[Top 25] Best Horror TV Shows You Need To Watch

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Get ready for a terrifying binge-watch experience with these TV Shows.

Television shows have been dominating the industry these recent years thanks to the introduction of streaming platforms. And if you’re looking for something creepy and moody to binge-watch well luckily we have a selection of fantastic series for you.

From flesh-eating zombies to bloody slashers, here are the 25 best horror tv shows you need to watch right now!

25. All of Us Are Dead

Starting off the list is this Korean zombie series based on a webtoon, following the story of a group of students trapped within the walls of Hyosan High School after a deadly virus turned everyone into zombies. 

After Train to Busan shook the world with its intense and dramatic story back in 2016, many movies and tv series have tried to recapture its magic ever since, and All of Us Are Dead is no exception. But what makes this new series unique is its interesting new take on the zombie genre. 

Not only does it have aggressive and disgusting zombies to scream at but it also introduces “half-zombies” amidst all of the chaos. It even has a fairly likable cast to root for, making this twelve-hour viewing a fun thrill ride. 

While it does drag out a little in the middle due to the many head-scratching plot holes and pointless subplots that only serve to drag out the series, it is still a solid zombie series worth checking out.

24. Scream

Scream The TV Series is an all-new story based on Wes Craven's classic meta slasher that centers around a group of teenagers from a small town named Lakewood as they get stalked and killed one by one by a masked serial killer.

While it may not be as genre-defining as its source material, viewers were still treated to a fun slasher series with bloody kills, decent mystery, and plenty of twists and turn to keep you invested in its story. And with a likable cast to root for, Scream the TV series ensures that you will be glued to your seat guessing who the killer is.

23. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Set in a fictional town of Greendale, follow Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch and human, trying to decide which world she would choose on her sixteenth birthday.

Typically, shows that revolve around young witches are often geared for young children however this fantastic series is not afraid to get a little dark. It’s a show full of awesome imagery and effective scares that will have you jumping out of your seat every other minute. And with a likable set of characters, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will sure to keep you invested.

22. School-Live!

In this adorable yet dark animation series, we follow the story of four members of the School Living Club as they participate in daily club activities inside the bounds of their school but there's a twist! And that's it's all taking place in midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Although it may appear to be just another typical cutesy anime, when you actually get to watch this fantastic series you will be treated to one of the most gut-wrenching viewing experiences you’ll ever have. With the very first episode alone featuring a rather dark and unexpected plot twist that turns the show into a complete 180.

It’s a show where there’s a constant presence of despair and interspersed with it are all of the silly situations that the characters keep finding themselves in.

Don’t let the adorable art style deceive you and get lost in its grim world.

21. Black Summer

From one zombie show to the next, Black Summer’s story revolves around a set of characters caught in the thick of a zombie outbreak trying to achieve their own goals while attempting to survive.

Unlike other shows on the list, Black Summer tells its narrative in a non-linear fashion from several points of view, including that of our main characters and even a zombie! resulting in a unique experience that allows you (the viewer) to piece together the story as it unfolds.

It’s also a series packed with intense and gripping zombie action enhanced by fantastic camera work sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

20. Santa Clarita Diet

If you like your gore mixed in with a little bit of humor then look no further than Santa Clarita, a show that revolves around a couple, Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel Hammond (Timothy Olyphant), who are trying to adjust to their new life after she "died" and turned undead.

A show full of humor and tons and tons of blood, there are a lot of things to love in this show as a horror fan. And with the great chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, you'll find yourself laughing out loud and envious of their situation in your seat.

It’s a shame that this underappreciated gem was canceled just as the plot was beginning to unravel some of the intriguing mysteries.

19. Brand New Cherry Flavor

Following the story of Lisa N. Nova who comes to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams only to be backstabbed by someone she trusted, prompting her to seek revenge.

A surprising show that will leave you disturbed and confused. Brand New Cherry Flavor is one hell of a watch, thanks to its realistic and creepy characters like Lisa and Boro, and with some effective imagery thrown in as well, you are guaranteed a sleepless night.

18. Scream Queens

This highly entertaining slasher revolves around the Channels who find themselves being terrorized by masks killers wherever they go, whether it's in a sorority house on campus or a hospital. 

There are a lot of things to love in this wacky slasher series from the mind of Ryan Murphy. From its over-the-top kills, quotable bitchy lines to even more bitcher characters, this series sure knows how to keep one entertained. It even has the OG scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Cathy Munsch.

And with a fantastic soundtrack and standout performance by Emma Roberts, this series is like a fabulous but disturbing diary come to life. And while it definitely leaned more into style over substance, it is still a fun tongue-in-cheek slasher that’s deserving of your time.

R.I.P. Scream Queens, you were gone too soon. 

17. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

This creepy animated anthology series follows different short stories each episode told by a mysterious old man in a creepy mask.

If you don’t have the time to invest in long horror shows, then this mysterious series from Japan might just be for you. Offering a bite-size terror that lasts 10 minutes at max, which showcases different horrifying monsters that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

16. Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror is an anthology series that brings together the minds of some of the greatest horror directors to create one of the most unique and terrifying experiences you’ll ever have on the small screen.

This series has managed to tackle every sub-genre imaginable while adding its own unique twists to it by some of the genre's amazing directors, providing incredibly bizarre and effective stories to keep you up at night. With standouts like Cigarette Burns and Sick Girl, this is one incredibly brilliant show that’s essential for every horror fan.

15. Dead Set

Dead Set is a brilliant show about a fictional season of Big Brother where a few survivors of the outside world and housemates have barricaded themselves inside the house from the aggressive zombies.

The zombie media have been a dime a dozen, however, this show completely turned the table and provided a thrilling viewing experience that will have you jumping out of your seat, on top of a unique premise that places the series in our own real world.

The show only has five episodes, making it a well-paced series that is easy to binge-watch.

14. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the hit TV show that took the world by storm and follows Rick Grimes and a band of survivors in a world where the dead have ruled the earth and humans have turned against one another.

There’s a reason why this amazing series is still on the air to this day and it's because it manages to craft such an engrossing story full of drama, betrayal, and rootable characters with flesh-eating zombies thrown in for good measure. Whether it be on a sizeable farm or a rundown prison, there’s always an interesting story to keep you hooked.

And while the show's quality has dropped down over the years due to its many silly villains and way too many filler episodes in a single season, it is still worth watching, especially since the series is about to come to an end with the final season.

13. When They Cry

When They Cry is based on a visual novel of the same name, and tells the tale of Hinamiza, a rural village victim of a vengeful cruse in which one person is brutally murdered every year and another one vanishes. And a group of young friends seems to be its next victim this year.

Prepare yourself for a mind-bending experience in this fashionably brutal anime that holds no barrier. It's a show that combines a compelling mystery with visceral gore, creating a highly provoking show that will leave you shocked. It's also full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

12. Supernatural

Supernatural is an incredible series that follows the story of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they travel across America investigating and hunting down paranormal events and other strange occurences.

If you love shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, then this show might just be for you. Featuring a charming duo fighting off inventive creatures based on terrifying folklores in bombastic sequences, everyone horror fan must watch this incredible series at least once in their life!

11. Chucky

Continuing the story of the movies, Chucky is about a young boy named Jake Wheeler, who has his life turned upside down after buying a vintage Chucky doll.

If you love the movies then you will surely get a kick out of this one. It features the same type of humor and ludicrous kills that we all know and love from the franchise, including a new modernized twist in between its silly terror. It even features returning legacy characters like Andy Barclay, Kyle, and the gorgeous Tiffany.

No longer is this once silly slasher franchise just another excuse to see people get brutally murdered in such creative fashion, but it now has a little depth to it as it delves into Jake Wheeler’s sexuality and school bullying.

And although this first season is just a transitional story to what’s been set up in Cult of Chucky (2017), it is still a fantastic romp that proves Chucky will never go out of style.

10. Harper’s Island

Before Scream the TV series and Slasher, there was Harper’s Island. An intriguing whodunit mystery involving a group of family and friends that traveled to a remote island for a wedding, only to be terrorized by a killer with ties to the island's past.

Many shows have tried to recapture what made Harper’s Island so great in the first place, but none have been able to match (except for one) the way this show manages to get in its audiences’ minds. Its story is split into thirteen episodes ensuring that one beloved character will always die, and there is a decent amount of red herring making viewing the show an exhilarating guessing game.

And while it does have a sizeable amount of cannon fodder characters, the show still manages to flesh them out in an interesting way because of the numerous dramatic sub-plots that the show provides. It is a show that will leave you wanting more, and you should definitely check it out right now!

9. Slasher

Here it is, the show that somehow surpasses the greatness of Harper’s Island. Slasher is a horror anthology series that features different brutal maniacs hunting down their victims and killing them in such gory fashion each season. From a quiet suburban town to a claustrophobic apartment building filled with neon lights, no place is ever safe in its world.

This gruesome series pushes what modern television series can display when it comes to its kills. Every single episode and season they always find a way to put their likable and not so likable characters in imaginative situations that results in some of the most creative and goriest death scenes you’ll ever find on TV. And on top of that, it also has an immersive mystery full of twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

Although its first season may not be that good, its second season (Guilty Party) is where it's definitely at. It took every single cliché from the genre’s rulebook, from a summer camp setting to stereotypical characters, and subverted every single one of them in an unexpected way. Since then, every other season has attempted to use the same tricks.

And with each season following a new set of victims and brutal motives, Slasher is an underrated horror series that is deserving of your time and you should definitely be watching right now.

8. Bates Motel

Bates Motel is a contemporary prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho. It follows Norman Bates and his mother Norma as they relocate to a new town in search of a new start. However, things quickly go awry as the two become entangled in the town's darkest secrets.

No other show can give the same level of devastating drama as Bates Motel. It is a phenomenal series that delves into psychological trauma and abuse, creating a bizarre yet captivating story that portrays its characters as both cruel and charming. It manages to make characters like Norma and her brother, who are supposed to be unredeemable, somehow rootable by the end.

It’s a show that’s full of depth, charm, and despair. It is such a pleasant surprise to see this series be just as outstanding as, if not even better than, the original film on which it was based on.

7. Ash vs Evil Dead

The Evil Dead franchise began as a low-budget horror flick with great scares and effective gore, and this fantastic series builds on that by upping everything that had come before it.

Following Ash for another bloody adventure, after deadites threaten to destroy mankind once again. It's a show that’s not afraid to go balls to the walls crazy, delivering a hilarious body horror with a likable ensemble. 

Any fan of the Evil Dead franchise or even the horror genre in general will fall in love with this series instantly.

6. Angel

A spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel follows the story of, well, Angel, a vampire with a soul, along with Cordelia, Doyle, and other team angel members as they fight against evil vampires and other demonic creatures preying on the helpless in Los Angeles.

Angel is the perfect noir-esque series to watch, with its bombastic sequences, amazing character developments, and several arcs that will keep you invested. And because it was airing at the same time as Buffy, some of the show's mainstays makes an appearance for cross-over episodes.

Angel is a show that will sink its teeth into you and will never let you go.

5. American Horror Story

Experience a variety of stories inspired by the different sub-genres of horror in each season of this anthology horror series from the creator of the iconic series, Scream Queens.

From serial killers to teenage witches, this series has tackled every sub-genre that you can think of, which can make a horror fan shiver in both terror and excitement. And not only does each season have a unique premise and cast of characters, but it also has a legendary cast that includes Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and even Lady Gaga herself!

And while it may have dropped down in quality with its recent seasons, especially with Apocalypse and Death Valley, which prevent it from being number one, it is still a highly enjoyable series that's worth every minute.

4. Tales From the Crypt

Get ready for a ghoulishly good time in Tales From the Crypt. A horror anthology series that provides both thrills and laughter, hosted the charming Cryptkeeper. 

With the show adapting the terrifying stories from the comics, you are guaranteed a hellishly good time. Whether it be about a maniac on a Santa costume terrorizing a family or two friends addicted to gambling that concludes in a horrible way, there’s always something for everyone in this brilliant 90s show. 

While some episodes are definitely better and scarier than others it is still a terrific watch that guarantees enjoyment.

3. Hannibal

A show that follows Will Graham and the infamous Hannibal Lecter investigating a number of gruesome cases that will leave you disturbed.

The Silence of the Lamb is one of the most effective and suspenseful movies ever made, and this series that focuses on Hannibal is equally as good but for a different reason. It is a show that will make you uncomfortable thanks to well-directed sequences and a superb performance by Mads Mikkelsen.

Here is an essential series that every horror fan must watch.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“In every generation, there is a chosen one, she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer.” such an iconic line for such an iconic show.

Follow Buffy as she tries to balance her high school life with her destined future to battle forces of evil in the town of Sunnydale. While it may have "vampire" on the title, this series isn't a one-trick pony. Every episode features a major threat that the scoobies must attempt to overcome, as well as a big bad that appears every now and then, making for an enjoyable watch. On top of that, it also features a large cast of sympathetic characters (and villains) placed in intriguing arcs. 

The show also explores a variety of themes from issues about growing up to responsibilities, adding depth to the already fantastic show.

1. Twin Peaks

Get ready for a strange journey in the town of Twin Peaks. Following the story of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper investigating a series of bizarre events and mysteries that began with the death of a young girl named Laura Palmer. 

An outstanding show that blends hypnotizing imagery with a little bit of humor, Twin Peaks is a show like any other. Every single residence of this small town alludes a certain charm that makes them instantly memorable and with an intriguing mystery that is present throughout the whole show, this art of David Lynch is one series you do not wanna miss.

It’s a show that remains to be the best of the genre, earning it the top spot on the list.


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