[Top 10] Pokemon Legends Arceus Best Fighting Type (Ranked)

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What's The Best Fighting Type in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

A team of fighting Machoke and Machamp meditating before a battle...or maybe they're just asleep.

Welcome everyone, to the Top 10 Ranked Fighting Type Pokemon of Pokemon Legends Arceus (PLA)!!! In this report, we will have 10 matchups go head to head to see who is truly the very best. Like no one ever was. *Ahem* Okay, now that the intro is done, did anyone else feel that the fighting types were slightly slept on in PLA? Still want one on your team? Well, continue reading to find out who my top 10 picks are for PLA Fighting type Pokemon. 

10) Machoke


Machoke, an OG Fighting type being engaged for battle. 

  • HP: 80

  • Attack: 100

  • Special Attack: 50

  • Defense: 70

  • Special Defense: 60

  • Speed: 45

Type: Fighting

Machoke was made to be a Fighting type Pokemon. From the balanced states to the wrestler style aesthetic, Machoke looks like it’ll give any Pokemon a hard time in battle. If you’ve ever had a hard time choosing a fighting type for your team, Machoke is a very reliable and effortless choice. Machoke can take a decent amount of hits (unless it's from a Flying or Psychic type), but it suffers in Speed. 

  • Has high Attack stat, so STAB Fighting type moves will be increased by 50%

  • Guts ability also raises users Attack by 50% when inflicted with a status condition such as paralysis or poison

  • Higher HP and decent defensive stats make Machoke last longer in battles

Machoke can be caught in its first evolution form pretty early in the game. However, if you don't have the time to evolve a Machop, or you are on a shiny hunt, Machoke can be found in the Coronet Highlands in the Celestica Ruins and Fabled Spring. Also, search the Alabaster Icelands from Snowfall Hot Spring, all the way to Icebound Falls. If you want an Alpha Machoke, Head to the Cobalt Coastlands between Castaway Shore and Ginkgo Landing to battle the massive wrestler style Pokemon.


9) Hisuian Lilligant

A graceful, un-Frenzied, Lilligant

  • HP: 70

  • Attack: 105

  • Special Attack: 50 

  • Defense: 75

  • Special Defense: 75

  • Speed: 105

Type: Fighting/Grass

Here in spot number nine, we have the Hisuian version of Lilligant. Back in Pokemon Black and White, Lilligant was my go to Grass type Pokemon. Now, here in the Hisui Region, Petilil takes a bit of a different form. For most players, the first time you encounter Hisuan Lilligant, will be in the Crimson Mirelands at Brava Arena. This battle will be a tough one. And at the end of the battle, much like calming the Frenzied (Pokemon) in Obsidian Fields, you won't be able to catch Lilligant.

  • High Speed and Attack power, so when learning moves, hard hitting Grass and Fighting moves should be your friend

  • Chlorophyll ability will double Hisuian Lilligant’s speed during battles with bright sunshine

  • Though Lilligant has many weaknesses, it can learn a wide variety of move types to help combate opponents that will otherwise KO Lilligant. 

You cannot catch Hisuian Lilligant in any of the maps. It won't even appear in any Space-Time Distortions (in my personal experience and research). Head to the Crimson Mirelands and search Cottonsedge Prairie and the Holm of Trials. There you can catch Petilil, which can evolve into Hisuian Lilligant when exposed to a Sun Stone. 

8) Toxicroak

Alpha and Beta Toxicroak

  • HP: 83

  • Attack: 106

  • Special Attack: 86

  • Defense: 65

  • Special Defense: 65

  • Speed: 85


Toxicroak isn’t a Pokemon to be laughed at. Its blue and orange coloring resemble classic colors of actual (real life) toads and frogs to warn predators of its poisonous nature. Just the sight of this Pokemon should frighten you! Toxicroak will usually have a tricky moveset and will likely poison your Pokemon at some point during battle. As a fun tip, your avatar will also become poisoned if you’re carelessly walking around the Crimson Mirelands without knowing one has spotted you. 

  • Only weak against three types, Psychic, Ground, and Flying

  • Along with its attack power and speed, Toxicroak can have the ability Anticipation, which the Pokemon will shutter, warning you that your opponent has a move that it is weak against

  • Large variety of moves it can learn, mainly physically aggressive moves. 

Toxicroak can be found in two of the two of the five areas in PLA. In the Crimson Mirelands, you’ll find a Toxicroak hanging out in the boggy waters of the Holm of Trials, but also an Alpha Toxicroak in the same area. Keep your eyes open. Also, while in the Cobalt Coastlands, Toxicroak will also appear around Spring Path.


7) Machamp


Machamp! And its happy to see you!

  • HP: 90

  • Attack: 130

  • Special Attack: 65

  • Defense: 80

  • Special Defense: 85

  • Speed: 55

Type: Fighting

Evolved from Machoke we have Machamp! *Que “John Cena” Theme music* Machamp is a force to be reckoned with. It has four arms and is stacked with power. If you remember from earlier, it’s very easy to start raising your own Machamp from the beginning of the game in the Obsidian Fields. At some point you might ask yourself, when is my Machoke going to evolve? Or how!? Read on my friend. The answer is here.

  • Only three weaknesses, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy

  • Can have a hidden ability (rare), Steadfast, which will increase the user's Speed every time the user flinches.

  • Move pool consists of many physical attack type moves and stat boosting moves.

Take on the Alpha Machamp in the Alabaster Icelands just outside of Icepeak Arena. This is your best bet and capturing a Machamp without evolving your Machoke. In PLA, we have all encountered pokemon we would think would be stuck at their second evolution; Magmar, Electabuzz, or Gravler to name a few. Machoke will evolve into Machamp when exposed to a Link Cord. A link cored can be acquired in many ways via quests or finding items within a Space-Time Distortion. But you can also buy one with your Merit Points at the Trading Post located in Jubilife Village.


6) Heracross

A wild Heracross, preparing to attack

  • HP: 80

  • Attack: 125

  • Special Attack: 40

  • Defense: 75

  • Special Defense: 95

  • Speed: 85

Type: Fighting/Bug

A lot of Pokefans tend to pass over Heracross as a great Pokemon. Especially a great Fighting type Pokemon. Heracross is one tough bug and is a very versatile Pokemon to have with you. I have been caught underestimating a Heracross in many Pokemon games released to date. And let me tell you, the Pokemon in PLA just hit different, literally. Heracross has insane STAB power with Bug and Fighting type moves. Don’t go thinking it’s an easy win when you face one in the wild lands of the Hisui Region.

  • Ability Swarm increases Bug type move’s power by 50%! But only when your HP is below half of its maximum.

  • Large move pool, making it one of the more versatile Pokemon in the game. 

  • Unique type combo makes Heracross one of the more resilient Pokemon in PLA. Go ahead, put one against Dialga or Garchomp and see if I’m wrong.

Catch an Alpha Heracross that's stomping around Grueling Grove in the Obsidian Fields. Otherwise, you can wait until you’re in the Coronet Highlands to catch the many Heracross that are roaming at the start of the map (from Wayward Wood, to Sonorous Path, through to Lonely Spring). When Space-Time Distortions form in the Crimson Mirelands, you’ll also have a very rare chance of one spawning, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

5) Sneasler

What? A Sneasler that isn't carring a trainer??

  • HP: 80

  • Attack: 130

  • Special Attack: 40

  • Defense: 60

  • Special Defense: 80

  • Speed: 120

Type: Fighting/Poison

Sneasler is one of the newly added Pokemon found exclusively in the Hisui Region of PLA. Which will not surprise you that it can only be transferred to Pokemon Home and back into PLA only. Sneasley meets us at spot number five with immense speed and power. You will encounter Sneasler as one of the Noble Pokemon that you will use to climb cliffs or trees throughout the game. This will help in reaching hard to reach items or fleeing from Pokemon on the ground. You can pick up items while riding on Sneasler’s back, but you cannot send Pokemon into battle, or use Sneasler (or any other Noble Pokemon) in battle. 

  • Only weak against Psychic, Ground, and Flying moves

  • Likely to have ability, Pressure, but might have Poison Touch, which may poison your target if they … well… touch you.

  • STAB increase for all Fighting and Poison type moves - Take advantage of this with Sneasler’s high Attack and Speed stats to finish a battle quickly. 

While Sneasler won’t be seen walking around any of the maps of the Hisui Region, you can catch its base form around the Northern part of the Alabaster Icelands in Glacier Terrace, Avalugg’s Legacy, or just outside the Pearl Settlement. Once you’ve caught a Hisuian Sneasel, obtain a Razor Claw. It might be carrying one when you catch it. If not, you can head to the Trading Post and give up some Merit Points for a Razor Claw. Once you have it, give it to your Sneasel and level it up during the day.


4) Gallade

Don't let Gallade attack without your eyes on him, he's too fast for games.

  • HP: 68

  • Attack: 125

  • Special Attack: 65

  • Defense: 65

  • Special Defense: 115

  • Speed: 80

Type: Fighting/Psychic

Since Gallade was released to all Pokemon Trainers everywhere when the Gen IV game, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, was released, this should not be a shock to have Gallade available in PLA. Gallade, while powerful, may not last as long in battle as one would like. It’s seriously intimidating martial arts stance and bladed arms will win almost anyone over. With a lower HP than most would like, Gallade makes up for this in its Special Defense. And in your capable hands, Gallade can be any opponent's worst nightmare. Seriously, have you ever had one chase after you? Seriously, it’s terrifying.

  • Extremely versatile move pool

  • Extremely powerful STAB Psychic moves

  • Only can be caught as a Male type

If you wait until you reach the Alabaster Icelands, you can encounter an Alpha Gallade waiting for you around a corner in Snowpoint Temple. If you miss your chance there, search around the outside of Snowpoint temple or head to Heart’s Crag to catch a male Ralts or Kirlia. You can even catch a Ralts or Kirlia earlier in the game in the Crimson Mirelands. The Shrouded ruins is flooded with Ralts and Kirlia, but you can find either pre-evolution forms scattered around the West part of the map. Ensuring you have a Male Kirlia, you may use it to evolve into Gallade using a Dawn Stone. 


3) Lucario

Lucario powering up a move into a Strong Style attack

  • HP: 70

  • Attack: 110

  • Special Attack: 115

  • Defense: 70

  • Special Defense: 70

  • Speed: 90

Type: FIghting/Steel

Ever since Pokemon X and Y, I have been obsessed with Lucario. Which actually angers me a little bit because Lucario has been available since Diamond and Pearl! Lucario looks like he knows all and sees all. Lucario is the embodiment of poetry and power. After all, Lucario has phenomenal attack power, both Special Attack and physical Attack. Lucario has probably seen you and many others though every Pokemon League since the Sinnoh Region. Even though Lucario is a powerful fighter, he can be taken down if you’re not careful. For a Steel type, he sure has some average defensive stats, but take advantage of held items and moves that increase defensive stats. This should help alleviate any worry you have while in battle. 

  • High Attack and Special Attack power; Use Steel and Fighting STAB moves for maximum impact.

  • Moves like Sword Dance can help out with defensive stats to prolong Lucario’s endurance in battle.

  • Immune to Poison attacks

Lucario will be located in the Alabaster Icelands. At the top of Iceland Falls, you will find an Alpha Lucario stalking back and forth at an intimidating level 70. You can also find Lucario at the base of Iceland Falls or head north to Snowfall Hot Spring. If you decide to catch a Riolu, remember, it will only evolve into Lucario after you've achieved a high Friendship level, and level up during the Daytime. 


2) Hisuian Decidueye

Hisuian Decidueye saluting the sun

  • HP: 88

  • Attack: 112

  • Special Attack: 95

  • Defense: 80

  • Special Defense: 95

  • Speed: 60

Type: Fighting/Grass

How crazy is it? We had a Grass and Ghost Decidueye originally, and now we get an almost opposite version as a Grass and Fighting type combination!  Hisuian Decidueye is our number two, runner up for Best Fire Type in PLA. Considering it has the same amount of weaknesses as Hisuian Lilligant, the stats make Decidueye a head above most. Hisuian Decidueye has well balanced base stats, and even though it's not the fastest, it can take a hit and give one back twice as hard. 

  • High Attack and Special Attack, Focus on Grass and Fighting moves for maximum STAB benefits.

  • Unique move, Triple Arrows; Fighting move that make Critical Hits land easier

  • Ability (rare) Long Reach is a unique ability; users will attack a target without making physical contact with their opponent.

If you don't select Rowelet in the beginning of the game, there are still a few ways you can get this Final Evolution starter Pokemon. The quickest will be to head into any Space-Time Distortion and capture one, or a Dartrix and raise it into Decidueye. It is not always guaranteed that Rowlet, Dartrix, or Decidueye will spawn. So! If you wait just a bit longer, after completing the main story, head back to Jubilife Village and see Professor Laventon. You will be given the other two starters you did not pick in the beginning of the game. So if you didn’t pick Rowlet, you’ll still obtain it in the “end”.


1) Infernape

Hoping this Infernape isn't about to attack me

  • HP: 76

  • Attack: 104

  • Special Attack: 104

  • Defense: 71

  • Special Defense: 71

  • Speed: 108

Type: Fighting/Fire

I’m not sorry, Infernape has always been a fantastic Pokemon. Infernape is nationally used in competitions, and is a fan favorite over all when it comes to Fire type starter Pokemon. And no, of course no one tops Charizard, but that’s not who we're talking about right now! Infernape is a quick, hyped up fire monkey that, literally, cannot hold still. All its stats are well balanced, making STAB moves easier to use. Even though it has an average defense, Infernapes speed will almost ensure it attacks first in all your battles. But why else would Infernape be number one, The Ma-CHAMP-ion!

  • Moves like Sword Dance raise its already impressive Attack and Special Attack

  • Movepool is very offensively versatile

  • No Super x4 effective weaknesses, but is still weak to Ground, Water, Flying and Psychic moves

Infernape can be on your team pretty early on in the game! There is an Alpha Infernape available for grabs in the Obsidian Fields at Ramanas Island. It'll be surrounded by Chimchar and Monferno, so if you don't want to take on the Alpha yet, there are other options to get an Infernape.

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