Jeepers Creepers 3 Release Date and Story

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“Here’s lookin’ at you kid”

When will Jeepers Creepers 3 be released?

Fans of Jeepers creepers and Jeepers creepers 2 will not need to wonder what’s eating them when they find out that according to The 11 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2017 the Creeper is coming back in Jeepers Creepers 3. That’s right, filming began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the 20th of February this year. The film is set to be released late 2017. Insiders are remaining clenched jawed about the precise release date, causing as much suspense as the Creeper chasing you down a dark and desolate road.

What was Jeepers Creepers one and two about?

Peek-a-boo, I see you! The Creeper shows off the new peepers he took from Darry in the first Jeepers Creepers.

In the first installment of the series Darry and his sister Trish Jenner are on spring break.

Standing still with looks like that on your face is never a good idea.

They are in the middle of their traditional trip home when an old rusty pickup truck tries to knock them off the road. A little way down the road they see the pickup near a deserted church and the driver posting body sized parcels down a pipe.

Try, try again 

A second attempt at running them off the road causes curiosity to get the better of Darry. He convinces Trish to turn around and investigate. After sliding down the pipe he finds a mass grave of sown up corpses. They rush away from the church to a gas station and call the cops. While waiting for them a local psychic phones the siblings and warns them about hearing the song “Jeepers Creepers”. After trying to flatten the creeper and arriving at the police station the psychic finds them. She warns them that they are still in danger.

Never give up. Never, Never, Never.

The creature massacres the police and corners Darry and Trish. After evaluating the two the “Creeper” chooses Darry. Trish begs the Creeper to take her instead, but Darry is flown off into the night. The movie ends in the Creeper’s new lair and Darry’s peepers are revealed as the body part that the Creeper was after.

Jeepers Creepers 2

The sequel starts three days after the end of the first movie. Young Billy Taggart plays happily in a cornfield when the Creeper disguised as a scarecrow strikes again. His father and older brother hear a noise and run to his aid. It’s too late and Billy is taken. The next day a school bus full of basketball players and cheerleaders has a flat tire. They discover that the blowout is no accident. A cheerleader named Minxie has visions of Darry and Billy warning her about the Creeper. The creature picks the kids and the coaches off one by one until Billy’s father and brother save the day. The movie ends with Mr. Taggart waiting for the Creeper - who is now pegged to his barn door - to come out of hibernation so that he can finally kill it.

What will Jeepers Creepers 3 be about?

A most effective scarecrow. This scarecrow stuffs himself every 23 years.

The third installment will follow Trish Jenner and the Taggarts - from the first two films - on a quest to vanquish the Creeper. A fight to the death that promises to end in eternal triumph or tragedy. The first two films have set the bar high and dare the third to surprise the viewer with a fresh, crisp story that will terrify and thrill you.

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