[Top 100] Best Horror Thriller Movies of All Time

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One of the most iconic horror masterpieces of all time, The Exorcist was so realistic that many viewers became sick and had to exit the theatures.

The horror and thriller genres have been slowly conquering Hollywood with their endless fights and thrills consuming our minds with terror and intrigue. Some movies have faded away into the past but others have withstood the terrible test of time and engraved themselves into the very fabric of the silver screen. 


Movie Release Date Trailer Summary
A Nightmare on Elm Street

November 16, 1984


The malevolent spirit of a child murderer stalks the nightmares of children hoping to exact his revenge against their parents who had a hand in his death.

A Quiet Place

April 6, 2018 Trailer  

A family struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world must stay absolutely silent to avoid alerting the man-eating monsters who hunt by sound.

Alien May 25, 1979 Trailer  

Awoken from cryo-sleep midway through their journey, the crew aboard the starship Nostromo must survive the odds and fight off the parasitic aliens that have invaded their ship.

Aliens July 14, 1986 Trailer When LV-426 is found after years of floating in space, the only life aboard appears to be a young girl. However, upon further inspection, a group of seasoned marines find themselves surrounded by hoards of bloodthirsty aliens.
Blood Simple January 18, 1985 Trailer  

After discovering that his younger wife is having an affair with his bartender, a furious saloon owner decides to hire a lawyer to rid him of the couple and their antics.

CAM July 18, 2018 Trailer  

Alice loves the spotlight and she spends her time in front of her camera broadcasting her life to her viewers. To her horror, she wakes up to find she has been replaced with an imposter who looks exactly like her.

Candyman October 16, 1992 Trailer  

When a local urban legend becomes more than superstition, Helen Lylte must investigate a murder while escaping the grasps of a knife-wielding madman.

Carrie November 3, 1976 Trailer

After being invited to prom as a cruel prank, Carrie White begins to let her supernatural abilities slip out into the natural world.

Crawl July 12, 2019 Trailer  

Trapped in their flooded house, a young woman and her father struggle to survive during a category five hurricane while huge alligators have made their home their hunting grounds.

Creepshow November 12, 1982 Trailer  

A terrifying compilation of creepy and jaw-dropping horror stories in a single collage of fright.

Dawn of the Dead March 10, 2004 Trailer  

What was once a quiet suburban community in the heart of Milwaukee has now been thrust into a full-fledged zombie apocalypse. Ana and her neighbors must now band together to fight off the rising hoards of their undead citizens.

Dead of Night September 4, 1945 Trailer  

On a routine visit to a possible client, architect Walter Craig realizes that his deja vu is concealing a darker secret.


August 4, 2006


A group of six close-knit friends venture into a deep cavern for some recreational spelunking only to be hunted down by the humanoid creatures who stalk the darkness.

Don’t Breathe

August 25, 2016


Professional burglars hone in on a new target, a blind veteran who is supposedly sitting on a mountain of cash he won in a lawsuit. However, once they are in the home, the thieves quickly regret underestimating the old man.

Don’t Look Now

January 1974


In an attempt to clear their heads after the traumatic loss of their young daughter Christine, the Baxter’s move to Venice where Mr. Baxter has been commissioned to restore an old church. Things quickly devolve into madness when the claims of two mysterious women become all too real.

Dracula February 14, 1931 Trailer  

Count Dracula has made his way into London and is on the hunt for fresh female blood and it is up to vampire hunter Van Helsing to put a stop to the Count’s rain of terror.

Drag Me to Hell May 29, 2009 Trailer  

When she is denied an extension on her home loan, an older woman places a curse on the banker damming her to eternal suffering in hell. The young banker seeks out a physic to rid herself of the curse, unfortunately it seems that the price for salvation might be higher than she is willing to pay. 

Duel November 13, 1971 Trailer  

While driving down the highway on a business trip, David Mann finds himself being tailed by a mysterious unmanned semi truck.

Eraserhead March 19,1977 Trailer  

A midnight stand produced a baby for young Henry and he resentfully decides to marry his expectant partner and move in with her. Things take a darker turn when their baby is born and the couple that their offspring is very much less than human.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

March 13, 1987



Once again the cabin in the woods is haunted by malicious demons and after his girlfriend Linda becomes possessed by the spirits Ash realizes that escaping the woods is harder than it seems.

Frankenstein November 21, 1931 Trailer  

Dr. Frankenstein succeeds in his goal of reanimating a collage of body parts to create life, but his creation becomes a terrifying monster and he must track it down before its reign of terror claims another victim.



August 23, 2019


Kept locked inside her home by her father, Chloe lives in constant fear of the outside world and the monsters that inhabit it.

Friday the 13th

May 9, 1980


When a group of camp counselors ignore the warnings of locals, they soon find that their new summer camp is being stalked by the murderous monster that stalks the woods looking for his next victim.

Gerald’s Game 


September 19, 2017


Chained to a bed, a woman must fight the rising insanity as she lays in bed with her dead husband on top of her. 

Get Out  

February 24, 2017


Chris thought that his girlfriend's parents strange behavior was due to the understandably awkwardnes about their daughter’s interracial realationship, unfortunately it could not have been farther from the truth.


October 27, 1954


After a giant nuclear blast awakens a mythical monster from his sleep, Godzilla rages across Japan terrorizing the people and wreaking havoc over the land.

Goodnight Mommy  

July 2, 2015


A young woman returns home to recover from reconstructive surgery on her face, but her twin sons begin to doubt that the woman before them is who she claims to be. 


October 25, 1978


Young Michael Myers escapes prison after being convicted for murdering his older sister as a child, he returns to his hometown to continue his sinister rampage.


January 24, 2019


Stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, three friends begin to sink into madness as tensions begin to rise.

Hellraiser September 18, 1987 Trailer  

Frank accidentally unleashed the Cenobites, terrifying monsters from hell that rip him apart  in his home. After his brother and sister in law move into his old house, an undead Frank manipulates the couple into luring young me to the house so he can feast on their blood.

Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer  

January 5, 1990


Ex con Henry is fresh out of prison and trying to turn his life around by taking a job as an exterminator, spending his days off continuing his murderous rampage that had landed him in prison in the first place.


June 7, 2018


When her elderlyu mother passes away, a young woman and her family descend into absolute madness as they eign to discover the sinister double life of their former matriarch. 

House of Wax  

April 25, 1953


A fallout with his ex business partner sends a wax sculptor into insanity. He soon images with a brand new wax museum where the figures on display become all too real.


April 1, 2011

Trailer With his son becomes trapped in a paranormal coma, held captive by a demon trying to take over his physical body, Jos must face his fears and venture into the spirit realm to rescue his child.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers  

February 5, 1956


The people of Santa Mira, California have been struggling to realize why members of their family and community are becoming emotionless zombies, but they are horrified to discover that their fellow humans have really been replaced by identical aliens.


September 5, 2017


The town of Derry has been thrust into panic over the sudden disappearances of several children. Seven of the town’s outcasts discover the origin of the disappearances to be an ancient monster who emerges every 27 years to feed on young flesh. 

It Comes at Night  

June 9, 2017

Trailer The apocalypse has devastated earth and left few survivors, and in a bid to survive the rising chaos two families must put their differences aside and band together for survival. 
It Follows  

March 27, 2015


Jay has found herself the new target of an ancient curse, which has been passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. Now she must survive her mysterious circumstances on her own. 


June 20, 1975


The beaches of Amity Island are under siege by an enormous great white shark. To avoid any more damage from the media the mayor sends Captain Quint off into the depths of the ocean to hunt down the monstrous man eater. 

King Kong  

April 7, 1933


King Kong is removed from his island domain and taken hostage to New York City where all hell inevitably breaks loose.

Little Shop of Horrors  

December 19, 1986


Seymor, an assistant at a struggling florists shop discovers an unusual man eating plant during a solar eclipse who he lovingly names after his coworker crush. The mesmerizing plant attracts much needed business and Seymore must continue to find new victims to feed to the bloodthirsty plant. 


September 3, 2005


Hell bent on seeking revenge for past abuse, two women sink into utter madness and depravity consumed by their hatred.


July 3, 2019


What seemed to be a harmless mid-summer festival soon dissolves into a violent pagan ritual controlled by a deadly cult that sends a young couple and their friends into a battle for survival.


March 16, 2001


His attempts to track down his wife’s murderer are startled by his short term memory loss and Leanard must seek new ways to remember crucial information about the case before the cold blooded killer disappears for good. 


October 31, 2014


Times are tough Louis Bloom, a former petty thief, resorts to hunting down the worst crime scenes and capturing the horrific images on film.

Night of the Living Dead  

October 1, 1968


Trapped in an old farmhouse, a group of terrified Pennsylvanians must fend off the hoards of bloodthirsty undead monsters. 

No Country for Old Men  

November 9, 2007


Happening upon the remains of a drug deal gone bad, Llewelyn Moss makes the mistake of taking some of the leftover cash for himself and pays the price for it. 

North by Northwest  

July 1, 1959


Mistake for a government agent, Roger O. Thornhill embarks on a heroing escape from a vengeful spy.


June 3, 1929


After being lured to the remote gothic home of Count Orlock, Thomas Hutter must escape the castle and save his wife Ellen, who is at danger of being consumed by the bloodthirsty count.

Pan’s Labyrinth  

December 29, 2006



Exposed to the sinister behavior of her stepfather, Ofelia ventures into the deep woods of Spain where she discovers a secret world filled with mysteries and monsters. 

Paranormal Activity  

September 25, 2009


Katie and Micha are convinced that something paranormal has been terrorizing them in their new home and set up security cameras hoping to catch the presence of film. 

Peeping Tom  

May 15, 1962


By day ,Mark Lewis spends his time making movies at a film studio, but by night he's a murderous peeping tom. 


June 1, 1979

Trailer Several mysterious deaths have been plaguing the residents of a small town and some start to suspect that the local mortician may be responsible for the increase in mortality.

September 20, 2013


With his daughter still missing, and the lack of evidence to keep the only viable suspect in custody, Keller Dover takes matters into his own hands in a bid to find out what happened to his child. 


June 14, 1982


The Freelings family begin to suspect that their family may be in danger when several spirits communicate to them through their television screen. 


October 28, 1983


In a bid to find out why his ex wife cheated on him and left their child, Mark hires a private investigator with the hopes of getting some answers. What they find is even more terrifying than they could have ever imagined.


September 8, 1960

Trailer Stopping in at the Bates Motel for the night, Marion Crane meets the mysterious Norman Bates and finds herself in for a long stay at the motel.

March 19, 1999

Trailer Having received claims of a rogue army colonel, Capt. John Boyd ventures out into the wilderness with his crew to get to the bottom of the case. 
Ready or Not  

August 21, 2019


Grace thought she had it all when she married the man of her dreams and was welcomed into a wealthy family. Unfortunately after the ceremony she learns that her new in-laws have devious plans for her wedding night.

Rear Window  

August 4, 1954


Confined to a wheelchair, a new photographer becomes convinced that he has wittnessed a murder next door, with his only vantage point of the scene being his bedroom window. 


October 17, 2008


In an attempt to get footage of an elderly woman infected with a virus which gives her superhuman strength, TV host Angela and her crew discover that there might be a good reason why the Spanish fire department sealed off the building in the first place.


October 2, 1965


Suffering from an extreme case of androphobia, Carole becomes withdrawn to her apartment and begins having violent hallucinations as she loses her sanity.  


January 31, 1998


Reiko Asakawa finds herself tasked with investigating the mysterious death of her niece and two other young girls when she finds herself victim to the same curse that may have killed the girls. 

Room 237  

March 29, 2013


A contemporary twist on Stanley Kurbik’s The Shining.

Rosemary’s Baby  

June 12, 1968


Young married couple Rosemary and Guy move to New York and into a mysterious apartment with a suspicious background. When she becomes pregnant Rosemary begins to fear that her unborn child may not be human after all. 


October 29, 2004 

Trailer Two complete strangers wake up chained to the wall in a filthy bathroom, at the mercy of the most creative killer the world has ever seen.

December 20, 1996


A small town high school is stalked by a knife wielding, masked murderer. 


September 22, 1995


Detective William Somerset and David Mills must work together to put an end to the murderous rampage of a serial killer who chooses his victims based on one of the seven deadly sins.


June 24, 1977


Faced with a treacherous journey to deliver a truckload of unstable nitroglycerin over 200 miles, four men must work together to survive the various dangers that the jungle has to offer. 

The Babadook  

January 17, 2014


Struggling to move on after the tragic death of her husband, a mother must fend off a horrifying monster and protect herself and her young son. 

The Birds  

March 18, 1963


Two love birds turn not so loving and wage a ferocious war on the town along with their feathered brethren. 

The Blair Witch Project  

July 16, 1999

Trailer Lost in the deep woods with only their video camera and each other, three film students find themselves being stalked by the malevolent Blair witch who haunts the forest searching for victims.
The Blair Witch Project  

September 11, 2016



17 years after the first group of young adults disappeared in the Black Hills Forest, another batch of kids venture into the woods to discover what really happened to their missing friends. 

The Bride of Frankenstein  

April 19, 1935


Fueled by a mad obsession with raising the dead, Dr. Frankenstein once again plays God in an attempt to create a second monster. 

The Cabin in the Woods  

April 13, 2012


What should have been a quaint getaway in the woods quickly turns into something more sinister when a group of friends find themselves under attack from undead monsters.  

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  

March 19, 1921


Suspicious about the sudden death of his friend Alan, Francis sets out to investigate the mysterious Dr. Caligari. 

The Conjuring  

July 19, 2013

Trailer The Perron family has found themselves the targets of malevolent spirits after moving into an old farmhouse and call upon the expertise of world renowned demonologists Ed and Lorrane Warren.
The Evil Dead  

April 24, 1983


The Necronomicon has the supernatural power to awaken the dead when it is read out loud. Unfortunately, Ashley Williams and his four companions made the mistake of reciting the distaterous spell. 

The Exorcist  

December 26, 1973


Based on an actual demonic possession, a local priest is called in to exercise a terrifying demon from a young girl who has been tortured by the spirit within her. 

The Fly  

August 15, 1986


A housefly has slipped into Seth Brundle’s new teleportation machine and caused some unforeseen consequences. 

The French Connection  

October 9, 1971


A New York detective and his partner embark on a quest to track down a notorious French heroine dealer.

The Host  

March 29, 2013


The areas surrounding South Korea's Han River are being terrorized by a mutant monster after the U.S. government dumped toxic chemicals in the water years prior. 

The Innocents  

August 24, 2018


Taking a new job as a governess for two orphans, a young woman begins to suspect that the children's strange behaviour might have a more sinister connotation. 

The Love Witch  

October 18, 2015


Consumed with the desire to be loved by a man, a young witch finds herself spiraling into insanity driven mad with desire.

The Mist  

June 22, 2017


A thick fog has overtaken a small town in Maine and brings with it hoards of frightening bloodthirsty monsters. 

The Night of the Hunter  

July 26, 1955


Rev. Harry Powell’s murderous rampage has been brought to a standstill after being thrown in prison, but he soon meets a mysterious inmate and finds something else to obsess over. 

The Omen  

June 25, 1976


When his wife Katherine delivers a stillborn child Robert takes matters into his own hands and adopts another boy to fill the hole in their hearts. As the boy begins to grow and the body count rises, Robert and Katherine begin to suspect that their supposed gift from God may be the antichrist. 

The Orphanage December 28, 2007 Trailer  

Laura convinces her husband to buy the orphanage she grew up in with the hopes of converting it into a sanctuary for sick and needy children but things soon take a turn for the worst when her own adopted son Simón disappears. 

The Others  

August 2, 2001


The second World War has forced Grace to move her family to the English coast with the hopes of waiting out the violence and the hopeful return of her missing husband. As time wears on Grace becomes increasingly paranoid and believes that malevolent spirits are tormenting her and her children. 

The Ring  

October 18, 2002

Trailer Rachel has sealed her fate by watching a cursed videotape that was previously linked to the sudden deaths of four other girls. Now she must get to the bottom of the mysterious curse before it's too late.
The Shining  

May 23, 1980


The Overlook Hotel has unleashed its paranormal fury upon the Torrance family in a bid to drive them insane. 

The Silence of the Lambs  

February 14, 1991

Trailer Clarice Starling is hungry for information concerning a new case she is investigating and turns to the psychopathic madman Dr. Hannibal Lecter for guidance.
The Thing  

June 25, 1982


What appeared to be a rabid sled dog morphs into a man eating monster which picks off the inhabitants of an arctic research camp one at a time.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  

October 1, 1974


Sally sets off with her brother and their friends to investigate the possible vandalism of her grandfather’s grave but instead encounters a murderous band of cannibals seeking fresh meat.

The Vanishing  

January 4, 2019


A group of lighthouse keepers descend into madness after arriving on an isolated island off the Scottish Coast.

The Wicker Man  

December 6, 1973


Sergeant Howie has been sent to the island of Summerisle to investigate the possible child sacrifice but instead finds himself in the grasp of a crazed cult.

The Witch  

October 5, 2015


A young girl is blamed for the disappearance of her younger brother and deemed a witch. The colony soon dissolves into pure hysteria and puts loyalty to the test. 


May 9, 1958


Terrified of hights, a retired police officer is recruited to prevent the possible suicide of a friend’s wife.


October 2, 2009


Making the dangerous trek towards the safety of a Los Angeles refuge, four survivors of the zombie apocalypse must stick together to avoid being eaten alive by the mass of undead monsters. 

28 Days Later  

June 27, 2003

Trailer A group of animal rights activists think they are doing justice for a captive chimpanzee rumored to be infected with a mysterious virus. Little do they realize that the monster they are about to unleash upon the world would be worse than anything they could have ever imagined.

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