Top 10 Best Trivia Board Games Loved By Millions Worldwide!

Best Trivia Board Games
Everyone loves a good board game.

Board games have been loved for centuries by young and old. They have brought families together or caused bitter rivalries. But with so many on the market. (especially in trivia) many don’t know the first place to look for quality entertainment.

Here are some of the top 10 most iconic board games of all time.

10. Wit's End

This award-winning indie game is making a buzz.

Wit’s End is a game of brain teasers and riddles in a wide range of categories. This award-winning game is for ages 16 and up. It’s sure to give trivia fans a challenge.

  • Twist your way of thinking with FOUR categories to choose from!
  • 1200 questions in a wide range of subjects.
  • Best when played with 3 or more players.

How to play:

  • Players try to reach the center of the board by answering questions.
  • Categories include ODD-1-OUT-figure out which one doesn’t belong, TEASER-Solve the riddle, SEQUENCE-Put the items in chronological order, WILD CARD-True or False, Fill in the Blank, etc.
  • Players must land on special spaces in order to move up a level. This helps others catch up to someone who is way ahead on the board.
  • An optional SORRY feature that bounces an opponent down a level for answering a question right.

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9. Wit's and Wagers

Casino-style gaming with none of the risk.

With over 1 million of these board games sold, Wits and Wagers has become a classic. Ages 10 + and can have 4-unlimited players. Fans of trivia and casino-style games will surely love this one.

  • Casino-quality wager chips.
  • Crease-free mat.
  • Is the most award-winning board game in history!

How to play:

  • In casino fashion, each person reads a question and then places their bets.
  • Whoever’s answer is the closest, wins the pot.
  • If you feel confident, bet on yourself. Don’t have a clue? Bet on any guess and hope to get lucky.

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8. Fact or Crap

Can you figure out what's true or not?

Do dolphins sleep with their eyes open? Is the armadillo the only animal to suffer from leprosy? The only question you need to answer is Fact or Crap. Ages 12 and up.

  • 140 cards.
  • 200 tokens.
  • 240 question cards.

How to play:

  • Figure out which statement is fact or crap.
  • Put down your FACT or CRAP card to select your answer.
  • The faster you answer, the more points you win.

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7. Trivia for Dummies

The beloved book series now has a board game.

Everyone knows the popular book series that has helped countless students. Now the “For Dummies” franchise has released a board game. 8 years and up. 3-4 players.

  • 1750 questions.
  • Colorful board.
  • A mix of very easy and very hard questions.

How to play:

  • For each turn, the last player to answer a question correctly reads the next question.
  • Players race to put the correct answer in the middle of the board.
  • First to answer correctly gets to roll the die and move the corresponding number of spaces.
  • Categories include: NUMBERS-the answer is between 1-10, COLORS-answer is 1 of 8 colors, TRUE OR FALSE-answer is true or false, MISC-answer can be a mix of any of the above.

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6. Bezzerwizzer

Weird name, hard trivia.

A game of quick wit and strategy. Make your way around the board before your opponents steal your points or categories. 2+ players. 10-15 years old.

  • 20 categories of questions.
  • Players can steal and tiles swap for fast-paced gameplay.
  • 4,000 questions.

How to play:

  • Each player takes a play piece, tile board, “zwap” tile, and 2 Bezzerwizzer tiles of one color.
  • Each play piece is placed in the tile bag and whoever is drawn goes first. They are placed at the start of the board.
  • The category tiles are then placed in the bag. Each player draws 4 of these and decides in what order they wish the answer them. 
  • 1st question is worth 1 point while 4th is worth 4 points.
  • Playing the Bezzerwizzer tile allows the opponent to steal the question. This can only be used once per game.
  • The “Zwap” tile can be used once per game and can be used by swapping your tile with one of your opponents, swapping two of your opponents' tiles.
  • The game ends when someone reaches the end of the board.

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5. Cranium

Many 90s kids remember this game.

Created in 1998 a lot of 90s kids can remember playing this iconic game. Unique to Cranium is its many ways to answer such as sketching, molding, and acting. Ages 16+. 4+ players.

  • 4 fun categories!
  • Complete the task before time runs out.
  • 14 hilarious activities. 

How to play:

  • The color of the space on the board is the color of your category. Unless you are in a purple space. Then you may choose for yourself.
  • You must complete the activity before time runs out. 
  • If you do, you get to roll and move forward that many spaces. If you fail, you stay on your space until your next turn.
  • ALL PLAY CARDS-When these are drawn, all players scramble to answer first and are rewarded with moving forward. 
  • The first player to enter “Cranium Central” gets a final activity they must complete to win.

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4. Smart Ass

Who will reach the donkey's butt fastest?

The game where it’s OK to yell out the answer when it’s not your turn! All players have a chance to win at any time. It’s not about who’s smartest but who thinks the fastest. 2-6 players. 12+.

  • 4 question categories.
  • 500 questions
  • Be the first the land on the donkey ass to be declared a “Smartass”.

How to play:

  • Questions come in 4 categories: WHAT AM I? (Blue), WHERE AM I? (Green), WHO AM I? (Orange) and a special HARD ASS category (Red) that players much land on to unlock and must be the only one who answers that question.
  • Each question has 8 clues to help you answer. The player who answers correctly rolls the Jumbo Movement Die and moves forward. 
  • If no one answers correctly, player 1 wins the round and gets to move forward.
  • DUMB ASS SPACE-Landing on this means you sit out a question. Which means no reading or answering.
  • KICK ASS SPACE-Landing on this means you move back 3 spaces.
  • The game ends when a player lands on “The End”.

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3. Logos

How many brands can you name?

What do you know about the brands you see every day? From food to cars, to slogans to commercials. Ages 21+. 2-6 Players.

  • 1200 questions.
  • Answer the most questions correctly to reach the end of the board.

How to play:

  • There is 3 kinds of question cards: PICTURE-Picture that the card relates to, POT LUCK-General knowledge logo questions, and COMMON THEME-All answers have a common theme.
  • Each question card has PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW, and RED colored questions that correspond with the ones you land on the board.
  • Each correct answer moves you one space forward until you get one wrong.
  • First to move into the “Winning Zone” and answer 2 questions consecutively, wins. 

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2. Scene It?

The first DVD board game.

The “Scene It?” franchise has made a trivia game for every type of person from Harry Potter to movies, music to different decades. Unique to this game is its DVD element. Players watch the clips and answer questions based on them. Ages 13+. Best when played in teams.

  • Clips from classic to new films.
  • Over 1,000 questions.
  • Challenging questions about everything from Quotes to Actors.

How to play:

  • Insert the DVD and select someone to be “DVD Master”.
  • Depending on what you land on, you could have any of the following challenges: MY PLAY-This involves the DVD and is only to be answered by the player, ALL PLAY-This involves the DVD and all players. First to answer wins, TAKE 3-Select a trivia card and identify the actor/actress or movie based on the clues, SONGS, SLOGANS, AND SAYINGS-Select a trivia card and answer the soundtrack, or slogan question, POP CULTURE-Select a trivia card and answer the questions, BUZZ CARDS-Depending on which one you get, you or an opponent could be knocked back or forward spaces on the board, PLAYERS CHOICE-Player can choose from any of the categories.
  • To win the player must complete the “All Play to Win” challenge shown on the DVD.

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1. Trivial Pursuit

Iconic board game that has stood the test of time.

​This iconic board game has been around since the 1980s and is another series that has covered a wide array of topics from horror movies to the BIg Band Theory. Ages 14+. 2-6 players.

  • 3,000 questions.
  • 6 categories.

How to play:

  • Answer questions correctly until you reach the end of the board.
  • If you answer one correctly, keep rolling until you don’t. There is no limit.
  • Categories include BLUE-Geography, PINK-Entertainment, YELLOW-History, PURPLE-Art and Culture, GREEN-Science and Nature, and ORANGE-Sports and Leisure. 
  • To win you must land on the center space where you started exactly, overshoot it and you’ll have to keep trying until you do. Your opponents decide your final question category. If you fail the question, you will be placed back at space 1 and will have to try to hit the center again.

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