Minecraft: How to Make a Map

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Never get lost again!

Minecraft: How to Make a Map


Check out this handy video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hulj5dZvU1w

Video by: drackiseries

Getting lost in Minecraft is no fun. You build your base, store your tools and treasures inside, head out on an adventure, and then - whoops! You can NEVER GO HOME AGAIN. Not to worry, though - Minecraft has several built-in features and tools to prevent getting permanently separated from your soft, warm bed, from coordinates that you can easily access, record, and trace, to maps that update real-time. Don’t know how to make a map? It’s easy - we’ll show you!

  • First up, we’ll need a Compass. 
    • You’ll have to do a little mining or get lucky with looting - to craft a compass, you’ll need four Iron Ingots and one Redstone Dust item. 
    • Open your Crafting Table and place the Redstone Dust in the center of the grid. Then, place the Iron Ingots so that there is one on each side of the center square, leaving the corners of the grid empty.
  • Next, you’ll need some Paper.
    • Locate some Sugar Cane and harvest at least nine of them.
    • Open your Crafting Table and place three pieces of Sugar Cane across it in a straight line. This should craft three pieces of Paper. 
    • Craft Paper until you’ve used at least nine pieces of Sugar Cane.
  • Step 1: Craft your Empty Map.
    • Open your Crafting Table and place your shiny new Compass in the center of the grid. Surround it with Paper. Every square should be filled.
  • Step 2: Use the Empty Map.
    • Using your interact key, which for most PC players would be the right-click on your mouse, your Empty Map will instantly fill itself with all the terrain in the area.
      • Colored regions are regions you’ve already explored!
  • Step 3: Offhand your Map.
    • This step is optional, but pretty useful. While holding your Map, press your Offhand Key, which, for most PC players, will be your F key.
      • This will place your Map in your other hand, so you can wield a Sword in your main hand and still have your Map in view as you travel.

Making a Map is a very simple, handy way to keep track of your location in Minecraft. Get out there and explore, fearlessly. We’ll see you around, and happy gaming!

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