Top 15 New Best Minecraft Seeds (2019 Edition)

Best Minecraft Seeds
The right seed will bring your ideas to life!

What Are The Best Minecraft Seeds?

In April, Minecraft finally released its latest Java update: 1.14! This update brings all sorts of new features to your worlds. Revamped village architecture, bamboo forests (with lots of PANDAS!!), and pillager outposts can now be found in your world generations. This compilation highlights some of the coolest seeds out there that I recommend you check out!

*To play on these seeds, copy and paste the seed number into the box titled “seed for the world generator” when creating a new world. Make sure to set “world type” to “default.” All seeds are compatible with the Java version. All coordinates are written in X, Z or X, Y, Z form.

15. Seed: 12211218

The corral illuminates the ocean at the base of a savannah mountain.

In this seed, you’ll spawn in a grassy plain that’s surrounded by a desert and a savannah. Not far from spawn is a desert temple with another savannah village just around the corner! If you like sandstone themed builds, this is definitely the seed for you. The large majority of the map seems to be a desert or ocean.

This seed features:

  • a desert temple at 221, -343 and another at -147, -344. Both temples border a savannah and could be great places for you to build around.
  • several shipwrecks. Two can be found at -660, 30 and -758, 307. Travel across the seed to find more!
  • enormous deserts, oceans, and savannahs. To find a variety of biomes, make sure to travel north. Here you can find the other necessary biomes, like a forest, birch forest and more.

14. Seed: 6009950

A pillager outpost is just in view of spawn!

In this seed, you’ll spawn in snowy plains. These plains stretch quite a ways but don’t worry, a pillager outpost is not far and can get you some starting materials. From there, head northwest west and climb the perilous mountains. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This seed features:

  • wooded mountains covering the landscape. Wood is easy to come by and will undoubtedly be useful when you start to build the projects you have thought of.
  • a pillager outpost that’s just a quick walk from spawn! Climb its treacherous stairs to discover the treasures on the top floor. Just be careful around the pillagers, they will shoot on sight.
  • a snow tundra village just north of the pillager outpost. This village is not too big and not too small - it’s just right. Check it out and see what the villagers are trading!

13. Seed: 679308097

A complete ship sits at the bottom of the ocean near a witch hut.

Spawn in a large plain on an ocean shore. Look across the water for a shipwreck that’s not far from the coast! All sorts of trees stand nearby ready to supply you the resources you’ll need in order to build.

This seed features:

  • a sprawling coast at spawn that’s perfect to build along! A huge mountain stands over it and pushes out into the ocean, providing fantastic views and cool building opportunity. 
  • a humongous swamp biome directly south of spawn. Hunt for slime during the night and start some cool piston contraptions early!
  • a shipwreck that is almost fully intact! Not too far from spawn, at 342, 86. It’s near a witch hut, which may have some goodies that are worth taking!
  • a birch forest south east of spawn. This forest has hundreds if not thousands of birch trees, ready to be chopped to built into beautiful birch wood creations.

12. Seed: 458388663589165604

A Woodland Mansion watches over a nearby village.

Frozen oceans are sometimes really hard to find. In this seed, prepare to spawn on the banks of one! Take a hike to -1445, 523 to see a great village … but that’s not all! Once you arrive at this village, you’ll see a Woodland Mansion perched on a nearby hill, too. 

This seed features:

  • a giant Woodland Mansion. Check out the secret room at -1122, 73, 488 for some sweet stuff.
  • a village near the mansion that has a blacksmith. Maybe you’ll find something rare in its chest! Don’t hold back from scouting the rest of the village, some nice loot is scattered around
  • pretty natural arches that are laced throughout the roofed forest. These make for great building locations to give your builds nice views while keeping a cool-factor.

11. Seed: 306959825

Winding rivers flow between the aesthetic potzol and spruce trees.

Spawn on the shore of a giant tree taiga and follow the windy rivers! This seed has great biome locations; it takes just a short walk to find a different biome! Have a nice time; take a hike through the beautiful potzol and watch the sunset over the ocean.

This seed features: 

  • a great spawn point that will equip you with nearly any material you might need in the early game.
  • easily accessible biomes. Just take a short walk and you’ll be in a new landscape before you even know it!
  • a naturally generated mix of ruins, a village, well, desert temple, and an intact shipwreck all within view of each other! Travel to -2746, 1393 and take a look, it’s amazing.

10. Seed: 105650780

A ravine creeps up to a nearby village.

A hilltop village is only a couple hundred blocks away from spawn! This awesome town acts as an overlook to a deep ravine. Follow this ravine, found at -200, -900, to find a bunch of resources and even an abandoned mineshaft.

This seed features: 

  • an aesthetically pleasing spruce forest village. Although not huge, this village is a great source of some of the goodies that you’ll definitely need in the future!
  • a deep ravine just a few blocks outside of the village’s boundaries. Journey down to find an enormous cave system. Just beware of the lava waterfall that lurks below!
  • a mineshaft that can be found through one of the ravine’s many caves. Different ores line its walls as tons of chests wait to be opened!

9. Seed:  9134986579523666680

A pillager outposts sits across the water from a village and soaring mountains.

This seed is full of cool landmarks. You start by spawning in a large village that looks great along the coastline! Travel beyond the water to find shipwrecks, more villages, desert temples, pillager outposts, and a mineshaft.

This seed features: 

  • 8 other villages to find after the one at spawn. They are in an assortment of biomes spread across the map. To give you a headstart, here are two: 200, -220 and -100, -250.
  • 2 shipwrecks at -225, 250 and 300, 50. Check them out and look for a treasure map that will lead you to awesome goodies!
  • several large deserts that will equip you with enough sand to last forever; among the endless yellow is a desert temple at 750, 675. Enchanted books and other useful items are hidden below the floor. Watch out for the pressure plate, though!
  • 2 pillager outposts guarded by pillagers 24/7. If you dare to venture near them, make sure you are equipped with good armor and weapons! Take the charge at -500, 225 and 200, -800.

8. Seed: 644309466

A coral reef sits at the bottom of the ocean and lights up the ocean floor.

Coral reefs are an awesome addition to Minecraft that came in as part of the 1.13 aquatic update. This seed has an enormous reef; it is so big, my computer couldn’t handle the render distance necessary to take a picture of it all! 

This seed features:

a coral reef well over a thousand square block big. The ocean floor looks amazing while lit up during the night. To top it off, there’s even an intact shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean floor that makes everything look even cooler. 

large mountains overlooking the ocean and its reefs. This area is perfect to domesticate into your living space. Seriously, can you imagine a more beautiful view?

a snowy tundra village at -244, 1181. Cross the reefs to view 1.14’s architectural update in full effect. When I first saw it, I didn’t even recognize it as a village! This new update customizes every building and it looks sweet.

7. Seed: -4972447327611384006

A river flows in the valley between two huge mountains.

In this seed, you’ll spawn in an amplified-looking terrain among birch and oak forests. Make your way to -980, 360 to find a large taiga hills village. To get there, you’ll have to travel over more mountains that have interesting shapes and arches throughout!

This seed features:

  • a rough landscape at spawn, perfect for ambitious builders. The difficult slopes can be hard to navigate but with the right creative edge, you could build something spectacular!
  • a large village at the base of two huge mountains. This cool area will not only give you some loot but possibly inspire you to build something here, too! On your way here, stop by another village at -400, -454.
  • a smoother area as well. Travel east from spawn and you’ll find a large plain biome. Roaming with horses and other passive mobs, this area is a convenient place to build in a seed full crazy twists. 

6. Seed: 1767542410

A cluster of islands sit deep in the ocean.

Are you looking for a fun survival island experience? This seed spawns you on an island that’s the perfect size for nearly any build! You’ll find yourself lost in an ocean, surrounded by water and small islands scattered around in the distance. 

This seed features:

  • a survival island-esque remoteness. This Minecraft challenge is one of the most popular quests in the game. Spawn on an island deep in the ocean and try to make an awesome base for yourself!
  • small islands that are just a short swim away! Most of these locations are barren but some have a grove of trees. You could build a nether hub connecting each of these islands and make it a sick, interdimensional home base!
  • ocean ruins just off the coast. Several structures can be seen glowing under the water. Check it out to see if there’s any cool treasures!
  • an underwater cave hidden underneath the island. This could be transformed into a secret treasure safe house or anything else your imagination comes up with!

5. Seed: 2566444540‬

This border between an ice spike and bamboo biome almost looks photoshopped!

In this seed, spawn in a great village with a bunch of different buildings. Once you’re done looting, go explore the unique parts this world has to offer! There is no dull moment in this seed.

This seed features:

  • some awesome biome transition! You can find a bamboo forest and ice spike biome blend into each other at -230, 70. Make sure to check out the awesome ravine that protrudes between the two.
  • a jungle temple hiding within the bamboo forest. The stone relic looks incredible among the sky-high bamboo. This area is just so much fun to be around!
  • a snowy village that sticks into the jungle. It’s a sweet destination that looks amazing with all of the new village designs! 

4. Seed: 10101010

A double hill-top village has a great view of the frozen ocean with mountains bordering it.

Spawn with a view of giant glaciers in a frozen ocean! From spawn, head to -500, 263 for an awesome double mountain village. Be prepared for some incredible views once you’re there and even some you’ll see along the way!

This seed features:

  • an incredible double village sitting around and on top of a mountain. Check out all the buildings to look for some gear and food, perfect for a survival beginning.
  • idiculous mountains. Mountains with sharp cliffs stretching between 40 and 60 blocks high. These of course come with some awesome views - even of the double village!
  • a large flower forest with nearly every flower in the game. It’s a great place to just look at but is also a great resource of dye.
  • a frozen ocean is the only thing keeping you from the double villages! Explore this slippery terrain and maybe you’ll see a spot to build a cool house!

3. Seed: 2480781225033391760

A cove makes this location everyone's dream destination!

This seed offers a wide variety of landscapes to choose to live on. You’ll spawn on a stone island sitting in the ocean surrounded by shipwrecks. Once you’ve looted all these, head a few chunks south east to build around fantastic mountains that seep into a forest biome! You’ll find a bunch of cool building opportunities all over the seed.

This seed features:

  • 3 shipwrecks around the island you’ll spawn on. Each one of these sits at different sides of the island so make sure to pay them all a visit in order to collect their treasure!
  • an ocean temple just off the coast of spawn! Some awesome loot spawns here; look for their glowing lights to find it!
  • an awesome cove that’s just a short swim from the spawn island! Pictured above, this cove starts as mountains but transitions into an awesome forest that’s even lined with a beach. This natural bay will look amazing once you bring it to life!

2. Seed: 7996916690348946501

An underwater stronghold sits underneath a nearby village.

This seed likes to reveal its secrets; a stronghold and mineshaft are exposed to the surface and in awesome fashion! When you spawn, you’ll find yourself in a plain surrounded by amplified-esque mountains. Take a walk and explore some of the awesome things in this world.

This seed features:

a large ice spike biome. Often times, you get cheated out of seeing a cool Ice Spike terrain by Minecraft - but not in this seed! This biome is vast and may lead to some cool building ideas for you! Check it out at 788, -1286; there’s a village nearby, too.

  • an exposed Ice Spike Mineshaft at 328, 70, -672. Not only does this look sick but it’ll also  quickly make you rich! Wander through the mineshaft and find all the sweet stuff within; be wary of mob spawners, though.
  • an ocean monument that’s in a great position to be conquered! Check it out at 1078, -1359.
  • an underwater stronghold! This awesome source of loot and an end portal looks incredible. To top it off, it sits below a village.

1. Seed: 6619035873263651890

A shipwreck sits along the beach at a paradise island.

This seed spawns you on a great Jungle Island, not far from the mainland! With just a short swim or boat ride, you can find a bamboo forest, shipwrecks, oak forests, an ocean monument, and submerged swamplands; it has so much to offer!

This seed features: 

  • 3 shipwrecks close to the spawn island. One is on the beach of the island while the other 2 are short swims away. You can find them at -456, 356 and -130, -400.
  • an absolutely enormous bamboo forest stretching along a nearby coast! Explore this area and find pandas that you can bring back to your home.
  • an ocean monument just within view of the island. Found at 160, -434, this monument is off the coast of forest shoreline. 


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