Top 17 Best Viking Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

Viking Games
Get ready to fight, pillage and raid in these Viking Games.

What Are The Best Viking Games To Play Right Now?

More and more books, movies, and videogames are taking on the theme of Norse mythology and the badass Vikings that take center stage in its myths and legends. And who can forget the best viking fight scene ever made?

With warrior gods, monstrous animals, giants, magic, and a prophesy that foretells the end of the world; it’s easy to see why people like it. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of all the great PC games we can think of that portray this theme in an interesting and unique way.

In this list you’ll find everything from action-RPG’s, real-time strategy games, beat-em-ups, and serene audio-visual experiences. To Valhall!

17. Eitr

Eitr gameplay with developer interview

Play as a Viking Shield Maiden in this 2d retro-styled souls-like action RPG, set in the beautiful world of Eitr.

You are tasked with traveling through the nine realms of Yggdrasil to uncover the mystery of the world and undo the curse Loki the god of mischief as put upon you.

Tactical combat is the essence of Eitr, with blocking, dodging, kicking, and carefully timed attacks being the core of the combat, one false move or strike from the games many enemies can leave you crippled or dead, so to say the game is unforgiving is an understatement.

But from this unforgiving nature comes a huge sense of accomplishment when you succeed, the game isn’t out yet, but from what we’ve seen it looks to be a very satisfying and unique Viking themed game.

There's no shortage of enemies in Eitr, while exploring the world you'll come across both "cannon fodder" type enemies like skeletons and minor monsters and animals, to bigger mini-boss type enemies who pose a greater challenge.

Here you see one of the many bosses in the game, in this case a Frost Giant from the realm of Jotunheim. A single hit from this giants’ axe will kill you in many cases, so timing your attacks and dodging at the right time is crucial.

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