[Top 10] Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Fire Type (2022 Edition)

These pokemon are burning up the competition

Fire types are one of the largest typings in pokemon, so it’s important to know which ones are burn outs, and which are well… on fire.


10. Alolan Marowak

Originally a Kantonian ground type from generation one, Alolan Marowak was introduced in generation seven. This was the first time regional forms were introduced and it turned Marowak into a fire/ghost dual type. 

Alolan Marowak evolves from a Kantonian Cubone while in Alola at night, at level 28. In Sword/Shield, there are three ways to get Alolan Marowak. All of these methods include the purchase of the DLC expansion pass Isle of Armour and Crown Tundra.

The first way is by finding the 151 Alolan Diglett hiding across the Isle of Armour. Their owner gifts you the pokemon when you return to him with a minimum of 50 Alolan Digletts. The other way on Isle of Armour is to speak with Regina who wishes to trade her Alolan form for a Kantonian form. 

The Kantonian forms are much easier to acquire as they can be found either in the wild in Potbottom Desert or in a Dynamax Adventure in the Crown Tundra. These can be traded with Regina to receive an Alolan form. It is also possible to find Alolan marowak in Crown Tundra’s Dynamax Adventures.

With its highest base stat being its defense at 110, Alolan Marowak isn’t the best contender if you plan on doing anything more than a no-consequence playthrough of the game. There are other fire types that are more suited for a playthrough, as Alolan Marowak is unattainable unless you pay for the expansion pass and complete tasks there.

If you’re certain about using this pokemon, it is best suited for Bea’s fighting gym and Milo’s grass gym.


9. Reshiram

Reshiram is one of the box art legendaries for generation 5, and is a dragon/fire type. It is weak against dragon, ground and rock, meanwhile it has ¼ resistance to both fire and grass.

There are only two ways to have Reshiram on your team. The first is to trade it in from another existing game, such as White 2 or Pokemon GO. However this gives you an obedience cap with every gym badge and it will be inaccessible until you reach the Wild Area and trading is unlocked.

If you are willing to wait until trading is unlocked and can put up with obedience issues, Reshiram would be very strong against the grass gym, as well as the final gym which is Raihan’s dragon gym. While it will take a lot of damage, it will also deal a lot of damage (especially with its 150 special attack stat).

And well, a legendary is a legendary after all.


8. Ninetales

One of the most loved pokemon in the game, is the generation one fire fox Ninetales. It is the evolved form of Vulpix which evolved when using a Fire Stone. It is weak to water, ground and rock types.

For those who have the Sword edition, Ninetales can be found fully evolved in the Lake of Outrage. However anyone who plays Shield needs to evolve a Vulpix.

With 100 base speed, Ninetales is more than likely to get the first hit in, in most battles, however it can be a bit physically frail. While it would be best for the grass gym, it is unattainable in Shield until the third gym.

You’re in luck if you play Sword though, as it is an encounter on Route 3 and Rolling Fields. One Fire Stone and you have yourselves a Ninetales.


7. Coalossal

The coal pokemon was released in generation eight and is a stage two pokemon. Its base form Rolycoly evolves into Carkol at level 18 and then into Coalossal at level 34. This rock/fire type is weak to fighting and rock, with four times weaknesses to ground and water. It is capable of Gigantamax.

While it can be found in its fully evolved form in the Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage and Giant’s Cap, its pre-evolutions are much easier to obtain and earlier on in the game. Rolycoly can be found both before and in the Galar Mine No.1, and Carkol is a status encounter in Galar Mine No.1 as it rides along the railroad. Good luck catching it though.

Once it gains its fire typing as Carkol, this pokemon line is great for the grass and ice gym. However, stay away from Nessa and her water types.

While Coalossal has good defense and HP stats, its lack of speed cannot be ignored, and can often be OHKO’d (One-Hit-Knock-Out) if it goes up against the wrong ‘mon.

It is a strong contender, especially for early game, and can even see you all the way through a playthrough. I had one on my first playthrough and was one of my favourite team members.


6. Incineroar

The final evolved form of the fire starter from generation six. It is a fire/dark type that evolved from Torracat at level 34. It is weak to fighting, ground, rock and water.

Without assistance from another game or player, there is only one way to gain Incineroar, which is the Isle of Armour Diglett man. If you collect 100 of 151 Diglett across the Isle, you will be rewarded with the Alolan starter that matches the starter you choose at the start of your Galarian adventure. To get Litten, you must have chosen Scorbunny at the start of the game. 

If you chase Grookey or Sobble, you will need to transfer Litten’s evolution line from another game such as Sun/Moon.

Incineroar is useful against the grass, ice, ghost and dark gyms so is useful throughout the game and has the stats to back it up. However, as you need a fire starter to get this fire type, it can be a bit redundant, unless you genuinely prefer Incineroar to Cinderace.


5. Charizard

This is the original fire starter, which is fire/flying. It evolves from Charmander and Charmeleon at level 36. It is capable of Gigantamax. It is weak to water, rock and electric and has a ground immunity.

Charizard can be found in Raid Dens in Hammerlocke Hills and Lake of Outrage, with the possibility of these being Gigantamax forms.

This is one of the pokemon company’s most favoured pokemon, and for good reason. Its stat total was 534, both speed and special attack being 100 or more.

If you are lucky enough to encounter Charizard in a raid early on in the game, then it is a valuable team member that can help with the grass, ice and fighting gyms.


4. Centiskorch

This is fire/bug pokemon first seen in generation eight. It evolves from Sizzlipede at level 28 and can Gigantamax. It is weak to flying, rock and water.

As it resists fighting, grass, ice and fairy type, it is best suited to help you with those gyms.

Both its regular and Gigantamax forms are found in max Raid battles throughout the Wild Area and Expansion Pass. However its pre-evolution is available as early as Route 3, as well as a static encounter in the fire gym.

While I personally have not used this pokemon on a team, I have been swept both by my friend’s Centiskorch and gym leader Kabu’s pokemon in the past.

The early game access of this species makes it a worthwhile investment when making your way through the game.


3. Chandelure

Chandelure is the ghost/fire type from generation 5. It’s the final form of Litwick and evolves from Lampent via a Dusk Stone. It is immune to both normal and fighting, but is weak to ground, rock, ghost, water and dark.

Chandelure itself is not available before completing the first three gyms and making your way to the northern part of the Wild Area. However the base form of Litwick is available in the third gym. 

Because of the small gap between the third gym and Chandelure’s appearance, it is worth holding off and waiting until you can get the fully evolved form.

It has an impressive special attack stat of 145, clearly showing it’s more a special attacker than physical with only 55 attack. 

Chandelure is helpful against the fairy and ice gyms as it resists those types. While it would be effective against the grass gym, it is unattainable so early on without online trading.


2. Talonflame

The fire/flying pokemon introduced in generation 6 and is the final form of Fletchling. It evolved from Fletchinder at level 35. It is immune to ground and weak to rock, water and electric.

Considered one of the top regional birds for its 126 speed, this pokemon is a great addition to any team. While in the base game it can only be achieved via trading, the expansion pass allows several opportunities to catch it. 

The Soothing Wetlands, Loop Lagoon and Training Lowlands are home to Talonflame, while it is also available in Fields of Honor in a Max Raid Battle. As the DLC is accessible as early as Motostoke, you can quickly get this regional bird in the isle of Armour.


1. Cinderace

Of course Cinderace is the  number one entry. The pure fire type starter for generation eight. Capable of Gigantamax with the inclusion of the Isle of Armour. Cinderace is the final evolved form of Scorbunny, evolving from Raboot at level 35. It is weak to ground, rock and water.

It is only obtainable in the game at the starter selection, through breeding and trading.

Its speed and physical attack are the most impressive stats with them being 119 and 116 respectively. 

With it being the first fire type we get in generation eight, it is the best option if you want a fire type on your team. It can help out in any battle throughout the game, not limited to when you can catch it. The moves it learns also compliments its physical attack stat, and you can be sure you’ll hit first in the majority of battles.


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