[Top 15] Minecraft Best Seeds Every Player Should Try

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A cozy village within a snowy biome, partnered with high stone mountains.

Within the game of Minecraft, your imagination can wander off into whatever ideas and creations it wants. The game has many features that are useful to the player to create worlds, and one of the best features would be seeds. Seeds have a variety of purposes within the game, which include exploring and traveling an unfamiliar terrain, building a beautifully unique structure in a different world, or having the curiosity of being in survival mode and joining the rarer seeds! Within the game, seeds can be many things, from as generic and average as the next world, to as rare and truly incredible, as some ‌seeds in this list will show.

Seeds in Minecraft are particularly great for wanting to build a unique structure or several, as it gives you the customized and proper environment for whatever building you want to establish. The often generic seeds may have your casual spacious biomes naturally together, with one or two isolated villages that house materials for you to use. The rarer seeds, which will be covered in this list, include one-in-a-trillion chance generations that are astonishingly rare to come across unless you plant them there yourself. This can include exposed dungeons, irregularly placed and deformed structures, along with unnaturally generated biomes. This list will comprise the 15 best Minecraft seeds every player should try, including a very special and iconic one at the end!

15. Acacia Village With Tiered Lakes Beside It (Seed: 4344633995751933050)

A three-tiered lake alongside a village. 

We start off with this not glitched, but ‌beautifully generated terrain in the seed ‘4344633995751933050’, with a unique and rather rare tiered lake. It spawns next to a quiet and small village, complementing each other well for a great living environment (if you plan to explore in survival). This seed includes:

  • A beautifully tiered lake, as shown 
  • A village for loot and materials 
  • Mountains for climbing 
  • Caves for mining

14. Badlands Cliff With Crater Lake (Seed: 599282705)

Magneficent badlands cliff with a crystal lake, partnered by a lush cave underneath. 

The seed ‘599282705’ is unique for many reasons, the most prominent reason being the wonderfully generated mesa terrain. This seed has a spacious and beautifully colored biome selection, mesa being the longest, that features a stunningly vivid and alive lake, with badlands cliffs that hug it. Underneath the cliffs are bright and deep lush caves with a wide opportunity for mining. Aside from the gorgeous terrain, this seed includes: 

  • A large mesa biome for unique builds 
  • Great building space 
  • Tall mountains that blend in with other biome mountains 
  • A lengthy lush cave for mining

13. Mountains That Are Higher Than The Heavens (Seed: 473841681718795127)

Dramatic stone mountains with a small wooded forest in the center. 

This seed is simply incredible, as it features the tallest mountains, and the most interestingly generated terrains. In ‘473841681718795127’, the mountains resemble spikes and several of them have blankets of snow covering them, giving them an exquisite and surreal look. This seed features a very large and mind-blowing crater lake that can genuinely spark a builder’s interest. In contrast to the stony and snowy mountains, also lays a mesa biome that blends in with the stone mountains. In this seed, you will find:

  • A beautiful mesa biome for building 
  • Villages for materials 
  • Spiky, high mountains for exploring 
  • A major crater lake for diving

12. Beautifully Spawned Terrain, Looks Like a Painting (Seed: 4217978916737958073)

A detailed image of a snowy stone mountain in Minecraft. 

In the seed ‘4217978916737958073’, you are met with many features that sit before you. First, when you explore this terrain, you will come across almost all biomes in Minecraft–yes, that’s right! This seed is a multi-biome, which means it houses most or all biomes in Minecraft, which is pretty rare in itself. There are so many mountains, forests, jungles, mesa biomes, icy terrain, and another astonishingly generated crater lake that can be utilized for anything. This seed features, in all: 

  • Almost all biomes (great for wood sources and building)
  • Snowy mountains for climbing and hunting 
  • Big crater lakes 
  • A few villages for materials and food

11. Gorgeous Badlands Cliffs (Seed: 1365390787)

Beautiful badclands cliff hugging a blue lake, along with a colorful coral reef below. 

Similar to #14, we see another badlands cliff in seed ‘1365390787’, but larger and more wide this time. This seed is perfect for building an ocean mountain house for a stunning view, or simply using this seed for survival. Either way, this seed also has a beautiful ocean with a visible coral reef below, providing a pop of color to the blue waters. In contrast with the mesa biome and the ocean, it looks highly beautiful and somewhat realistic, which makes it even better for a great build. This seed includes:

  • A spacious ocean for multi-purpose 
  • Mountains for exploring and mining 
  • Long and beautiful valleys 
  • A large mesa biome

10. Giant Lush Cave (Seed: -952924122)

The most luscious lush cave any Minecraft seed can ever lush. 

This seed is so luscious that you will have no recognition that it’s a lush cave! Yes, the seed ‘-952924122’ has the largest and most luscious lush cave you will ever look at. It’s deep, bright, beautiful, a perfect opportunity to build an underground city, luscious, you know the deal. Not only this, but this seed contains two exposed mine shafts that are perfect for exploring and mining. The overall perks of this ‌seed will be:

  • A large and beautiful lush cave, ideal for building and exploring 
  • Two mine shafts for exploring and mining

9. Marvelous Mountains, Luscious Lush Caves (Seed: -603181651)

An incredibly dramatic strip of snowy mountains along with a habitable center. 

The last seed was luscious, yes, but is it this luscious? The seed ‘-603181651’ contains an even bigger and beautiful cave, with large and expansive terrain. There are also incredible structures within this seed that will really boost your survival game (if you plan to do that). In this seed, you are greeted with villages, massive biomes, the lusciousness of the lush cave, and much more. This seed includes, overall: 

  • Beautiful, high snowy mountains 
  • A cave with two dungeons for exploring and XP
  • Unique and large dripstone cave 
  • A few villages with a Pillager outpost 
  • Woodland mansion generated next to a high mountain 
  • Large lush cave

8. A Drowning... Village? (Seed: 21220211243) 

A village that has been accidentally placed in the ocean. Let's pray for the villagers. 

This seed is rather unique and… odd. In seed ‘21220211243’, you are met with a structure that would be considered a “deformed village”, a village which, in the process of creating a world, was misplaced and deformed because of a glitch in the formation. Unlike an island village, which is slightly more rare but not considered an oddity, this village is entirely surrounded by water with no land around it, making it deformed and a glitch in the matrix. If that wasn’t odd enough, this seed also contains a water monument that is less or within 100 blocks away from the village. A very rare and quite unique seed, and a great opportunity to build in creative mode. This seed includes, in total:

  • A vast ocean, perfect for creative building 
  • A village for materials and food 
  • Nearby water monument for exploring

7. A Lonely, Small Biome (Seed: 5432789569648325)

A great plain biome and a mesa biome meet in between a river. Which one is better?

Like the last seed, the ‘5432789569648325’ seed is also deformed. It contains a small forest biome in a large mesa biome, almost appearing as an oasis, but land. It’s extremely rare but very great for building ideas and almost perfect for a survival house. This seed also houses many lakes and more gorgeous mesa biomes, for building and gathering materials. This seed overall includes: 

  • A small deformed biome, great for survival 
  • Large mesa biomes 
  • Beautiful lakes that vary in size that are also great for building

6. The Largest Ice Spike (Seed: 1114478226)

An icy blue snow terrain with baby blue ice spikes. 

This ice spike is so vast that it can pierce right through your soul! Well, not really, but it’s the largest spike yet found in Minecraft. The ice spike in seed ‘1114478226’ is very tall and pierces through a stone mountain right beside it, and over on the other side, lays a gorgeous and icy biome that would be incredible for building an icy wonderland… or maybe, an ice castle? This beautiful terrain also includes a nearby island village for the reasons you would expect–stealing a villager’s stuff. This seed includes: 

  • The tallest ice spike in Minecraft
  • Island village for materials 
  • Beautifully generated terrain, great for creative mode building

5. Tall Woodland Mansion Oddity (Seed: 4204204204217747915)

A glitched woodland mansion with an extra long base.

This one is truly interesting, or highly interesting. The seed ‘4204204204217747915’ has an oddity in which the woodland mansion, as we all know to be flat, is glitched and appears to be very tall instead of flat on the ground. The base of the mansion is pure cobblestone, which would be incredible in resources for your own house! Though, I’m pretty sure the landlord wouldn’t be so pleased to find that half of his house is gone. Regardless, woodland mansions are traditionally used by players as means of easy survival and decent loot. In the distance, it stands menacingly in the forest, asking for you to invade it. This seed includes: 

  • A spacious forest biome
  • Woodland mansion for survival and loot 
  • A major opportunity to revamp and improve the structure
  • Great resourcing

4. A Very Useful Village (Seed: 113460335)

A quiet little village with a blacksmith and dimmed lighting.  

This is considered by players to be the luckiest village ever. In seed ‘113460335’, the player is greeted with many opportunities for easy game survival and beating. The village in this seed contains a blacksmith, the best village structure for loot, a Pillager outpost, a big and open cave, a Nether portal that spawns you right next to a Nether fortress, and two End portals! Making this truly the rarest occurrence and the luckiest seed. Overall, this seed contains: 

  • A few villages with blacksmiths present 
  • Pillager outposts 
  • An exposed cave for mining and exploring 
  • Icy village and beautiful mountains 
  • Two End portals

3. Five Woodland Mansions... In One World (Seed: 1194066632)

A casual woodland mansion sitting in a wooded biome.

Speaking of luck, the seed ‘1194066632’ contains not one, not two, but five woodland mansions, all spaced 5,000 blocks away from each other. This is extremely rare, yet fascinating nonetheless, as this abundance of mansions allows you to live in different locations whilst exploring different things. With 5 woodland mansions, you can also invite your friends to live in them and play together or take part in a competition of some sort. This seed is perfect for many reasons, mainly for the expandability and convenience of having multiple homes. This seed includes:

  • A vast forest terrain, great for exploring and further building 
  • Five woodland mansions, perfect for multiplayer activities

2. Incredibly Rare Fully Lit End Portal (Seed: 153528141396417860)

A severely glitched End portal with only 2 Eyes of Ender activating it. 

This one will blow your mind, as the seed ‘153528141396417860’ is as rare as 1 in 1,000,000,000. In this seed, you will come across a fully lit End portal, making it unnecessary to persist in the game or at least hunt for the Eyes of Ender. This seed is incredibly glitched, because in the process of forming the world, somehow, the generation was tricked into fully activating the portal. It works, and in a matter of minutes, you can beat Minecraft. This seed includes: 

  • An extremely rare, fully lit End portal 
  • No reason to hunt for Eyes of Ender!

1. The Infamous Herobrine Image (Seed: 478868574082066804)

The iconic and long-unknown Herobrine image. 

If you recognize this image, you are a Minecraft oldie, or at least, you should know who Herobrine is. Herobrine is the fictional and rumored mob in Minecraft, which dated back to 2010. The image was ominous for many years because of nobody really knowing where the origin was, or what the seed for the world shown in the image was. That was until 2021 when MinecraftAtHome’s “Andrew_555” found the world by using similar techniques when other Minecraft players found the “pack.png” world. The seed is ‘478868574082066804’, and it’s nothing much in perks, but rather in iconic value. In the coordinates X=5.06 Y=71 Z=298.54, you will stand in the exact place where the infamous Herobrine image came from. Enjoy the nightmares coming back! This seed includes: 

  • Herobrine haunting you forever (but not really, you won’t find it in this seed) 
  • Seeing the iconic place of the image
  • Fog and eeriness  
  • A great place to mine and build, as always!

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