world, not recommended if you live in a wooden house.

Light Source details:

  • Lava is magnificent, its ability to pour down like water can be used to make decorations for your world, like a fountain. (And a trap for your friends)
  • It can be used as super fuel in furnaces.
  • Light level: 15


9. Conduit

The Conduit is a pretty underwater beacon with an attitude. Works great as an underwater guard dog.

Light Source details:

  • Not only does it have the highest light level, but it also attacks hostile mobs underwater, which can make it a great guard for your underwater city of Atlantis.
  • It can be used as a light source on land because it doesn’t lose its lighting properties.
  • Light level: 15


8. Redstone Lamp

Make your Minecraft world streets safer by adding some lamps. Big, bright, and beautiful, can’t go wrong with a Redstone Lamp.

Light Source details:

  • While it’s good-looking and lovely, the Redstone Lamp requires a Redstone mechanism to work. Once you figure it out, you can add a modern touch to your home by switching your lights on and off with the click of a button.
  • Light level: 15


7. Froglight

As ridiculous as this may sound, to obtain the Froglight your pet frog has to eat a magma cube. Perfect fit if you wanna build a busy nightclub.

Light Source details:

  • Froglight is a smooth texture light source that can vary in color, depending on what type of frog kills the magma cube.
  • It’s a great resource if you want to decorate your world with some rare, neon-like colors.
  • Light Level: 15


6. Shroomlight

While there are similarities, please don’t confuse it with Froglight. Works perfectly when hung above a dinner table.

Light Source details:

  • The Shroomlight was quickly picked up by the Minecraft builders, because of how good it looks when used as a ceiling light.
  • In addition, it can be placed into a composter, with a 65% chance of raising the compost level.
  • Light Level: 15


5. Glowstone

Back in my day, this used to be the only reason to go into the Nether. One of my personal favorites on the list, because of how easy it is to gather.

Light Source details:

  • Glowstone is a very common block that you can find in the Nether. It can serve a similar purpose as a Redstone Lamp, but it doesn’t need to be activated by a Redstone mechanism.
  • It’s another use is recharging the Respawn Anchors.
  • Light level: 15


4. Sea Lantern

To finish off your dream of an underwater city, use Sea Lanterns to light up the deep. They emit a beautiful blue light that glows below and above ground level.

Light Source details:

  • They spawn in ocean monuments and underwater ruins and are the most versatile light source that can be found below sea level.
  • It’s easy to make and can be used the same way as Glowstone.
  • Light level: 15


3. Campfire

If you are stranded on a deserted island, use the Campfire to send out smoke signals to your friends, who don’t know how to find you with coordinates.

Light Source details:

  • The Campfire is a better variant than the Soul Campfire when it comes to light sources, making it a great decoration to have around your home.
  • Its other use is to cook food and harvest honey if placed under a beehive.
  • Light level: 15


2. Jack o’Lantern

It’s ranked number 2 because it’s just too goofy to be placed lower. This light source can also create some valuable companions if placed correctly.

Light Source details:

  • You can craft the Jack o’Lantern with a pumpkin and a torch, and place it all around your world to make a great spooky Halloween decoration.
  • It is used to build iron and snow golems.
  • Light level: 15


1. Beacon

The number 1 light source on the list, his majesty himself, the Beacon. Not only is it a powerful light source, but it also buffs your stats.

Light Source details:

  • The Beacon is one of the best light sources in the game because it can give you various buffs to nearby players and show you the exact location of your home, by shooting a big laser in the sky.
  • Getting the Beacon is the most work you will have to put in for light because you need the Nether Star which can only be found when killing a Wither.
  • Light level: 15



After reading through this list, I’m sure that you will find new ways to light up your home. While some of these light sources might seem unorthodox, try them out, to see which one will fit your setting better.

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