Top 15 Best Minecraft Addons Every Player Needs (2020 Edition)

Minecraft Best Addons
Mods make everything more fun, so check out the best ones in 2020

What Are Addons and Why Do You Need Them

You start with Peaceful mode, exploring the game and getting to know the blocks, tools, and mobs. Then you progress from Easy to Hardcore as you become a mob-fighting master. Once that has lost its fun you give Creative mode a try, or maybe you went for that from the start. Either way, there comes a time when the game starts to lose its charm and you start to lose interest. 

Then along came mobs and addons, wonderful bits of creativity from Minecraft players around the world that throw some excitement back into the game. These downloadable modifications come in every flavor and form you can imagine, ranging from changing the aesthetics of the game to creating entirely new dimensions. There is a mod available for every player and every game edition, but some of them definitely stand out from the rest.


15. Dragons

As the name implies, this addon gets rid of bats in the Overworld and replaces them with dragons. These fire-breathing beasties can be passive or hostile, but if you find them young enough you can actually tame them like a wolf. 


Why You Need Dragons

  • Who doesn’t love dragons
  • No more bats
  • You can tame them and they will follow you
  • Tamed dragons at a high enough level will fight your enemies
  • Third most popular mob download - see what you’ve been missing


Get Dragons here:


14. Smart Moving

Tired of having to constantly cut stairs in caves and mountainsides? Wish you could navigate single-block-high passages? This addon integrates movements like crawling and climbing for easier and more convenient gameplay.


Why You Need Smart Moving

  • Convenience
  • Crawling
  • Sneaking
  • Ability to climb two-block structures
  • Better climbing movements
  • Better swimming movements
  • More jump options


Get Smart Moving here:


13. Chisel

The ultimate design mod, Chisel allows you to change block textures to create all kinds of new looks. Get creative, because your buildings just got a face lift.


Why You Need Chisel

  • Incredible designs
  • Huge potential for building
  • Why not - use it when you want it

Get Chisel here:


12. JourneyMap

Admit it - you’ve gotten lost before. We all have, but with JourneyMap instead of having to find redstone and iron to make a compass, now you have a world map at your fingertips. This addon lets you mark various locations for future use and gives info on useful generated structures.


Why You Need JourneyMap

  • Never get lost again
  • Map your exploration in real time
  • Can be viewed in a mini map or your browser
  • Mark points of interest
  • See passive and hostile mobs

Get JourneyMaps here:


11. Pam’s HarvestCraft

Like farming? Tired of eating the same worn out foods? Pam’s HarvestCraft introduces a whole variety of new foods, plants, and recipes that will leave your inner chef and gardener feeling satisfied.


Why You Need Pam’s HarvestCraft

  • 58 new crops
  • 35 different fruit trees
  • 12 new bushes
  • 16 new fish
  • More new recipes than you can imagine


Get Pam’s HarvestCraft here:


10. LotsOMobs

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh yes. This mod adds a whole host of new and exciting mobs including dinosaurs and other extinct animals. Treat yourself to a virtual safari - just watch out for that T-Rex. 


Why You Need LotsOMobs

  • Two new passive human mobs - cavemen and eskimos
  • 25 new animal mobs
  • Each mob has a unique drop
  • New recipes unlocked with new drops
  • You know you want dinosaurs


Get LotsOMobs here:


9. Hyper HD Realism

Some would argue Minecraft’s blocky nature is part of its charm. I would argue they haven’t seen this lush texture pack that makes everything take on a more realistic look.


Why You Need Hyper HD Realism

  • Just look at it, isn’t that gorgeous?
  • Purely aesthetic, no altered gameplay
  • This is the best texture pack out there


Get Hyper HD Realism here:


8. Carpenter’s Blocks

Unfortunately some shapes are impossible to accomplish in Minecraft unless you build them on a giant scale, and others simply cannot be done - but no longer. This addon allows you to meld and manipulate blocks to form previously impossible shapes and the possibilities are endless. Go forth and build.


Why You Need Carpenter’s Blocks

  • You can form virtually any shape out of almost any block
  • If you can imagine it, you can now build it


Get Carpenter’s Blocks here:


7. Villagers Come Alive

Transform your dull, boring villagers into love interests and body guards. Villagers get new skins and can take on new roles with this addon, which happens to be the most downloaded Minecraft mod ever.


Why You Need Villagers Come Alive

  • You can hire (and fire) villagers as your personal guards
  • You can marry villagers and have kids
  • Villagers can marry each other and have kids
  • All manner of new skins

Get Villagers Come Alive here:


6. Millénaire

If you’re tired of vast expanses of emptiness in your Overworld then this is the mod for you. Millénaire loads intricate villages based on 11th century cultures in the wilderness between villages, and they’re chock-full of valuable items. 


Why You Need Millénaire 

  • Indian, Japanese, Norman, Mayan, Inuit, and Byzantine themed villages
  • New, powerful items and other resources available
  • Villagers have different skins and skills
  • Villagers have kids that grow up into new villagers
  • Less wilderness in your world

Get Millénaire here:


5. Lost Cities

Like generated structures? Your entire Overworld is now a giant, abandoned city. Dungeons and loot are abundant, and monster spawners lurk amongst the ruins. Have fun!


Why You Need Lost Cities

  • Generated structures are everywhere, including highways and an underground subway system
  • Cities are configurable with different buildings, blocks, etc. available
  • This mod can be accessed server-side rather than downloading it personally
  • Past generations have cities available as separate dimensions in your world

Get Lost Cities here:


4. Aether

Step into this floating realm full of strange mobs and dungeons. In the Aether dimension you can travel from island to island suspended in the clouds as you seek out the boss mobs and loot they have to offer. 


Why You Need the Aether

  • You can explore a different dimension
  • New mobs including flying food mobs, valkyries, sentrys, mimics, and sliders
  • Different levels of dungeons - bronze, silver, and gold
  • Powerful items and resources

Get the Aether here:


3. Twilight Forest

If you’ve ever dreamed of a moonlight stroll through an enchanted forest, you’ll love this mod. This dimension also comes equipped with its own mobs, dungeons, and treasure to find.


Why You Need Twilight Forest

  • It’s a dimension built for exploration
  • New passive and hostile mobs including bighorn sheep, ravens, boars, mosquito swarms and minotaurs 
  • New bosses including ur-ghast, minoshroom, and snow queen
  • New dungeons, treasure, and resources


Get Twilight Forest here:


2. Advanced Rocketry

Space may be the final frontier but it’s your next playground with this stellar mod. Explore new moons and planets with your hand-built rocket ships and find new galactic resources.


Why You Need Advanced Rocketry

  • You get to build rocket ships, spacecrafts, and space stations
  • Explore new moons and planets
  • Mine exotic planets for new resources
  • At some point in your life you wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up, and now you have that opportunity

Get Advanced Rocketry here:


1. Optifine

You’ve probably found at least five addons you want to download, which is great! The problem? You’re about to get bogged down bigtime. Optifine comes in and gives your computer the boost it needs to run smoothly and improves performance all around.


Why You Need Optifine

  • Use your mods with the same speed and performance as vanilla
  • Can greatly improve output on lower-end computers
  • It will make your gameplay more enjoyable

Get Optifine here:

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