[Top 15] Best Minecraft Mods For Crafting

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods
Bringing Home the Bacon

Top 15 Best Minecraft Mods For Crafting

Crafting is an important feature of Minecraft as it is one of the key ways players can gain the majority of the items required for their gameplay, regardless of how they choose to play. The 2x2 crafting grid in the inventory can be used to create small item recipes, but the 3x3 crafting grid on the crafting table is used to create the majority of recipes. Minecraft has added and removed recipes over the years, encouraging mod creators to make mods to bring back certain items as well as create many new ones. Here are 15 of the top crafting mods that we think you'll enjoy using.

15- Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

Before the creation of this mod, players had to look through forges and temples to get saddles and armor for their horses. Now they have the option to craft them on their own! So, even if you find and tame a horse before you find a temple, you can ride your horse and it will be safe.

This mod is available for 1.14 to 1.19 game versions for both Forge and Fabric.

Why Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle is fun 

  • Saddles and armor are no longer difficult to find, saving players time. .
  • Horse armor can be crafted with iron, gold, and diamond ores.
  • It may take out the challenge of searching for the items but makes it easier for players.

Get the mod here.


14- LDShadowLady's More Crafting Tables

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

Players can alter the texture of the vanilla crafting table with this mod. It includes a variety of designs and themes for players to pick from, including a gold and a diamond crafting table.

Why More Crafting Tables is fun 

  • Ever wanted to have a rainbow crafting table? Now you can.
  • There is a spooky theme that is perfect for Halloween.
  • Players can even dye their crafting tables with all the dye options.

Get the mod here.


13- Variant Crafting Tables [Forge]

The Variant Crafting Tables mod has added crafting tables to each of the vanilla wood planks. This mod's objective is to maintain the original quality while giving crafting tables a more unique design. The general method for creating the tables still applies, but the matching planks must be used.

This mod is available for the 1.16 and 1.18 game versions and is translated into German with support for Canadian English.

Why Variant Crafting Tables is fun 

  • There are over 60 crafting tables to choose from!
  • Minecart with a crafting table is included for on-the-go crafting.
  • Picking up wood planks will advance the recipes for each crafting table's vanilla consistency.

Get the mod here.


12- Variant Crafting Tables [Fabric/Quilt]

This is the Fabric version of the Variant Crafting Tables above with a few additions.  All the textures have been compressed to make the mod download size as small as possible. 

This mod is available for the 1.18 and 1.19 game versions.

Why Variant Crafting Tables is fun 

  • It includes all the same crafting tables as the Forge version with added support for different mods.
  • This mod prevents identical crafting tables from appearing.
  • An un-crafting feature is included for all variants to the vanilla version just in case there is a problem.

Get the mod here.


11- KingCraft [FORGE]

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

This mod adds a new dimension called Wasteland with new biomes, mobs, ores, weapons, armor, and tools for players to discover and enjoy. Players can build a portal to Wasteland by collecting shards across the Overworld. There is a lot to find out!

The linked video above is lengthy, but the designer discusses the mod in detail, explaining how to utilize and make items. Also, it is recommended to use NotEnoughItems-NEI mods for recipe crafting or JEI (which will be described later). 

This mod is currently available for the 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18 game versions.

Why KingCraft is fun 

  • Players can discover new biomes like Desert forests and Rubbery forests
  • There are cursed materials just waiting to be discovered.
  • Be on the lookout for Galanite, a rare crystal that can be used for defense.

Get the mod here.


10- Extended Crafting

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

Extended Crafting increases the number of crafting-related tools, materials, and methods. The mod is meant to be heavily customized because it doesn't do anything on its own. You can change all of the recipes and settings. ..

There are several types of crafting with different recipes included as well as singularities, which are highly compressed materials. These are Compression, Combination, Ender, and Flux recipes. Each type of recipe has detailed information on the mod wiki.

This mod is available for the 1.16, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions.

Why Extended Crafting is fun 

  • There is a block called Automation Interface that is used to automate table crafting recipes. The block is placed on top of a basic or ultimate table.
  • There is a Handheld Crafting Table for on-the-go crafting.
  • The table crafting system is a tier-based one that consists of new crafting tables that range from Basic (3x3) to Ultimate (9x9). There are two types of recipes: tier independent, which can be used at any table with enough room, and tier-dependent, which can only be used in the tier specified.

Get the mod here.


9- Tinkers Construct

Players can mix, alter, and repair tools in numerous ways using this mod and a variety of materials. The tools can even be given names and don't vanish. A few tables, such as the Stencil table to create the objects and a Smeltery to process metals for the tools, are used in a number of processes to accomplish this. .

This mod is available for 1.6 to1.12, 1.16, and 1.18 game versions.

Why Tinker’s Construct is fun 

  • You may repair tools with different head materials using each one individually. .
  • There are slime islands with variously colored slime that spawns in various biomes. 
  • Materials are now split into general, weapon, harvest, and special levels that are more clearly defined.

Get the mod here.


8- PizzaCraft Mod

Pizza lovers can rejoice with this PizzaCraft mod that lets players cook pizza in Minecraft. This mod is jam-packed with information that guides you through every step of cooking pizza, starting with planting the necessary plants.  You can make each component of a basic pizza before adding the toppings.  A specific oven, a shovel, a mortar and pestle, and other things are required.  Chef and delivery outfits are extras that help improve the activity. 

This mod is available for the 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19  game versions and it has been translated into Spanish.

Why PizzaCraft Mod is fun 

  • The Chef costume grants fire resistance.
  • The pizza is cooked when it is placed on top of the oven, and you can observe the lovely process of the pizza baking. 
  • Some of the ingredients are corn, olives, tomato, and onion.

Get the mod here.


7- Security Craft

This mod does exactly as it is named, providing security to your Minecraft home. There are retinal scanners, lasers, unbreakable doors, as well as many more included! With this mod, your house will be protected from everyone, especially annoying mobs. Detailed information can be located in the mod site and the SecurityCraft manual in-game.

This mod is available for the 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 game versions.

Why Security Craft is fun 

  • Admin Tool: The main objective is to show details about a SecurityCraft block. It will display the UUID and name of the owner along with additional details like passcodes and any added modules.
  • Block Change Detector: It identifies when nearby blocks are being broken and/or placed by players.
  • Password-Protected Chest: It has a password-locking system installed. When the password is correctly entered, the chest will open. 

Get the mod here.


6- Different Guardians

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

The Different Guardians mod allows players to summon 9 types of guardian warriors to protect villages. The guardians vary in their armor and weapon strengths, from an ordinary guard with leather armor and a stone sword to one carrying a sword and suit of Netherite armor. The update will also enhance the game's arsenal of weapons, armor, and themed achievements.

This mod is avalaible for 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19. Game versions.

Why Different Guardians is fun 

  • With the latest update, the guardians have new high-level defense and damage skills.
  • Silver and Copper weapons and armor can be crafted.
  • New weapons include a double-headed axe, a spear, and shuriken.

Get the mod here.


5- Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core

Pam’s Harvest allows players to create over 120 new foods using vanilla Minecraft ingredients. To make the recipes for these foods, new equipment made of various materials must be created.  Cutting boards, mixing bowls, pots, and skillets are a few of these equipment.  Additionally, each food item has its own restoration amount.

Why Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 is fun 

  • This mod can be used by itself or with other sister mods for Crops or Trees.
  • You can sell crops, meat, fish, and beekeeping items in exchange for emeralds.
  • Tofu is included and works as a meat replacement for players who want to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle in-game.

Get the mod here.


4- Farmer's Delight (Forge)

Similarly to Pam’s HarvestCraft, Farmer's Delight enhances farming and cooking by adding new crops, recipes, and ways to improve crops. You can make a variety of hearty meals using a straightforward cooking method and a few common ingredients. Not only can you cook recipes but you can also decorate your farm with new blocks and items.

It’s recommended to install the JEI mod to quickly learn all the recipes. This mod is available for 1.15 through 1.19 game versions.

There is a Fabric version available for this mod.

Why Farmer's Delight is fun 

  • You can create delicious meals with soups, salads, chocolate pies, and more.
  • There are now wild crops that appear in many biomes and can also be found in village chests and ships..
  • Knives are used to collect straw from grassy plants which turn into more materials.

Get the mod here.


3- Magical Torches

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

If you ever wanted torches with special abilities, this mod is for you. Depending on the range effect, each one has a particular effect and varies in size. The main ingredients for each recipe are coal, charcoal, and a wooden stick.

This Mod adds eight torches with magical effects and following the order of torches from the picture:

- Small Torch: left bottom

- Medium Torch: left middle

- Grand Torch: left top

- Mega Torch: middle-top

- Alone Torch: right top

- Bat Torch: middle 

- Sound Muffling Torch: right middle

- Chicken Egg Torch: right bottom

This is a Forge only mod and is available for the 1.17 to 1.19 game versions.

Why Magical Torches is fun 

  • Bat Torch: This torch stops bats from spawning and its effect reaches a range of 64 blocks.
  • Sound Muffling: This torch muffles all mob sounds, both hostile and neutral. Perfect for a quiet environment. The effect reaches a range of 64 blocks.
  • Chicken Egg Torch: This torch has a special effect for egg spawning that is configurable. Players can choose to able or disable egg spawning to spawn only in the range. It reaches a range of 16 blocks.

Get the mod here.


2- Woodcutter Mod [Forge]

Best Minecraft Crafting Mods

The Minecraft Woodcutter mod includes a sawmill that functions similarly to the game's existing stone cutter. You can easily make any item that can be developed from a workbench with a block of raw wood. For example, you can make a door, a bowl, a ladder, a dish, and much more with just one click. 

This mod is available for the 1.16 game version. There is a Fabric version available.

Why Woodcutter Mod is fun 

  • If you’re a tool lover and want to add to your collection this mod does just that with the sawmill.
  • It takes away the need to break down blocks of wood into planks before being able to craft wooden items, as the recipes are available with one click.
  • Any sort of wood plank can be used to create the saw, and it will have a texture matching it.

Get the mod here.


1- Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items or JEI, is an item and recipe viewing mod with a strong focus on player ease of use, performance, and stability. It allows players to find the exact recipe of items in-game through a search, see the recipe of items by hovering over it, and learn what the items are used for.

Why Just Enough Items is fun 

  • This mod is compatible to be used alongside many other mods and doesn’t depend on any mods to actually function.
  • It’s practical for both your average and advanced players and can be used by mod developers to add to modpacks.
  • Gone are the days of minimizing the game to do a quick search to look up a recipe. Now it’s all in one place.

Get the mod here.

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