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He won't look as tough when his part of the land falls to Valhalla.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Viking?

Another popular theme or maybe element in board games are Vikings. While they are very real and did of course exist in our history; Stories often portray them as almost mythical warriors that travel the great oceans in search of glory. Their history and lore make great references for a lot of game makers/designers.

If you’re looking for some board games with Vikings in them; here are 10 Viking themed board games we’ve had a blast playing.

10. A Feast for Odin

A Feast for Odin Box

Get to experience the day-to-day life of a Viking as you struggle to survive the harshness of the world back in the day. Collect goods to achieve financial security, raid and explore new territories. The Viking clan with possessions that have the greatest value will be declared the winner.


What’s fun about A Feast for Odin:

  • Lots of actions: exploration, raiding, harvesting, animal breeding etc….
  • Feast, don’t forget to feed your people.
  • Juggling, okay, related to the first two, there’s a lot of things to think about and keep track-off that it may appeal to more seasoned gamers.

9. Champions of Midgard

Champions of Midgard Box

Live the life of the leader of a powerful Viking clan. As a leader, it is your duty to ensure the safety of your clan, that would include defending your clan against the threats of trolls, draugr and other Norse beasts. Every time you vanquish a beast you gain glory and the favor of the gods. Other clan leaders are after the same glory and favor you are. Only one Viking can truly become the Champion of Midgard. Whose leadership is superior in this clash among Viking clans?

What’s fun about Champions of Midgard:

  • Race of points, besting each other without necessarily fighting each other.
  • Playing Leader, Game theme makes you believe that you are an actual Viking Leader commanding your warriors to battle.
  • Easier to teach than some worker placement Viking games.

8. Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga

Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga Box Art

By Norse law, every man is permitted to wield and possess a weapon at all times. This is the law since there may be a need to make use of these weapons in f battle in the name of honor and even revenge. You are a clan of Vikings, onboard a longship seeking for your own clan’s version of glory. Glory in the form of being the best when it comes to arms or trade; the choice is ultimately on your clan’s objective (saga cards). 

What’s fun about Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga:

  • Win by points, competition in board games doesn’t necessarily mean directly having to fight one to the death, here you have to keep tabs on the other and see how many objectives you each complete.
  • Saga/Objectives, set goals that keep the competition fair.
  • Follow the wind, a cool mechanic where the wind dial determines a direction that is easier to travel.

7. Vikings

Vikings Box

When we think of Viking themed games we probably think that it will involve a lot of exploration. Well, none of the stuff really happens here. In the game players will be acquiring Viking meeples and land tiles and placing them with occupations around an island. Attacking ships are able to threaten landscapes but if you have a Viking Warrior placed in their way they can protect the land and earn you victory points. Vikings is a tile placement and auction/bidding strategy game where players will try to outdo the other by becoming the more “Successful” Viking clan in terms of value.

What’s fun about Vikings:

  • Easy to learn but takes a good amount of strategy
  • Different from most Viking games despite the title “Vikings”
  • Fast game, for 2-3 players

6. Raiders of the North Sea

Raiders of the North Sea Box

It's the raiding season for our warriors in the Viking Age. As a Viking Warrior, players seek to impress their Chieftain by overtaking unsuspecting settlements. Our fleet is now northward bound preparing for the raid by collecting crewmembers, provisions and plunder gold, iron and livestock. Your mission is complete when only one fortress remains, all Valkyrie are removed or all the offerings have been made. The players then tally all their scores.

What’s fun about Raiders of the North Sea:

  • Raiding, once you hit the requirements to raid.
  • Available in digital platform, just to get the feel of the game
  • Simple actions, easy game to learn and teach

5. Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil Box Art

Well considering that these are the gods of the Vikings, we decided to put in this game as well (there are Vikings in it too!). The player gets to use the different gods of Norse Mythology and try to stop the destruction of the world tree Yggdrasil and save Asgard. Depending on the god you play, you are given a specific power that makes you perform certain actions better than other gods.

What’s fun about Yggdrasil:

  • Co-op, this time you get to work together, for those who aren’t looking for competition among fellow players, this game might be for you
  • There are Vikings, even though you play their gods, the Vikings do have a role in this game
  • Special abilities, makes the whole co-op experience since you have a role, no idle players.

4. 878 Vikings: Invasions of England 

878 Viking: Invasion of England Box Art

For 75 years Vikings from Norway and Denmark have been terrorizing the costs of England. The treasures and stories from these attacks have allowed the Norsemen to raise hosts of men seeking out glory and riches. Vikings are now armed and ready to take England by storm. Whose side will be  victorious? Will it be the Vikings who are merciless with their ongoing attacks or the Englishmen who are resilient and ready to counter?

What’s fun about 878 Vikings: Invasion of England:

  • Replayability, depending on the faction you choose there are different event cards unique to them, the turns are also different every game.
  • Historical tidbits, not that we don’t mind the Norse lore, but a bit of history lesson in the cards adds flavor to the game.
  • Defend or attack, the fact that you have different goals depending on what side you are in.

3. Vikings Gone Wild

Vikings Gone Wild Box

From on your screens to on the table. Vikings Gone Wild is a deck building, resource management game that was based on an online real-time strategy game. Players get to buy buildings, units, towers and cards that improve their deck either for offense or defense purposes. You can attack the opposing player to gain points or you have to defend yourself.

What’s fun about Vikings Gone Wild:

  • Base game is fun, but it gets more interesting if you manage to get the expansions.
  • Attack and Defense, sort of feels like a TCG due to this aspect, without the need of buying too expensive cards.
  • Bonuses, while attacking and defending is the core sometimes, we can get special cards (Divine Favors) that give you a little edge over your opponent.

2. Pax Viking

Pax Viking Box Art

Another history-based game for Vikings. The game highlights the Vikings who travelled eastwards towards the trade routes of Persia and the Black Sea. Be it in the game of battle or trade the Vikings are quick and ready to strike with whatever works for them at any given situation. It is up to the players with how they will navigate through the waters and create a historical saga of their own.

What’s fun about Pax Viking:

  • Loose history, just tidbits of history of the period it was based from.
  • Gateway to Pax, might be one of the easier Pax games
  • Pax System, one way to get introduced and used to it, for those who are familiar it’s easy to understand.

1. Blood Rage

Blood Rage Box

The end of the world is here! This is your last chance to prove that your clan is the greatest of them all and earn your rightful spot in Valhalla by Odin’s side. Take control of your own clan and lead them to absolute victory before the last of the land falls to the depths of Valhalla.

What’s fun about Blood Rage:

  • All out attack, it’s the end of the world anyway so might as well give it your all.
  • Align yourself with a god, cards have an alignment to certain gods, this could give you a stroke of luck when the situation is dire.
  • Fall to Valhalla, a piece of the map gets destroyed at the end of the age…. So does any figure who happens to be in that part of the map.

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