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Ghost woman crawling up the dark stairs in a basement.
I don't know about you, but I no longer need to go down into that basement.

Are you looking for a game to play late at night with the lights off? Or maybe something to scare your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place, here are some of the best horror games you can find for your PC all for free.


15. Ann

Ann is an RPGMaker game where you control the titular character Ann after she has fallen asleep at school and woken up in a strange, corrupted version of it. Ann comes to learn that the school is cursed to transform and trap anyone inside at midnight. Ann is not the first student to go missing, and she will have to survive the vengeful spirits of her fellow students if she has a hope of making it to dawn alive.

You will travel through the many floors of the school, encountering different departments where a new spirit resides. If you can solve their puzzles and survive their monsters, you can make it to the next department. Find all of the hidden endings to discover the truth about the school and what happened to the other students.


14. Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2 is a massively multiplayer RPG set in a zombie apocalypse. You are one of the few survivors left, avoiding death and scavenging for food and resources. Be careful, because other survivors are hunting this land, and they may want the resources you’ve spent so long gathering.

Join thousands of other players to fight a never-ending apocalypse. Find new and stronger weapons, venture into abandoned buildings teeming with the undead, and fight other players in large PvP battles. There are hundreds of hours of content available, and you can play with other people, or risk infection on your own in the singleplayer version.


13. SCP: Secret Laboratory

The words no one at Site-19 ever wants to hear: Containment Breach. The anomalies have broken free and now hunt the halls, looking for the unfortunate souls who didn’t have the chance to escape. Play as one of the anomalies, a scientist trapped inside, or one of the Mobile Task Force members in large matches with ever-changing rules and new terrifying monsters to meet.

It’s all about survival in Site-19, as the humans, your goal is to hide from the Anomalies hunting you down and search for a way out, or if you’re part of the MTF, make your way to the heart of the base to find the emergency nuke and destroy everything in site. As an anomaly, your goal is to kill, utilize the unique power of every monster to hunt down your prey and leave no one standing.


12. Trick & Treat

Where would you find the best candy given out on Halloween? The creepy cursed mansion on the hill of course! Be careful, it’s not as abandoned as it seems, the halls are teeming with ghosts and ghouls to make this a night you’ll remember.

Play as Amelia, the pumpkin maid on Halloween. Explore the large manor, solving puzzles and finding delightful characters in a lighthearted romp around the map. Find all of the endings and discover the little secrets of the vampire’s manor.


11. Stay Out

The Alienation Zone, a land where the rules of reality break apart. The Stalkers brave this land in search of valuable artifacts, objects imbued with the power of the land. They’re worth enough to make you rich for life, assuming you live long enough to get out.

Play as a Stalker and explore the zones with your friends in this massively multiplayer shooter. Find better gear and avoid the deadly perils that roam this new world. Or wait on the outside for a lost Stalker to fall into your trap and take their hard earned loot, afterall, why should you work for your paycheck?



A strange room, a missing sister, a never-ending web of mystery. Ivry is awoken in a strange room, his sister, the only one remaining in his family, is gone. In order to find her he must explore the strange world he now finds himself in.

Control Ivry in this story-driven puzzle game. Look for clues across the beautifully designed map to piece together what happened to your sister. The story will draw you in and keep you searching for every detail until you’re left breathless at the end credits.


9. We Went Back

You don’t know where you are or how you came to be here, the only thing you’re certain of is there’s something else with you. Everything changes here, everything repeats, time is working against you, and you aren’t alone. Your environment holds the key to your escape, find a way out before it’s too late.

Explore dynamically changing environments on an abandoned spaceship filled to the brim with the retro design inspired by movies like Alien. Look for clues to escape before you’re hunted down. A short experience with strong puzzle design and fantastic atmosphere.


8. missed messages

“Someone has airdropped a photo, accept?” Two girls, two paths, only one heart. A romance story about trying to find the signs you might have missed, and having to live with your decisions.

Experience a cute, but heart-breaking romance novel where your choices will determine the outcome. Explore the different choices to find all the endings and explore the romances available to you. A short game that you’ll be glad you played.


7. the static speaks my name

Play as a man, alone in his house on his last night alive. See him consumed over his obsession with a mysterious painting. There are light puzzles to solve and an oppressive atmosphere to enjoy.

Wander through this house, experiencing all of the odd trivialities of life. There are dozens of small details to find that flesh out the life of such a unique person, and what drove him to make today his last day on Earth. It’s a short but powerful experience, full of shrimp and isolation.


6. Poppy Playtime

The abandoned toy factory isn’t so empty, the toys inside are alive and out for revenge. One day, all of the workers disappeared, and now it’s up to you to figure out how and why. With only your trusty grab pack, you’ll have to brave the lonely halls, but take care, it’s almost playtime.

Explore the toy factory as you solve puzzles using your grab pack to reach items far away. Avoid the roaming monsters that have come out to play. Solve the mystery of the disappearance of an entire factory.



SEPTEMBER 1999 is unique because you only get five minutes and thirty seconds to play, no more, no less. It is a found footage game where you control a man videotaping his home.

Experience the story as you catch it in glimpses of a video recorder. Piece together the different scenes and learn what happened that night in September. With the short playtime, it's the perfect game to go back and look for more clues, or to freak out your friends.


4. Escape Room - Der Kranke Kollege

If you’re a fan of escape rooms, then this game is up your alley. During a visit to your sick colleague, you become trapped in a room, with your only way out being a series of cryptic puzzles.

You must solve the puzzles to escape and learn the mystery behind your colleague. Join with up to five other players to experience the genuine chaos of a mind-bending escape room as you work together to find clues and discover the codes you’ll need to progress.


3. Lurk in the Dark Prologue

The Ruggles manor belongs to one of the oldest families in town, however tonight the house is full of death. You will explore the house and the nightmares within as you try to survive the horrors that swept down upon your quiet little town.

Lurk in the Dark is a first person horror game. Take control of Marcus Brown and investigate the tragedy that occurred. However, Marcus is not alone in his explorations, and there may be others who wish to silence any truths he might uncover.


2. The Supper

Ms. Appleton awoke in her tavern with the Voice telling her to prepare a special supper. A short adventure game about the darker sides of humanity, where you control Ms. Appleton as she gives in to the desires of the Voice. A charming story with a great atmosphere and memorable characters.

Explore your surroundings in the surreal landscape. Solve puzzles and fetch new ingredients to cook with. Most importantly, don’t forget the special sauce before you serve the meal.


1. Cry of Fear

Fäversholm is a quiet Scandinavian town, except for poor Simon, who finds himself in a living nightmare. A first person horror game with an emphasis on cinematic experiences. Brave the game alone or join up with up to three of your friends for the co-op campaign.

Your phone is dying and you need to make it home, but the roads are blocked. Walk through the seemingly deserted streets at night while something else moves out there. Survive the horrors and visions that plague you, or succumb to the fear that devours you.


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