[Top 25] Best Viking Movies You Need To Watch

Best Viking Movies
Greatest warriors on the big screen.

Vikings! Snow! Axes! Horned helmets! And really bushy beards! They are famous for their brutality and courage, so it's only natural that many movies have been based on them.  But there are so many, and where to start?  Here we’ll look at the greatest movies featuring Vikings, from fighting dragons to battling Norse Gods, here our journey to Valhalla begins!

25. The Lost Viking

A young man’s clan and family are killed, so he ventures across Britain to reach his uncle's settlement in a land he’s unfamiliar with. With acting more wooden than the ships they sail upon, the movie’s attempts to make us care for the main character and his family fall short as even the dialogue has the same hollowness to it. Cheap is the word for this movie. Nothing in it feels like much effort was spent on it. If you want to tick off your Viking movie list, then go ahead, otherwise best forget it like I almost did once the credits rolled. 

Our lead giving an example of his performance.


24. Erik the Viking

Erik and his band of Vikings set forth to find Valhalla in this comedy. Do you enjoy the exploits of Vikings and wish to have a good laugh? Well…this movie has Vikings. Despite possessing the talents of John Cleese and being directed by Terri Jones, the movie does not raise anything more than a slightly uncomfortable chuckle.

Colorful characters in a comedy forced together on a long trip? Surely nothing can go wrong.


23. Ironclad (2011)

Yet another tale where English knights battle against Viking raiders, only this time it is not so straightforward. After the signing of the Magna Carta, King John recruits Danish raiders to retake his kingdom, leaving only a band of Templar Knights to stand in his way. Filled to the brim with talented actors, including Derek Jacobi, Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, and Charles Dance amongst others. Despite its strong acting, the choppy editing during the battle scenes may distract you from the story, but if you enjoy such stories then give it a watch.

If only the lead actor had the same charisma as Brian Cox and Paul Giamatti here.


22. Erik the Conqueror (1961)

The 60s and 70s were rife with Italian remakes of American I.P, mostly focusing on the horror and western genre, but the Vikings didn’t escape the zeitgeist it seems. Two half-brothers battle over a throne in this Italian/french remake.  Much like the original, there is a great ambition, but if you’ve already seen 1958’s the Vikings, then you won’t get much new from this movie.

 Vikings laid bare...chested. 


21. Viking Destiny

A girl seeks to reclaim her throne and clear her name. A small-budgeted movie, which unfortunately becomes evident during the battles, although the one-on-one choreography is competently done. Unfortunately, competence is not enough, as it requires a certain level of talent to tell a great story and although the tale of a Princess framed for the murder of her father has merit, this particular execution is lacking.

 The Princess seeks her destiny and justice.


20. Pathfinder

Dances with Wolves meet Vikings. Pathfinder is the story about a young Norseman raised by Native Americans defending his home as a horde of Vikings arrive ashore. Karl Urban plays the main character and although he is a talented actor, ultimately, he is left with very little to work with as his character is more of a stereotype than a 3-dimensional individual. But the actions is good, right? Kinda, the action is well shot and it's enjoyable gruesome as the brutality is not spared, unfortunately, most of the movie is filmed with such a drab color pallet that it feels painful to watch.

Karl Urban actually being sorta badass. 


19. Valhalla (1986)

An animated movie based on stories from North Mythology, following Thor and Loki as they recruit a young peasant boy into being the God of Thunder’s servant and the adventures they have. Despite being made by an unknown Danish animation studio, the animation itself is top-notch and colorful. Bearing the charm of the Norse Gods front and center and yet maintaining a grounded point of view via the mortals they interact with; it is fine entertainment for fans of the Gods of Asgard.

Thor has the power. 


18. Escape (2012)

A tense and exciting movie about two girls captured who must find a way to, you guessed it, escape and find a way home. Both young girls do a phenomenal job of making you worry for them whilst also showing them develop into young women who must defend themselves, but the true star of the picture is the leader of the bandits played by Ingrid Bolso Berdal, who dominates each scene she’s present in and looms over the rest of the cast.

All she knows is burnt and destroyed.



17. The Last King (2016)

Set during the Norwegian civil war as a band of loyalists venture to defend the heir of the throne. Beautifully shot, you truly get a sense of being in Norway and even having to endure its cold, and journey through its forests. The script is tight, and the actors carry the film with much ease, if you’re interested in the history of the Norse, this is a movie worth checking.

An unusual royal escort.


16. Beowulf & Grendel

This particular adaptation of the poem stars Gerald Butler and Stellan Skarsgard, with the formers playing the iconic Beowulf himself, as the story this time decides to take a more sympathetic approach for the monster Grendel (portrayed by Ingvar E. Sigurosson). Sigurosson’s portrayal of Grendel is both heart-wrenching and sympathetic as here he merely wishes for vengeance, and the rest of the cast carry their weight as well but the directing leaves much to be desired.

 Very nice scenery, Grendel thinks so.


15. The Island at the Top of the World

On an expedition to the North Pole to rescue his son, Sir Anthony discovers a hidden and thriving community of Vikings. Fun, charming, and light, it is a delight to enjoy with the family, the French Captain played by Jacques Marin, in particular, stands out as he delivers great charm and charisma in every scene he is in.

This poster just about tells you all you expect from this movie.


14. Prince Valiant. (1954)

Valiant fights to become a knight of the round table and reclaim his father’s throne. Featuring a very cheesy and romanticized depiction of King Arthur’s court as well as Viking warriors. Exciting! Treacherous! And most importantly, valiant! Although it is a fun movie, it ultimately suffers from a paper-thin plot and characters, but if you just enjoy watching swords clash and men riding horses then this movie is for you.

Despite the silly wig, he is Valiant.


13. Outlander (2008)

Vikings! In space! Ok, that’s a lie, its more accurate to say a Viking from space. A humanoid alien finds himself crashed onto a strange world, Earth! Once there he encounters the local Norse and discovers they are under attack from another alien, only this one isn’t so friendly. An absurd premise, but no less so than others on this list. Although it features a mostly unknown cast, John Hurt helps to elevate the movie with his classical acting as the Viking king. Although its ambitious action is hampered by its limited budget.

No, this isn’t a videogame cutscene.

12. Asterix and the Vikings

Gauls vs Vikings! Asterix and Obelix find themselves having to rescue the chief’s cowardly nephew from a band of Vikings. The animation is fluid, and the jokes get a good laugh out of you. The characters are always fun to enjoy, so I would recommend for both fans of the Gauls and Vikings.

Obelix has a good laugh at the Viking’s expense.


11. How to Train Your Dragon. The Hidden World.

A dragon hunter uproots Hiccups entire home, forcing him and his village on the run, their battle may end with dragons no longer being seen ever again. The finale in the DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, promises as much fun humor and heart as its predecessors. Its ending delivers a powerful, emotional impact that stays with you, unfortunately, it comes short in comparison to its two predecessors as it ends up repeating similar beats.

 A sweet love story.


10. Thor. The Dark World

An ancient evil attacks Asgard and Thor finds himself having to recruit his treacherous brother to fight it. The second installment in the Thor trilogy, although fun and filled with strong character moments, ultimately proves to be a downgrade in comparison with its predecessor, due to a cliché plot and an underwhelming villain.

Even in prison, Loki remembers to shampoo his hair.


9. Valhalla Rising.

Quiet rage. Those are the two words that best describe this movie and Mads Mikkelsen’s performance, as he plays One Eye, a warrior who escapes his binds and goes on a journey with crusaders which leads to him discovering himself. It takes a lot of talent to say much with just a look, but he manages to do it. Sparce of dialogue, the movie is a visual masterpiece, whilst also depicting the cultural clashes between the Christians and the Norse.

 A sombre and pensive quest.


8. How to Train you Dragon 2

The second in the animated trilogy, Hiccup has now brought peace between Vikings and Dragons, but a new threat looms and a mysterious woman highly knowledgeable about dragons arrives.  Bringing bigger scales and bigger flights than its predecessor, it entertains and pleases you as you watch these characters grow into new roles and stronger people. The battle to protect dragonkind and Berk culminated in an epic and emotional climax.

 Bigger scales and bigger dragons.


7. Beowulf (2007)

The legendary warrior Beowulf battles Grendel and other beasts in this epic reimagining. One of many adaptations is the story about the warrior who fights monsters, Beowulf is Zemeckis’ animated adaption of the tale. Although given a breath of fresh air with a tight script and strong performances, your enjoyment of this movie will come to lie entirely on whether or not you can tolerate the frequent uncanny valley of this movie’s experimental motion capture animation. Aside from that, have at it, Beowulf is a fun story to watch in most cases and this one is no exception.

 Journeying into darkness.


6. Thor Ragnarök

The latest on the Thor trilogy, Hemsworth returns with Hiddleston, Hopkins, and Elba with new characters to deliver a colorful, surreal, planet-hopping adventure as Thor must escape a gladiator pit and return to Asgard before Hera can bring Ragnarök, the end of all things. Each actor shows their talent with humor and adlib as they bounce off each other seamlessly, but never looses the emotional and epic core of the story.

Big monsters battle over Asgard.


5. How to train Your dragon

The first in the DreamWorks trilogy, as a tribe of Vikings, fight daily against a horde of dragons, young Hiccup discovers that dragons may not be as monstrous as at first, they seem.  Throughout the story, we see the main characters develop a strong bond with the dragon, Toothless, and grow up from being a boy into a man as he challenges the Viking’s preconceptions of the dragons. With gorgeous animation and an endearing story, this is one to watch with the family.

 A sweet meeting.


4. The Long Ships

Two men on a race to the finish! The golden bell is the prize.

An epic depicting two men on a race to reach a great golden bell, if you enjoyed The Vikings, El Cid, and other such epics, then you can add this gem to your list. The rivalry between the two leads (played by Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmarck) keeps you engaged as you enjoy and guess who will reach their goal first.

 Two actors duel with their skills.


3. The Vikings (1958)

The original! Two half-brothers battle for the throne and the heart of a beautiful woman. Based on the novel by Edison Marshall, this historical epic is a grand spectacle worth watching for any fans of the Northmen. Rightfully famous, with the talents of Kirk Douglas and Orson Welles, the movie tells of half-brothers as they battle over the throne of England. Political intrigue, treachery, and actions scenes, which engross you, it is a movie that I recommend.

Bloody and brutal, as a Viking should be.


2. Thor (2011)

Chris Hemsworth stars as the God of Thunder in his first installment of the Thor trilogy, starring Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, and Anthony Hopkins. After his arrogance risks open war, the God of Thunder is banished to Earth and stripped of his powers. He must learn humility and the meaning of being a hero before the God of Mischief can cause too much chaos. A grand and epic spectacle tied with an intimate story about arrogance and responsibility, fans of Norse mythology and Marvel comics will enjoy the movie.

 Thor flexes his modeling skills. 


1. The 13th Warrior.

Arabian poet Ahmed (played by Antonio Banderas) finds himself conscribed into fighting alongside 12 Viking warriors to protect a small village against a horde of monsters. In this movie, we get to see a clash of cultures and norms between the Arabian and Northmen whilst maintaining respect for both sides. Although Bandera’s character acts as the focus of the movie and he truly does carry it with his performance, the other 12 warriors are disappointingly underdeveloped. Despite its flaws, it engrosses you and makes you feel like you were present.

 Antonio Banderas playing against type. 

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