[Top 10] Best Minecraft Weapon Enchantments

Best Minecraft Weapon Enchantments
Time for a combat upgrade!

[Top 10] Best Minecraft Weapon Enchantments

When playing Minecraft, I live by the old adage “slow and steady wins the race.” I like to take my time, digging out my home one room at a time, mining block by block, and giving my gardens plenty of time to grow before harvesting my carrots all at once. I pick a task, and then I dedicate all my focus to it, never in any rush to complete it. My favorite task to perform this way is the construction of my Enchanting Room.

Crafting the table itself is no difficult feat, but the surrounding bookshelves used to max out the table’s capabilities? That takes ages - waiting on sugar cane to grow, praying that your cows drop a large amount of leather when you cull the herd, picking the perfect spot to build, all of that slows you down, forcing you to have patience… but I like that. I like placing down that last bookshelf, feeling accomplished. And when I perform my first level 30 enchantment, it feels… special. Like I earned this. Here are ten of the best enchantments to make your weapons stronger, and if, unlike me, you don’t enjoy those long tasks, these enchantments are sure to make your effort feel worth it.

10. Knockback - Sword

Starting with one of the more basic and common enchantments, our number ten spot belongs to the Knockback enchantment.This enchantment has two potency levels. Placed on your sword, this enchantment increases the distance you can shove enemies away from you with your strikes. It’s one of my favorite enchantments, both because it’s simple and useful! It’s handy in a swarm scenario, giving you some space to breathe, and when dealing with creepers, letting them get up close and then swatting them backwards before they blow. 

9. Power - Bow

The next common enchantment to shine some appreciation on is the Power enchantment for your bow. The Power enchantment has five levels of potency, each one stronger than the last. Power is a great enchantment to have on any bow, as it overall increases the damage done to any and all targets. 

8. Quick Charge - Crossbow

My least favorite part about using a crossbow is the time it takes to load it, since you have to do that separate from firing. However, if you’re looking to get the sharpshooter accuracy of a crossbow with the speed of a normal bow, look now further than the Quick Charge enchantment. With up to three levels of potency, the Quick Charge enchantment reduces the amount of time it takes to reload your crossbow. Once again, another simple and common enchantment that also happens to be extremely useful!

7. Fire Aspect - Sword

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We’ll kick off some of the less common enchantments now with Fire Aspect in number seven. When I’m enchanting a sword, some part of me is always hoping for a Fire Aspect charm. This enchantment comes in two levels of potency. When you strike a target with a Fire Aspect sword, the target catches ablaze. This is useful against most hostile enemies but is especially advantageous when hunting Endermen. Endermen often teleport away from you while you’re attacking them, but if they’re on fire, the fire doesn’t go out when they teleport, meaning you’ll still be doing damage!

6. Multishot - Crossbow

A handy enchantment on its own and even stronger when paired with Quick Charge, Multishot for the crossbow allows you to fire three times for the price of one arrow and one charge! The shots are simultaneous and spread out enough to do a good chunk of damage to an approaching crowd. This enchantment only comes in one level of potency.

5. Channeling - Trident

The trident is a very tricky weapon to get your hands on, but if you manage to retrieve one from a Drowned, there are actually several ways you can customize and capitalize on this rare treasure. One such way is via the Channeling enchantment. This enchantment has only one level of potency, but that’s truly all it needs; when targeting an enemy with a Channeling trident, this enchantment calls down a bolt of lightning to smite your opponent with unholy vengeance. 

4. Infinity - Bow

Largely regarded as one of the gold standards for great enchantments in Minecraft, Infinity is a classic charm that completely changes the game for a sharpshooting miner. This enchantment only comes in one level of potency, and allows the player to fire an endless supply of arrows without expending even a single one from your inventory. Never having to worry about running out of ammunition again? Talk about handy!

3. Mending - Sword

Mending is one of the best enchantments for any weapon, tool, or armor piece in all of Minecraft, but the reason I specifically chose to place this enchantment on a sword is because, with its single level of potency, it allows the player to gradually repair their sword as they gain XP. Why does this matter? Well, you see, using a long-range weapon often kills an enemy from farther away, shrinking the chance to collect XP from the downed opponent. With a sword, however, the close-range melee combat means you’re right there to pick up the points the moment they drop.

2. Riptide - Trident

For number two, we have an enchantment that’s both useful and fun! Riptide comes in three levels of potency. When used on a trident, it allows the player to double their trident as a weapon and as a transportation device. Not only can it propel you through lakes and rivers at speeds much faster than swimming, but it can even propel you through the rain! Just as long as your player model is wet, this enchantment can bridge that gap for you, spiraling you through the water around you to your desired destination.

1. Loyalty - Trident

Finally, in number one, we have Loyalty, another trident enchantment. This enchantment has three levels of potency. One way that a trident can be used is by throwing it, much like a spear or javelin. However, typically, if you choose to attack this way, you’ll have to go and retrieve the trident yourself, which could be pretty annoying if your target hasn’t gone down yet. Luckily, the Loyalty enchantment is a handy route around this frustration, causing your trident to automatically fly back into your hand after being thrown. If you’ve ever fantasized about being Thor - except if Thor was… less Norse, more Greek, and less thunder, more sea - then this enchantment is for you.

Regardless of your play style or your weapon of choice, there’s always an enchantment out there that can make you stronger! Do you agree with my rankings? Which enchantment is your favorite? Let us know, we’d love to hear! In the meantime, we’ll see you around! Happy gaming!

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