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We all need a break at some point during our weeks. It could be a break from the daily work grind or a busy weekend. If we have no one to Netflix and chill with, we often turn to games. . But what if we want to try something new? Well, you should try a free game out. They’re fun, won’t break the bank, and can help you unwind. Use this list of some of the best free puzzle games to piece together some fun.

15. Blameless

Blameless Gameplay

Blameless is a puzzle game wrapped in mystery. Play as a young architect trying to escape from a mysterious man. You travel through an unfinished house, solving the mystery of what happened during the build as you find your way out. Just don’t get caught.

Though the game is short, it’s still a nice escape game. As you collect items throughout the house you can solve the puzzles needed to get out. It does have a horror aspect to it, but it’s nothing too drastic if that’s not your cup of tea. With multiple solutions for each puzzle, the game is a good one to try if you’re low on time.

Download Blameless

14. Missing Translation

Missing Translation gameplay

Though it may look simple, Missing Translation is anything but. The graphics are similar to a point-and-click game, but it’s more than that. You find yourself lost in a strange city left to explore the unknown. Solve puzzle after puzzle to find your way back home.

There is a lack of color in the game as the pixelated style is all black and white. But that doesn’t mean the puzzles lack anything. There are around 75 puzzles to complete in-game, with three different puzzle dynamics that grow more difficult over time. Choose between two avatars and set off to meet the strange creatures that inhabit this new world. 

Download Missing Translation

13. Summerland

Summerland gameplay

In Summerland, explore themes of morality and the afterlife. You play as an ill detective exploring his recent memories all while questioning your moral stances. Tread on the line of life and death and solve puzzles as you go from memory to memory. This game not only forces you to think to solve the puzzles it brings but to think about yourself.

The game often gets philosophical. You wonder if the choices you made were really the right thing by the end. The overall story will draw you in and not let you go until you finish your playthrough. It’s something you have to experience yourself to truly understand.

Download Summerland

12. Drop Alive

Drop Alive gameplay

Drop Alive is a unique puzzle game revolving around the water cycle. You play as an adventurous water droplet who needs to get back to where she belongs—the nearby river. Solve puzzles as you navigate through the 12 levels from the inside of a house to outside towards the river. 

Sometimes the solutions require you to turn into ice or steam to navigate through them. Be careful if you do turn to steam, as you have limited stamina. You don’t want to evaporate away. Keep the water droplet alive and return home.

This short but sweet game is well worth your time. Collect an array of skins to change the look of your water droplet in all three states. Tell your friends to download the game and challenge them through leaderboards. If you like platformer games and puzzle games, you’ll want to try Drop Alive.

Download Drop Alive

11. Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure

Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure gameplay

In Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure, explore a world lost to time. A kingdom of elves was forced to flee from their homes and find a new place to live. They ended up shipwrecked on an island that, at first glance, seemed the perfect place for them to settle but is soon revealed to be full of dangers. When trying to flee, they find a magical storm surrounds the island, making escape impossible. Find the hidden objects throughout the levels and help save the elves.

You can complete quests and puzzles to uncover the story. With more than 200 quests, there are plenty of scenes waiting for you to comb through in search of items. There are several mini-games attached as well, so the gameplay doesn’t get repetitive and boring. Learn more about the lost lands as you play and discover many different fantasy creatures. Not all of them are friendly, however, so be careful.

Download Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure

10. Red Trigger

Red Trigger gameplay

Red Trigger is an interesting combination of a puzzle game and an FPS game. In this game, you become a computer virus trying to infiltrate and corrupt the system you’re in. Shoot at the red blocks to make them expand and help you reach the next point. Be careful about which you shoot, though, as you only have enough energy to activate three at a time.

An interesting concept the game uses is a lack of a distinct tutorial. Instead, you are taught through your actions and the surroundings in each level, learning as you go without even realizing it. Though short, it still holds lots of fun. And if you want to replay, you can always try and go for a speed run.

Download Red Trigger

9. Lost Lands: Mahjong

Lost Lands: Mahjong gameplay

From the makers of Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure comes Lost Lands: Mahjong. If you aren’t a fan of hidden object games, try out the mahjong version instead. You play the same storyline in both, helping the elves survive the new island they found. The difference is, in this one, it’s about matching tiles before the time runs out.

Solve different sets of tiles as you work your way through the story. Collect items to help you unlock new parts of the island. And, you can enjoy minigames to separate the tile-matching puzzles from each other. There’s a lot to experience and keep you invested, especially if you like matching games. Play on your own time and slowly uncover the secrets of the island.

Download Lost Lands: Mahjong

8. We Were Here

We Were Here gameplay

We Were Here is a compelling co-op puzzle game. You need to escape the abandoned castle you find yourself in armed with only a walkie-talkie. Both players are separated from each other, forced to talk through the walkie-talkie to solve puzzles and find each other before you can escape. Each room has a new puzzle and tests the limits of your communication skills.

You don’t have to have a friend play the game with you if you don’t want. There’s an option to play with a random stranger as long as you have internet access. It might be more fun if you play with a friend, or more challenging if you play with a stranger. The choice is up to you. 

There are two different roles in the game—the explorer and the librarian. The explorer has a larger area to play in, going from room to room to solve the puzzles. The librarian is stuck in a smaller enclosed place full of the puzzle’s solutions. No matter which role you pick, it’s sure to be a nice way to spend your time.

Download We Were Here

7. Picross Touch

Picross Touch gameplay

In Picross Touch, experience a hidden image logic game to puzzle your mind. There are over thousands of levels and each one has a unique solution. Each level starts with a grid. There are numbers attached to the rows and columns, showing how many of their squares are filled. Figure out what is empty and what will help make the image by using the columns and rows together.

With a range of puzzles from tutorial to expert levels, it’s hard to say no to this game. Each level has an autosave feature as well. This lets you save mid-puzzle if you need to take a break from a difficult one. It also means it’s a good game to play when you’re short on time, as you don’t have to finish the level or lose all of your progress. 

The game also has a level editor so you can create and share your own levels. Or, you can download levels from other players in the community. With this, there is a never-ending stream of levels you’ll be able to play. There are a lot of opportunities for fun and relaxation with this game, so don’t wait and get it now!

Download Picross Touch

6. Marie’s Room

Marie's Room gameplay

There’s something strange going on in Marie’s Room. You play as Kelsey, Marie’s old classmate and friend, and explore her room as you remember it looking 20 years ago. Find out what’s off about the room as you look through Marie’s notes and drawers. Remember events from the past and piece together what you never did find out from Marie. 

Though this is a shorter game, it’s rich in story. Each new piece you find explains more of the past. Search high and low around the room for the next clue or the next part of a puzzle to piece together the story. The graphics are beautiful, setting the feeling of a warm, sunny day even as you discover dark secrets. It’s a game you can only truly experience once, so why wait?

Download Marie’s Room

5. What Never Was

What Never Was gameplay

Join Sarah while she cleans out her grandfather’s attic in What Never Was. He recently passed, and because she was the closest to him, it’s fallen to her to clean out the attic. As she does, you can uncover the secrets her Grandfather had, as not everything up there is what it seems. Unlock the past with Sarah as you dig through drawers and boxes. This story-driven puzzle holds mysteries that only you can solve.

With several different sources of inspiration for the developers, this game manages to wrap them all up in a nice little bow. While essentially a point-and-click game, there are items you need to find to help you solve the mystery of the attic. These are scattered around the place along with letters and diaries full of secrets no one ever knew. And with a continuous story throughout, you’re going to want to play this one from start to finish.

Download What Never Was

4. Floating Point

Floating Point gameplay

In Floating Point, play as freely as you want. As a literal floating point, trace your arcs through the open air as you grapple around the map. The goal is to collect points as quickly as you can, which means try not to hit anything. This game is a peaceful, mind-numbing experience. Each level is randomly generated, so you can play again and again with a new experience each time.

There are two modes to the game—one in the air and one in the water. Fight against gravity in the air as you grapple around, trying not to fall. In the water, your buoyancy is trying to make you float to the surface, so it pushes against you in the opposite way as you move. The game rewards you as you gain momentum, implementing music or burning a bright path into the air as you weave between blocks. This game is good for when you want to play a puzzle but don’t want to put too much thought into it.

Download Floating Point

3. Gravitas

Gravitas gameplay

Though no game can claim to be as grand as Portal, Gravitas comes close. Manipulate gravity to help you solve increasingly difficult puzzles and try not to die along the way. The gallery will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Many of the puzzles are lethal, so watch out. Before you know it, you’ll be manipulating the gallery itself to solve a level.

This cute game has a lot of positives. Good graphics, charming humor, unique mechanics—what more could you ask for? The curator of the exhibit, a small robot that leads you around, is the creator of the puzzles. He grows increasingly frustrated the more you solve his puzzles and has unique dialogue if you run past him without listening. If you like Portal or just want a pleasant game to play, definitely check this one out. 

Download Gravitas

2. Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox gameplay

In Cube Escape: Paradox, play as a detective who has lost his memories. This point-and-click game is full of twists and turns as you try to escape, slowly uncovering memories along the way. You’ll find out sooner or later that the whole thing is a twisted game created by an old foe. Solve puzzles and, eventually, find your way out.

This game might sound like a classic escape room, but it’s not as simple as that. With an overarching story and some mind-boggling puzzles, the creators put a twist on escape rooms to keep players intrigued and make them want to keep playing. With an immersive soundtrack and handmade graphics, it’s a puzzle worth solving.

Download Cube Escape: Paradox

1. Samsara Room

Samsara Room gameplay

In this point-and-click game, nothing is as it seems. Samsara Room is an escape room that seems impossible to escape. You wake up in a room you’ve never seen before and now must find a way out. With only a telephone, a mirror, a grandfather clock, and some other objects in the room you don’t recognize, you’ll have to puzzle your way through this one. The only way to leave is to become enlightened, but that’s a challenging goal to achieve.

This is a remake of the original Samsara Room, completely reassembled by upgrading the puzzles, story, graphics, and soundtrack. The creators have continued to make puzzle games and escape rooms, but no one can forget a classic. In the one that started it all, witness the wonderful soundtrack and unique puzzles. It stretches the limits of the typical four walls of an escape room and keeps you interested as you dive in. For a truly one-of-a-kind escape room experience, download the game and find your way out.

Download Samsara Room

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