[Top 25] Best Viking Fight Scenes You Need To Watch

Victory or defeat, Valhalla awaits.

Viking warriors were known for their ferocity in battle, the King of their Gods, Odin, was even a God of War to whom they would dedicate their raids, so Vikings make for a great subject to create action movies and series. Want to know which are the best? Well, come aboard and see who earnt their way into Valhalla and who failed and was sent to Hel.


25. Gauls vs Vikings (Asterix and the Vikings)

Asterix and the Vikings - Asterix and Obelix vs the Vikings. Asterix and Obelix find that they got more of a challenge from the Vikings than the Romans. Sometimes it's fun to enjoy some slapstick-based fights and the Asterix franchise has always been happy to provide. The only drawback is that the fights happen to be too short.

24. Valiant vs Sir Brack (Prince Valiant)

Prince Valiant accuses Sir Brack of treason, so the two duel. The classical swashbuckling swordsmanship you expect from a movie of its time. Just as fun and charming as the rest of the movie, there is nothing really terrible nor great about this fight. Still, as a long built-up battle, you are bound to find the classic good vs evil conflict satisfying.


23. Battle on the River (Vikings)

Ragnar’s group finds themselves caught between two armies, but Vikings aren’t to let such odds beat them. The series Vikings has a reputation for good fights, as you’ll see in this list, we have strong tactics beings used and the characters are taking advantage of their situation, without doing anything so fanciful that it removes one from the experience. Unfortunately when the armies clash on the shores of the river the camera work becomes sloppy and shakes too much.

Shields; a Viking’s best friend.


22. The Moorwen attacks  (Outlander)

  The Vicious Moorwen attacks the village and the Vikings must defend themselves against an alien threat. Although ambitious, the movie’s budget shows its limit as the CGI becomes rather obvious and the need of filming the battle at night to hide this fact is transparent. Despite this, there is some sense of scale and danger during this fight purely due to just how outmatched the heroes seem to be.


21. Freeing the dragons. (How to Train your Dragon. The Hidden World)

Hiccup's friends and family fight to free the dragons from the trapper’s fleet. Lighthearted and fun, full of jokes and exciting set-pieces, the battle acts as a satisfying conclusion of the Dreamworks’ animated trilogy. The jokes do lessen the tension in the battle but that is hardly what people go to watch a Dreamworks movie for. 

20. Ragnar vs King Egbert (Vikings)

  Due to Horik rushing in to defeat their enemies, he finds his army being outflanked. Even Vikings shouldn’t rush blindly into battle. This battle reminds you just how important it is to take into consideration all factors: terrain, enemy troops, and strategy. Unfortunately, the Vikings are beaten with Roman tactics. 


19. Beowulf vs dragon (Beowulf 2007)

Beowulf is forced to face his sins as a dragon threatens to destroy his kingdom. The high-flying finale to the legend of Beowulf sees him soaring across the skies of his kingdom. Although exciting and possessing a poetic and bittersweet ending, it comes across at times as too elaborate and highflying even for an epic hero such as Beowulf. The moments of Beowulf riding on the dragon last too long and you feel more relieved by the end. 


18. The Dark Elves attack (Thor. The Dark World)

  The Dark Elves sack Asgard in search of the Aether. Exciting and fast, the battle is shown through two different perspectives, from the ships attacking the outside and the prisoners looting from the inside.  With an emotional climax and exciting choreography, it is one of the highlights of the movie, thanks to the lightning and cinematography being clear.


17. Drago’s army (How to train your Dragon 2)

Seeing an army of Vikings fighting an army of dragons is something every kid would get excited about and for good reason. This battle delivers both highs and lows for both factions and feels suitably big as a war should feel. Building up from just men with tools and climaxing with giant dragons, it is one of the movie’s strongest moments.

Drago’s Might.


16. Hiccup and Toothless vs Queen Dragon (How to Train your Dragon)

Hiccup and Toothless battle the dragon Queen to save both Vikings and Dragons. One of the many exciting aerial battles this franchise provides, this is certainly the strongest as there's emotional weight to the character's actions and the victory does come with a price.

15. Goddess of Death (Thor Ragnarok)

Hela’s attempt to claim the throne is briefly impeded by Asgard’s army. An exciting demonstration of the movie’s villain’s power as she single-handedly demolishes a whole army with little trouble. Fun and brief, its biggest sin lies in its CGI not having aged as gracefully as it could. Still, Cate Blanchet is clearly having fun playing an evil Goddess and you can’t help but get swept up. 


14. Thor vs Hulk (Thor Ragnarok)

  Two Avengers square off in a gladiator match and it's all that you wanted. Brute strength vs strength and skill as we get to see the very distinct battle styles of the two warriors, whilst also delivering a couple of strong laughs. From using weapons to throwing punches and climaxing with godly powers, you won’t forget it soon.


13. Attack in the Dark. (The 13th Warrior)

The village is attacked by the raiders and the 13 Warriors must fight them off. There’s a strong sense of dread as the battle builds up and the heroes all feel the fear just before the Wendols strike. Once the battle begins, there’s little visibility so you have the same sense of panic as the protagonist Ahmad, feeling like you’re thrown into a chaotic environment you don’t belong in.

Are these men they face in the dark?


12. Battling the Jotun (Thor)


Gods clash with Frost giants as Thor’s pride gets the better of him. Just as the legends described, it is a titanic battle to see the God of Thunder battle against one of his most iconic enemies. We get to see the battle progress from multiple points of view as Thor’s friends also struggle, unfortunately, the CGI has not aged gracefully and can be distracting.


11. Ragnar’s camp is attacked. (Vikings)


Ragnar’s camp finds themselves assaulted by King Aelles’ forces, unfortunately, the king has underestimated the Viking warrior. Even in sudden and uneven odds, the Vikings stand defiant. All because Ragnar knows how to set up a defense that his enemy can’t see coming, the cavalry’s attack is foiled and the battlefield evened. Despite the victory, there is a bitter taste to it which helps to sober the characters and the audience. 


10. Thor God of Thunder (Thor Ragnarok)


9. Beowulf vs Grendel (Beowulf 2007)


Beowulf fights against the grotesque monster Grendel. Zemeckis treats the exploits of Beowulf as a living legend and that is how he portrays this famous exchange as Beowulf fights literally in the nude and comes out victories whilst booming his name. The motion capture, unfortunately, acts as a drawback as the animated character’s movement comes across much slower and sluggish than intended.


8. Ragnar vs Jarl Borg (Vikings)



Ragnar and Jarl Borg’s armies clash over the Kattegat. One where the shaky camera actually seems to work to the battle’s advantage as it conveys the claustrophobic nature of the battle. Despite the chaos, the focus is kept on the leaders of the battle, Ragnar and Borg, as they command their forces. The soundtrack also helps to build the tension and epicness of the conflict till it reaches its zenith.


7. Mercenaries attack the castle (Ironclad)



The Knights Templar must defend their castle from an onslaught led by KingJohn’s mercenaries. From catapults to swords clashing, this battle offers bloody gore and violence and proves to be one of the highlights from an overall mediocre movie. We go from heads being cleaved in half to a man beating another with a severed arm, this fight proves to be fun when its camera can focus on the action.


6. The Most famous Shieldmaiden (Vikings)


Lagertha and White Hair duel to the death. A brutal one-on-one battle where each step is a strategy and each sword slash is a decision. Very clear and professional choreography and the camera makes sure to allow you to witness each move and the final blow allows you to feel the emotional weight behind it.


5. Thor vs Loki. (Thor 2011)



Thor battles Loki on the Bifrost to protect a world. The emotional climax of the movie is as the two brothers engage in battle. Hemsworth and Hiddleston are able to use their full physical and emotional range as the pain of two brothers fighting is bared naked and Thor reaches the end of his character arc.

Loki has made his choice.


4. The 13 vs raiders, the final battle (The 13th Warrior)


There are very few of the warriors left, their strongest is dying and they are outnumbered and outmatched, but they will fight. The climax has suitable emotional weight as well as weight behind every hack and slashes both sides deliver, the prayer from the characters beforehand helps to make the battle feel more epic and the result of the battle satisfied.


3. A King’s Final battle (Vikings)



Aldulf and Harald have their final clash in a misty forest. Some battles need to go on for long, but others can be short and sweet. This one fits comfortably in the latter, as Harald manages to face his demons at the end of his life and earn his place in Valhalla.


2. Thor vs Destroyer (Thor 2011)



Loki sends Asgard’s greatest weapon, the Destroyer, to kill his brother, the now mortal Thor. The moment the movie has been building up to after Thor’s friends fail to defeat the Destroyer, Thor decides to do the noble thing and sacrifice himself, only to be returned his Godly powers as a reward for his selflessness. The scene is epic, as befits a Norse God and the music soars. One of the movie's strongest emotional scenes and a great example of what the God of Thunder can do.


1. Battle of the two brothers (The Vikings)


Einar and Eric have their final battle. A tense battle without any soundtrack with an exciting set-piece as the two fight with swords atop a tower. The angles make sure to remind you of the danger and each clash of their swords sounds like it could break bone. The movie builds to this climax and leaves an emotional impact once the battle is over. 

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