[Top 10] Saw Movies Best Scenes Worth Watching Again

Saw best scenes to rewatch
John Kramer, the man behind the traps.

What Are The Best Scenes From Saw Movies?

One of the most iconic and groundbreaking horror franchises of the early 2000’s demands your rewatch and constant attention. A favorite for the ages, a splatter fest of over the top blood and gunk, and a personal favorite of mine since childhood. Today we are counting down the Saw movies' best scenes worth watching again, for all you freaks and geeks who feel like reliving something different. 

10. The Horse Power Trap

While it is not an unpopular opinion for me to say that I'm not the biggest fan of any Saw movie after 4, I am pleased to announce that the later the films become, the more of a grossly competitive splatter fest they become. Not only does this gag-inducing, high-energy scene feature Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, it also features the most nauseating scene I can think of in this franchise. You’re faced with a trap that seems easy enough to complete at first glance; the character Evan is tasked with pulling his glued body away from a car seat to pull, pulling a lever in the nick of time and to save him and everyone else in the car from a bloody chain of events. What proceeds is some of the gnarliest practical effects, and a sense of vindication like no other, considering the whole reason they are there is because of certain skinhead activities.

While the character Evan was originally supposed to survive his trap, plans were changed to the scene we know and love today due to Bennington's tight schedule. The scene in question was originally supposed to include him being carted off to the hospital, swiss cheese back and all. I wonder what the scene would have felt like during its airing in 2010 without the thrilling conclusion we were ultimately left with. Perhaps I’d never come to understand the meaning of string cheese skin? Or maybe I wouldn't have decided to forgo any skin-colored substances ever again. Who’s to say? Either way, i’m quite happy with the ending we were served.

Watching the skin of Evans' back slowly peel away from the car as in his stridehe reaches for the lever was enough to make me put down my slice of pizza, and if we are being honest, has changed the way I look at most stringy foods ever since. The shocking finale is when everything sets off. The car falling off its jacks and the chain of one bad thing after another, gives you a sense of whiplash that makes you think "what the hell did I just experience?" by the end. It's gore for the ages, vindication for all, and a hell of a scene to watch next time you’re thinking of diving into something gooey.

9. The Needle Pit-Saw II.

And so we go from one drastic scenario to another. This, ladies and gents, I present to you: my favorite Saw movie. While I will always be first in line to sing the praises of the original film in the franchise, a classic with a new twist on the genre and STUNNING traps to boot, I am first and foremost a diehard Saw II fan. It's filled with everything any horror lover needs. On this list, I will continue to feature many things from these specific movies, as they contain some of, if not, the best scenes, traps, and characters that are featured throughout the entire franchise. All in one, this is fun, fresh, and a satisfying follow up. The needle pit is just the sticker.

If you’re not already familiar with the mechanics of Saw II, let me familiarize you. The second movie in the trilogy takes place mainly in a single house where eight victims, including Detective Eric Matthews' son and the queen herself, Amanda Young, are trapped. Breathing in deadly gas and trying desperately to find the antidote theyantidotes, they all seek, theseek The needle pit is just one of the many heart-racing, iconic scenes in that Indiana Jones booby-trapped house.

This infamous trap features a nasty hole in the ground filled with needles, and a sepia filter that so loudly screams 2005. We, as the audience, are introduced to the glorious needle pit, hiding a key within its prickly insides to one of the antidotes this group seeksso desperately needs. It's a scene of anger and excitement, on the edge of your seat, leg bouncing anticipation. I will never forget the way my entire body froze when Amanda (the legend that she is) was thrown face first into the pit by none other than one of the other captives.

The subsequent struggle to grab the key through horrific pain and the fight that breaks out upon not getting the antidote in time is INSANE. It's disturbing, horrifying, but with that beautiful pinch of early 2000s horror that you just can’t help but love. This scene is the perfect rewatch for anyone looking for a reason to revisit one of the best horror classics of our age.

8. The Scalping Seat

When Saw VI came out in theaters in 2007, I, like many others, was a massive geek for the series at that point. Though I have already stated my much debated ability to actually enjoy any of the movies after 3, I still stand by the fact that 4 had some solid thrills and very gory kills. My favorite of those kills, the one that stuck with me even years later, well into adulthood, has to be The Scalping Seat.

The name speaks for itself. You’re signing your way into a bone-chilling mess of gory goodness, so fair warning, this is not one for the faint of heart. The scene is set with Officer Daniel Rigg, who you may recognize from the franchise's second game. He plays the role (unsurprisingly, considering his past placements) of the supposed "hero", while the character Brenda, the pimp who used young ladies for her gain, plays the pawn. This trap is long-winded, yet incredibly well done. The officer who saves her is shown the proof of her crimes, presenting  the subsequent realization and choice given to walk away or save her, evidence and all. The final countdown, from Riggs' decision to save instead of leave, left me wondering my own choices and pondering and the bloody catastrophe of trying to find that code in the gears to free her, as certain doom barrels down. 

It's got everything you could possibly want for all your Saw-related family gatherings. A focal point with no hope, a hero to save the day, and an ending that you totally expected, yet still kept you covering your eyes and yelling "ouch." This is one I highly recommend revisiting if you're in the mood for a hairy situation.

7. The Ice-block Trap

This one, in my humble opinion, is an iconic staple of Saw history. Taking place yet again in Saw IV, you’ve got everything you could possibly want in a rewatch of your top 10 favorite scenes. Over the top and dramatic, perfect for a chilly winter day or if you accidentally find yourself locked in a freezer. Saw IV has something for the whole family.

Much like the trap mentioned in number 8, this features the last of the ‘trap tests’ featured throughout the fourth film.  This is a scene I frequently return to when I'm feeling nostalgic or just in the mood for something a little different. ice cold and served gruesomely. Positioned between a rock and a hard place, or perhaps balanced precariously between two massive blocks of ice, the victim is chained in place as two heaters slowly melt the blocks, leading to the shocking demise of victim number 2, placed and ready in a chair for some electric shock. The main attraction of this scene does not involve the chair, or the trials as a whole of Officer Briggs, but instead the seemingly irrelevant detail hidden up above. Multiple pawns in one trap, how exciting! One wrong step, one creak of the door, and down swing two ice blocks, smashing the man in the middle. Simple enough. If nobody opens the door, all will be safe and sound. 90 minutes surely can’t be that long in retrospect. Well thought, but wishful thinking at best as. wWith one second left on the clock, the door is opened and the blocks are smashed.

A seriously thrilling conclusion to a fantastic movie. This one is long, crazy, and just so stupidly over the top. It is one that can cool down any boring summer day. Whether at the pool with friends, or at home on your couch. I highly recommend sitting back and relaxing with this chiller.

6. The Glass Coffin

The glass coffin. The man, the myth, and perhaps even a legend. Aside from the trap's overall insane, slightly terrifying concept, the execution, high drama, and banger of an ending keep me coming back for more. I have been known to, on occasion, sit through this film. Despite my lack of interest in the movie as a whole however, in the killer ending, The Glass Coffin will be and continues to be a showcase of what the Saw films can truly be, and have always been to their core.

Being buried alive can be listed as one of the top 5 fears, at least I'd consider it that way. This is probably my educated guess as to why such a high-energy, edge of your seat ending has kept me loving a film that I otherwise refuse to engage in. Featuring the twist of the ages with Detective Mark Hoffman, the one-time worker turned apprentice, and fellow special agent Peter Strahm, this final revelation and battle for answers left me standing in shock and shouting in a confused wreck of emotional trauma.  As the doors to the room close, and Hoffman, now locked in a coffin, is slowly lowered into the ground, you can feel your heart pick up pace as the walls slowly close in. I felt at that moment, upon first watching, a total desperation like no other, questions bouncing around in full force. "Was Hoffman trapped?" "Has he been buried?" It was like all my worst nightmares were coming true at once, and I had the feeling as if the walls were closing in on me as well.

Of course, with the final revelation, Hoffman is found alive and well, escaped from his glass prison and free to continue the workings of Jigsaw in peace. I can’t help but feel it even now, years after my first run through that sense of pure dread. It's a showdown to end all showdowns, with dramatic background music carrying you along to the underground tunnel that started it all. A showstopper for an otherwise okay movie, a reason to revisit nonetheless. If you’re in the mood for a heart-pounding action-thriller ofwith a horror scene, this one may just hit the spot.

5. Amanda’s Death

It is no surprise to say amongst myself and many others that Amanda, from the very first moment she stepped on screen in the first movie, through her agonizing trials throughout, was destined to be a fan favorite. When I say she was a pioneer of the crazy horror antagonist of early 2000s media, I mean it with the utmost respect. Throughout her timeyears in the franchise, she gave the series years of raw power, insane traps, and plot twists galore. She is, by all definitions, the horror movie it girl.

This I believe, is why it hurt so much to see her incredibly thrilling story end. The amalgamation of things that went down in the last half of Saw III (the trilogy to end all trilogies) was meltdown worthy. The confinement of the hospital room thatkept Kramer alive; the anticipation of the test to end all tests; and the final realization that at the end of the day, the victim was not the only one being tested. It seems to spiral quickly, the finding of John's letter addressed to her leading to the subsequent breakdown of events.

With the clock ticking and their trial nearing its end, Kramer announced Lynn, the victim, could go, only to be held at gunpoint by a deranged and broken Amanda. The fight that breaks out is only the beginning of the madness, ended harshly by a gun to the back and a reveal that knocks you over. To find out that this was Amanda's trial from the start, that everything led to this very moment of inhumane torture at the hands of her own choices.  It was trauma incarnate, and left me silenced and in awe at what a movie can do over the span of only a few years.

Amanda, gone but never forgotten, changed the franchise as a whole. Starting at the beginning and ending at a point that some may argue should have remained ended. I implore you all to give a rewatch to this true turning point in the series. A beginning to the end, a final farewell. A wicked trilogy for any and all.


4. The Angel Trap

This trap is not only featured in what I believe to be onebeone of the best of the best of the franchise, but also one of the most interesting yet terrifying traps to date. The trap itself is a very interesting device, set up by none other than my well-known favorite, Amanda Young, and subsequently quite a lethal trap at that. With no way to win, a chance which was taken by the aforementioned apprentice, it presents a wonderfully horrific new idea of what Saw can truly be.

This was the original cause of my childhood nightmares, next to the original Nightmare On Elm Street. I spent hours wondering yet not understanding what I would do. What could I do if faced with such treacherous doom? An acid-filled beaker with a key at the bottom, a seemingly impossible barrier to pass with just minutes to spare. It seems to the audience that she will make it, grabbing the key and, in her final moments, taking it to the delicate lock. On the edge of your seat, breath held, you begin to witness the beginning of the very motion that will set everything aflame.

Of course, when you least expect it, the key does not work, turning my adolescent brain on its head and leaving me with more questions than answers. The fits of rage on behalf of Kerry, hoping that there was still a way out with only seconds on the clock. What follows is, to date, my favorite traps ever featured in these movies. Nothing will hit me more than the shock and repulsion that warmed my heart to see the Angel in action. Blood, guts, and possibly some ribs. It’s sure to twist your stomach in all the best ways possible.

It's shocking, it's repulsive, it is revolutionary. A true reminder to those who stuck around until III., a reason for the fans to keep on watching. It's a showcase of everything this wonder has to fulfill, and a promise to always keep the watcher on the edge, never quite sure of the next twist to rear its ugly head. If you’re a fan of those turning points in cinema, of those moments that’ll leave you questioning your whereabouts as you lie and leave you awake until morning, see to it that this is the next scene you queue up at your neighborhood Saw marathon.

3. The Razor Case

Family bonding time in my house was always a strange time. I was still a child at the time of the Saw II theatrical release, but that did not stop my parents, the rowdy horror-loving metalheads that they were, from showing us every single movie that fit our little niche. I watched Saw II for the first time at 6 years old on my Purple Bratz box TV, tucked away under the covers of my deluxe bunk bed, mom and brother at my side, ready to devour every detail of my new favorite franchise. In hindsight, maybe showing Saw to a 6 year old wasis not the best idea, but considering I came out fairly unscathed, I say view at your own discretion.

The point of this all being, tThe razor blade scene was a point of contention in my family for awhile, still occasionally being brought up at the odd family reunion or during late-night talks over a game of Jeopardy. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most avoidable deaths to grace our screens. The antidote sits idly in that clear glass box leaving, a simple idea in my mind fathomed by my not yet fully developed brain. Reach one hand up to pull back the razors, direct the other hand to grab an antidote, and boom, the problems are solved. Fairly agreeable, quick in and out, no questions asked.

What we are instead met with is a moment of pure tomfoolery that leads to no promising results. A quick decision to shove one hand into the box, panic when it's stuck by sharp edges with no way to get out, stick the other hand in, and subsequently bleed out. It took me years to stop pondering the atrocious lack of foresight. Nights spent awake wondering why anyone could possibly think this way. But I’ve come to accept that maybe little 6 year old me was just incredibly in tune with horror logic. That or it was a possible insight into my desperate sense of knowing every route for every possible outcome.

Even still, the lack of preparation never deterred me from my undying love for this scene. It will forever and always live on as a memory of childhood bonding as it even still. It continues to be a conversation starter for laughs and exasperated sighs. This is the rewatch for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle or a little boost to their own intelligence. Peak Saw, straight to the point, and very cutting edge. A favorite of no small importance.

2. Finale of Saw I

I know, it's a little cliche, but all good stories must have a beginning, and this beginning had a fantastic end. The first of the series was a pioneer for its time, showing what the 2000s had to offer in horror, and showcasing ideas never before seen.  A game with seemingly no end, with 60 minutes on the clock. For characters that you can’t allow yourself to get attached to for fear of the worst. And most importantly, above all else, a finale that’ll leave you begging for more.

The movie, as a whole, is entirely worth a rewatch. A nice sit down with friends, or by yourself in complete darkness, tearing away at the beginning of the opening to something life changing. If however you do not find yourself on the good side of time, I'm going to be the one to strongly advocate a return to the thrilling conclusion to the first of all Saws.

It all leads to this moment, the bathroom now down to one, the stakes rising impossibly higher. It doesn’t seem, to the mind of the first-time watcher, as if it could possibly get worse than it already is. The dead body is lying motionless on the floor, and now, with a tape in hand, Adam, our victim, is faced with the realization that Zep, the man who they had killed only minutes prior, was another victim all along, and the body on the floor was moving.  We as an audience are faced with Kramer, the master of puppets himself. To tear off that bloody mask and begin hobbling steps to the door, only to reveal to Adam what we, as the audience, knew all along. He had flushed away his chance at life down the drain, and was to be left in the bathroom to starve and suffer despite  for his efforts.

It's a wonderful conclusion to the beginning of something new, something monumental. You never forget the first time you see your first movie, I believe, and to this day I can see every detail, remember every line as if it's only been seconds since I last saw it. If you’re looking for the beginning of something great, or even to just revisit a past love, do yourself a favor, and relive the beauty of cinema for the first time.

1.The Reverse Bear Trap

I feel as though there is only one scene fit for the number one spot. The trap that started it all, the fan favorite character, the concept that brought a franchise to life. The reverse bear trap. I'm not the first person to say that my introduction to this series, whether by osmosis or watching on debut, was this particular trap. It is the staple of Saw cinema, the cornerstone of its production, and a logo at this point from the sheer recognition of Amanda in the jaws of the beast.

Saw as a concept started off as a short film released in 2003 starring Leigh Whannell as Adam. Though instead of him playing the pained photographer in the bathroom, he plays the position of Amanda, trapped within the jaws, recounting his escape to the officers afterwards. This trap was ultimately (and very thankfully) reused, as was to be seen for the first time in the first of the series, with Amanda Young playing our victim instead. It was wicked and outlandish, a crudely made trap of rusted splinters of metal, a horrifying rush of quick cuts and off-putting shots of pure panic. Raw and emotional, a look at what it feels like to be truly trapped. The reverse bear trap is your first interaction with this world that has been created; a glimpse of what is only to come and the horrors of fictional torture. The first countdown is on the clock as Amanda, who we have no way to know will be so important to come, tears her way through someone she knew from her past. It's frantic and messy, and so very Saw. This is the trap to end all traps, the scene that began it all.

I do recommend that anyone who hasn’t already seen the short film do so now. If not just for the pure joy of seeing the masterpiece that is creation being born, then to witness the reverse bear trap in all her glory. If you take anything at the end of the day from one nerd to another, it is that you should forever and always revisit your roots, especially if those roots are grounded in early 2000s horror goodness.

While I may make comments on this or that film, Saw is ultimately a franchise that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was a bonding experience unlike any other, the beginning of my love for horror and writing, and ultimately a film where I can always find something new to nitpick in the best and worst ways possible. A series for everyone, truly. a way to think through everything you’ve ever said or done, or to critique the moves that you just know you would have done better. Do yourself a favor, and binge the first 3 movies when you have time. I promise it’ll be a fulfilling, slightly nauseating escapade. In the meantime, revisit your favorites. The classics: the drama, the beginning, and the end. I am always ready to play a game.

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