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Best Tabletop Wargames, Best Tabletop War games
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Wargames have been relevant for many years. This very complex hobby might be a bit scary for a newcomer. To help you with that we present the best 15 wargames up to 2021.

15. Dust 1947

Dust 1947

What is it about?

Imagine if World War II never ended. It is the year 1947 and conflict is still going on. Command armies of US, Japan, Germany or Cthulhu worshipping cultists. Take control of armies of retro-futuristic soldiers, mechs and pin-up girls. If you are new to tabletop wargames, you might be scared by the complexity of a game, painting minis etc. If that's the case, Dust is great for you. From simple mechanics, through the friendly setting to the option to buy pre-painted miniatures.
Price: 35$

14. Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Fantasy

What is it about?

Experience one of the first tabletop wargames ever created. Jump into the vast and rich world of Warhammer Fantasy that has been developed for 3 decades. Fight battles with dozens of different troops and crush your enemy. Thanks to a complex yet not complicated system of unique unit types such as lords, heroes, rare, core and special you can immerse yourself in the tactical depth of the battles.
Price: 50$

13. Malifaux


What is it about?

Dive into the dark, steampunk world of Malifaux, where swamp hags with clockwork soldiers fight Japanese themed spirits and onis. Apart from the vibrant world Malifaux excels at inventing new mechanics. Instead of classical wargames moves including whole armies, you move one unit alternately with the opponent adding more tactical depth.  Interesting status effects, hands of carts that can change your dice or allow you to directly answer your opponent's move and more you can find in this twisted world of Malifaux.
Price: 22$

12. DreadBall 


What is it about?

Have you ever wondered how sport will evolve in the future? Well, now you don't have to. Introducing DreadBall. Super fast and deadly sport played on arenas in distant future. Assemble an interstellar team and get ready to hit major leagues. Gather crowd support and keep an eye on the referee so you can get away with pretty nasty fouls. One additional plus is the ability to play on hexagons (bestagons) which creates smooth and natural movement.

Price: 72$

11. Kings of War Vanguard

Kings of War Vanguard

What is it about?

Recruit your vanguard from various races and units of this fantasy world. Equip them with special powers via cards and get ready for battle. Experience famous command dice which are rolled on every turn and generate points and alter the field of battle. Dive deep into tactical possibilities of fatiguing your troops for this last push to get the victory or face crushing defeat. All of this in an extremely friendly business model. Instead of buying new editions every two years, you can buy small packs of cards that upgrade your game to the next version.
Price: 78$

10. Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol

What is it about?

Have you ever wanted to know who would win a fight between Spiderman and Ironman? Then wonder no more because now you can see for yourself. Marvel Crisis Protocol allows you to clash 2 teams of superheroes from the beloved Marvel universe. What makes it even more interesting and in line with the spirit of comics and movies is the mechanic to destroy terrain. Furthermore, official terrain has 'modes' that can be switched to show the destruction of the battlefield. A must buy for every Marvel fan.

Price: 97$

9. Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

What is it about?

For over 30 years Games Workshop produced and developed a grim, dark, filled with mud and dust world of Warhammer fantasy. In 2015 they released a supplement called End of Times that destroyed the whole Old World. From the ashes emerged Mortal Realms. The place where gods and immortal warriors from the Old World fight and battle. If you always wanted to start playing Warhammer but this grim, dark world was too much for you now you have the chance to start your adventures in this new reforged world full of power and magic.
Price: 43$

8. A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game

A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game

What is it about?

The world created by Goerge R. R. Martin is famous for its brutality and hidden schemes and epic battles. Finally, you have the option to take command of various armies from the world of Song of Ice and Fire. Experience medieval-like battles that feature soldier formations clashing in the midst of battle. Plan their movement and find a flank that will completely crush your opponent. Apart from the battle map use the biggest minds of Westeros like Sansa or Tyrion to generate influence that will help you win your battles.
Price: 180$

7. The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War

What is it about?

Everyone at some point in their lives has asked themselves what they would do in the zombie apocalypse. Now you can check. Set your steps in the beloved world of The Walking Dead. This game has everything for zombie fans: rules of attracting zombies, scavenging the post-apocalyptic world and pushing your luck between sneaking and sprinting. Furthermore, it allows you to play solo if your friends aren't around. If you are a fan of the series or love zombie climates this game is everything you need.
Price: 49$

6. Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000

What is it about?

Experience the most famous tabletop wargame – Warhammer 40,000. Dive deep into the world of the dark future. Choose armies among various factions like Empire of Man, Thao, Orcs and Chaos. Fight battles on a massive scale that could decide the fate of the whole universe. Every army has its own rulebook complete with lore and new mechanics allowing you to immerse even more. Every wargame fan has to play Warhammer 40,000 at least once to understand its impact on the world of tabletop.
Price: 43$

5. Necromunda


What is it about?

Play Games Workshop most famous game. Contridatory to Warhammer Necromunda isn't about big battles that could destroy whole planets. Instead, you take control of various gangs that fight for power. Thanks to the huge importance of lore and narrative elements this game is great for anybody that is coming from classical tabletop RPGs. Similar to other GW titles you can buy books that enhance your experience of playing a specific gang. But in the case of Necromunda, you also get an enormous amount of new abilities and even quest that you can perform during your fights.
Price: 51$

4. Corvus Belli Infinity

Corvus Belli Infinity

What is it about?

Humans went out to reach stars and take control of the universe. Naturally different factions have emerged from peace-loving, healing Muslims through Asian conglomerate to space templars. Fight as a deadly, trained squad of soldiers and explore deep tactical options to destroy your opponent. Another plus is the ability to buy both metal and plastic miniatures which isn't a standard in the industry and cardboard terrain which is easy to put up and carry around. A must buy for fans of tactical space combat.
Price: 80$

3. Gaslands: Refuelled

Gaslands: Refuelled

What is it about?

Have you ever wanted to ride modified cars in the post-apocalyptic world like in Mad Max? Now you have the option to race through the ruins of the old world. Change gears and drift around the corners to catch your opponents and crash their vehicles. One of the best things about Gaslands: Refuelled is its cost. You do not need to buy any miniatures and can use your old Hotwheels to drive through the ashes of the post-apocalyptic world. I wholeheartedly recommend this game for everybody because it is easy to set and surprisingly makes one of the most intense game nights.
Price: 17$

2. Frostgrave: Second Edition

Frostgrave: Second Edition

What is it about?

Explore the legendary frozen city Felstad. Every mage wants to be first in the ruins of the icy metropolis to get its artefact. You are one of those wizards that gathers his warband to venture into the city. Unlike in other games where you usually focus on the whole group here you need to focus on your mage and his apprentice. You get this cool experience of feeling like leading an expedition and every mercenary is just a tool for you. Frostgrave is based on d20 so it generates more randomness that creates interesting narrative moments. You need to accept your option to lose and let go with the flow.  When you do that you are having so much fun either winning or losing, The feeling of exploring a magical icy city is an unforgettable experience. If you want to experience unforgettable moments you need to play Frostgrave.
Price: 24$

1. Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Legion

What is it about?

Get the option to dive into the most famous sci-fi universe – Star Wars. Take control of different units and heroes from the beloved universe. You can become a Mandalorian mercenary, a Jedi, an imperial engineer and many more. Explore vast tactical options to battle on the surface of almost every planet in the Galaxy. The best thing about Star Wars Legion is the option to play long campaigns either as rebels or forces of empire with the next episode influenced by your choices in the previous ones. Experience a campaign of your life where you can abolish the empire and take down Vader or help him to conquer all known Galaxy. For me, this is the essence of tabletop wargames and I highly recommend that you try it as well. May the force be with you!
Price: 90$

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