[Top 25] Best Horror Movies About Dolls (That Are Fun To Watch)

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Watch these 25 unforgettable horror films about creepy dolls.

Dolls, like them or not you can’t deny that they're actually creepy with their blank soulless stares and pale skin, but you know what makes them even scarier? The idea of seeing them move, and these twenty-five films are here to make your worst nightmare come to life.

Now let's have a look at the Top 25 Best Horror Movies About Dolls that are entertaining to watch.

25. Dolly Dearest (1991)

Dolly Dearest is the first film on the list, and it follows an American family that moved to Mexico to manufacture dolls. However, their toy factory is located close to a Sanzian grave, and the toys become possessed by an evil spirit.

Although its inspiration from the child’s play franchise is apparent, Dolly Dearest still deserves your watch as it's a pretty decent killer doll with awesome effects and some pretty entertaining scenes that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

24. Annabelle (2014)

A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.

Despite only appearing for a few minutes in the first Conjuring film, this creepy-looking doll left a lasting impression. Now, the infamous character based on a Raggedy Ann doll gets her own stand-alone film and a decent one at that.

This spinoff provides a creepy backstory to the nightmarish-looking doll. It has many of the franchise’s signature jumpscares that will make you jump out of your seat every minute or two, as well as perfectly executed tension-filled scenes. 

If you loved Annabelle on her first appearance, then you will love this expanded lore.

23. Suddenly in the Dark (1981)

A wife suspects her husband of having an affair with their young cleaner in this classic Korean horror film.

Suddenly in the Dark will take you to an engrossing world full of stunningly hypnotizing imagery, made even better by the blooming colors that give it a one-of-a-kind presentation. It's not only a gorgeously filmed film but it is also one that doesn't disappoint when it comes to its creepy dolls. 

22. The Boy (2016)

Greta, a young American woman takes a job as a nanny and is taken aback when she discovers that the boy from her new English family is actually a life-sized doll. Disturbing circumstances lead her to believe that the doll is alive after she breaks a set of strict rules.

What started out as just another supernatural film involving a cursed doll turned out to be something far smarter. It took the cliched genre tropes and flipped everything that audiences know about it on its head by delivering a shocking plot twist.

Honestly, all I want to talk about is the plot twist because it took me by surprise. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I don’t want to spoil it but I guarantee that you’ll be in for a treat. 

21. Puppet Master (1989)

Neil Gallagher found the secret to Toulon's puppets who come to life and then killed himself. Alex and his psychic friends come to investigate and are stalked by Toulon's puppets who have a variety of strange traits including a drill for a head and the ability to spit up leeches.

If you think a single doll is creepy, then wait til you watch Puppet Master. Unlike the Child’s Play films, Puppet Master features not one, not two, but six creepy-looking murderous dolls made even bizarre by their stop motion animation. 

The film is far from scary but they don’t try to be, it’s a cheesy fun film that’s perfect for a drunk Saturday night. Its 2018 remake is also deserving of a watch if you enjoy the film and want more murderous dolls.  

20. Puppet Master 3 (1991)

In this prequel to "Puppet Master," Gestapo agents face murderous dolls when they murder puppeteer Toulon's wife.

The original puppet master film was fun, but it pales in comparison to this charming sequel, which holds no barrier. It not only gave the beloved maniacs a compelling backstory, but it also removed all of the shlock, resulting in a far superior film.

There have been many sequels and spin-offs in the Puppet Master franchise, but nothing compares to how well this third installment executes everything together.

19. Vampire Clay (2018)

In Vampire Clay, a possessed pile of clay terrorizes pupils at an art school, resulting in absurdity and gore.

Prepare to witness one of the strangest films ever made. From beginning to end, Vampire Clay is full of absurdity and over-the-top brutality. It's not a film to be taken seriously, and if you can get past the dark humor, you're in for a wild ride.

18. Dead Silence (2007)

Jamie Ashen (Ryan Kwanten) returns to his hometown to search for answers to his wife's murder, which may be linked to the ghost of a deceased ventriloquist.

Dead Silence is the kind of film that scared everyone in the 2000s, yet it appears as if everyone has forgotten about this title, which is why I'm here to reintroduce you to this gloomy film. It will take on a wonderfully gothic atmosphere, with plenty of memorable scares.

Even those who have become desensitized to horror will find their skin-crawling as a result of the film's suspense. The film may be forgotten, but its scares won't.

17. Bride of Chucky (1998)

Chucky comes back to life after his girlfriend Tiffany resurrects him, and he then kills her and puts her soul into a bride doll in return. The two then go on a killing rampage as they try to dig up Charles Lee Ray's corpse.

At the time of Bride’s release, Chucky had already three films up his sleeve even though the slasher genre was already in a decline. This new tonal reboot, however, breathes a new life into the franchise as it reinvents it with unique humor. It combines the meta-humor of the genre-defining film Scream with the zaniness of previous Child's Play films, resulting in it as one of the most entertaining Chucky films to date.

It also introduced us to the fabulous Tifanny doll played and voiced by the amazing Jennifer Tilly, doubling the silly carnage of the film.  This is a memorable slasher classic that you should watch. 

16. Curtains (1983)

Six actresses are invited to a director’s house in the hopes of landing the role of Audra, only to be targeted by a mysterious masked murderer wearing a disturbing mask and luring their victim in with a creepy doll.

Slashers wearing spooky masks? Check. An even more creepier doll? Check! If you're seeking for a truly scary experience, this film has it all. It boasts one of the most interesting and original stories you'll ever see in a slasher movie.

Although the creepy doll isn't the major focus of the film, when it does appear, it leaves a lasting impression. The film also has a lot of surprise twists and turns, especially in the third act, which will keep you guessing who is the final girl.

15. Tourist Trap (1979)

From one slasher film to another, Tourist Trap features a group of stranded people who become prey to the demented owner of a roadside museum and his army of nightmarish mannequins.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most disturbing and gritty films ever made, but what if you mixed in some bizarre dolls from hell as well? Then you'll get Tourist Trap. It takes the incredible atmosphere of the original TMC film and amps it up to eleven by introducing us to one of the most inspired slasher villains of all time.

Tourist Trap is such an absurd film that I'd go as far as to say that you should just watch it without watching the trailer or doing any research. It's unique and disturbing, which is part of what makes it so compelling.

14. The Doll Master (2004)

In this underrated Korean horror flick, a male model (Shim Hyeong-tak), a sculptor (Kim Yoo-mi), and others arrive at a scary museum in the hopes of being immortalized in doll form.

If you've watched the trailer, then there's a chance that you're probably watching it already due to the intriguing concept that the movie provides, along with several suspenseful sequences and scares that will make you shudder.

13. Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Trilogy of Terror is a horror anthology film about a college student obsessed with his professor, paranoid sisters, and a Native American tribal doll that comes to life and terrorizes a lady.

One of the highlights of this anthology film is the one segment about a murderous Zuni doll featuring Karen Black. From start to finish, it's a relentless thrill ride. Because of the brief runtime, each scare doesn't feel dragged out and is rather well-paced.

If you’re a fan of Karen Black or eerie dolls in general, don't miss out on this awesome anthology!

12. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

A dollmaker and his wife accept a nun and four girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home twelve years after their daughter's tragic death, where they become the target of the dollmaker's haunted creation, Annabelle.

The first Annabelle was a good spin-off of the horrific doll, but this prequel elevates the brand to new heights. It improved on everything that was great about the first film, resulting in a more effective follow-up with loads of great scares and even an unexpected character switch. It's a surprisingly good and creepy entry that's well worth your time.

11. Annabelle: Comes Home (2019)

Mary (Madison Iseman) and her friend Daniela (Katie Sarife) unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll while babysitting Ed and Lorraine Warren's daughter.

If the first Annabelle film is a standard creepy film and Creation is a non-stop terrifying romp, then Comes Home is like a fun haunted house ride. This movie is not here to confuse you with a convoluted plot; instead, it’s just here to entertain and scare you, and it manages to do this fairly well.

It’s a movie that throws every single inventive supernatural entity in the universe of the Conjuring films and takes you on another nonstop thrill ride filled with entertaining scares after horrors till the film ends.

10. Child's Play (2019)

Andy Barclay receives a special gift from his mother after moving to a new city: a Buddi doll who becomes his best buddy. When the doll takes on a life of its own, Andy joins forces with other neighborhood kids to prevent the evil toy from spreading havoc.

The Child’s Play is a doll-centered franchise beloved by many, so it came as a surprise when they announced a remake only a few years after Cult of Chucky was released. What's more surprising is that the remake is actually rather good!

It takes the common notion of a murderous doll and a "relationship" between a boy and a doll and gives it a new spin. The additional twist not only made the film more current, but it also made it feel more darkly realistic. 

Andy and Chucky's friendship is particularly heartwarming to watch, making their sudden separation all the more painful. Mark Hamil's performance as the new Chucky was equally enjoyable, as he truly embodied the character.

9. As the Gods Will (2014)

Shun Takahata is an ordinary high school student who lives a dull life until he and his friends are forced to play a death game. He has no idea who is behind the games, so his only option is to keep winning in order to stay alive.

When it comes to sheer absurdity, Asian horror never fails to deliver, and Takashi Miike's film is no exception. From beginning to end, it's bloody and outrageous. It's heartbreaking to see so many of the film's likable characters die one by one as a result of the homicidal toys.

If you don't mind viewing your movie with subtitles, don't miss this highly bombastic film.

8. Dolls (1987)

Dolls follow Judy Bower and her family as they holiday in the countryside, only to be stranded by a storm. They quickly find a place to stay, but Judy soon learns that the house is not what it appears to be.

If you're looking for a lighthearted and charming film, check out 1987's Dolls.  It's full of quirky likable characters stuck inside a single house with dozens of creepy-looking dolls, making for an entertaining viewing.

When I first saw the movie, I was really taken back because it had presented itself as a family film, but when all of the spectacular gore began to be displayed, my jaw literally dropped to the floor.

It's the kind of film that mixes the purity of a children's film with the craziness of an adult horror film, making it an essential watch.

7. Saw (2004)

Two men, Adam and Dr. Lawrence Gordon find they have been kidnapped by the infamous Jigsaw Killer when they wake up in a restroom. The men must escape before the time limit runs out, otherwise, they will face the deadly consequences.

Before the Saw franchise horrified audiences with its over-the-top gore, the first Saw film used slow psychological scares in a single setting. And within the confines of this restroom are tensions, surprising twists, and mind-boggling scenes that get inside the viewers' minds.

Its iconic Billy the Puppet, originally presented in the memorable moment where Amanda was forced into a reverse beartrap, is also a horrifying highlight of the film. This first saw film may be tame compared to the subsequent sequels but it remains to be the best of the franchise.

6. Dead of Night (1945)

Architect Walter Craig (Mervyn Johns) visits a country estate in search of work but soon finds himself trapped in his nightmare. He must first listen to all of the invited visitors as they offer their own bizarre stories, dreading the end of the dream that he knows is approaching.

Despite being the oldest film on the list, it nevertheless contains plenty of eerie moments in its many stories. Each segment was executed quite well, however, the one that sticks out the most is the one that centers on the dummy.

And the film's age just adds to the eerie atmosphere, making it an excellent watch for a sleepless night.

5. Coraline (2009)

Coraline discovers another world hidden behind her parents' walls after they move into an ancient property. There she discovers a parallel universe in which everyone has buttons for eyes and appears to be happier. However, everything changes when she realizes that the alternate people may be hiding something.

Coraline is one of the most frightening films on the list, despite its cartoonish appearance. The film will gradually draw you in with its dismal yet appealing atmosphere and visuals until you feel at ease in its universe, at which point it will reveal to you a plethora of nightmarish monsters straight from Tim Burton's head.

If you want something to watch with your family or just something charming but still horrifying, then try out Coraline.

4. Curse of Chucky (2013)

Nica, a young woman in a wheelchair, must deal with her family members who have come to see her after her mother's death. However, when strange incidents began to occur, she suspects that the mystery doll could be related to everything.

After the failed attempt at humor of Seed of Chucky, Director Donn Mancini decided to take the franchise in an older direction by bringing back the horror roots. It provides a surprisingly dark atmosphere and it also brought back the mystery elements that were first brought up in the original Child’s Play film. 

Furthermore, it features a plethora of inventive and gruesome kills that will delight any horror enthusiast. In the end, Curse of Chucky is a refreshing return of the Child's Play franchise and is a terrifying doll film that you should watch.     

3. May (2002)

May (angela Bettis) is an awkward young woman with a lazy eye who works in an animal hospital, but when she meets Adam, her life takes a turn in ways she never expected. 

If you've seen the trailer for May, I understand if you don't want to watch it. However, I'm here to tell you that underneath that terrible trailer lurks a touching dark comedy that will make you laugh and cry.

Each of the cast gave an excellent performance, most especially Angela Bettis as May, who will make you sympathize with her. The movie is brimming with inspired ideas along with some truly depressing scenes. 

2. Child’s Play 2 (1990)

Andy Barclay has been placed in a foster home two years after the events of the first film, and the killer doll Chucky has returned to take over Andy after being resurrected due to a manufacturing error.

It's rare for a sequel to be just as good as its predecessor, but this follow-up to the classic Child's Play does so by delivering more thrills and kills. Chucky is just as creepy and endearing as ever, making each of his scenes a joy to watch.

This is the movie that cemented Chucky as a slasher iconic and is just as fun to watch as Jason and Freddy. This is an essential film for every horror fan.

1. Child’s Play (1988)

Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) receives a Good Doll from his mother Karen (Catherine Hicks) for his sixth birthday. However, they don't realize is that the doll is in fact possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Now, the doll wants to take Andy's body, and the two must fight to stay alive.

Many people have forgotten how horrifying the first Child's Play film was after seeing it on screen for so long. It takes its time to build an intriguing mystery of whether Chucky is actually alive or if Andy is the one who is killing everyone, but the slow pacing is also combined with so many tense situations.

Even after thirty-four years, Chucky’s own Child’s Play franchise proves itself to be the best horror film about a doll, which means Chucky will never go out of style.

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