15 Greatest Horror Characters of All Time

Which one of these two is on the list huh

What makes a video game good  isn't just the graphics or gameplay; the bread and butter of it all are the characters.

And great characters in horror video games take up dozens of places in gaming’s list of most memorable ones.

But which one of these characters is the best one? We’ve chosen the 15 that stand out from the rest in terms of characterizations, portrayal, impact, and overall memorability.

These are the top 15 greatest horror characters of all time.


15. Freddy Fazbear - Five Nights at Freddy's

Look at those cold lifeless eyes staring right into your soul.

The famous and deadly possessed animatronic from the well-known horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy’s, exudes a mesmerizing and unsettling aura that has given him the infamy that he has wrought onto the lives of everyone who has come to visit his pizza place. 

He arouses a mixture of terror and nostalgia because of his deceptively docile form.

But when he moves with his trademark mechanical precision and metallic rumblings as he lurches forward, there’s nothing much you can do but wait for his terrifying jumpscare to happen. 

His toothy grin and his lifeless eyes send chills down the spine.

Freddy’s design has great craftsmanship, with minute details and a lifelike texture in the synthetic bear fur that covers his mechanical body.

Freddy Fazbear is undoubtedly fascinating and terrifying, and thank goodness he only exists in video games. Chuck E. Cheese would never want to kill me right? … right?

Five Nights at Freddy’s Full Gameplay Walkthrough


14. Jack Baker - Resident Evil 7

In this case, do not bring a gun to an axe fight

The enduring and iconic enemy that enthralled players with his terrifying presence and Southern charm and saved the Resident Evil franchise from falling into a pit of mediocrity and monotony is Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. 

Jack is a dangerous foe and a father of the year candidate thanks to his relentless pursuit of Ethan, perverse sense of humor, and hideous transformations.

His persona comes to life through his voice acting and facial gestures played by Jack Brand, further heightening the frightening effect and aura that he brings. 

Jack is more than just your standard villain though thanks to his complicated past and devastating family dynamics that are explored in the stellar End of Zoe DLC that shows Jack as a compassionate and loving father willing to do anything to save his family,

even asking Ethan for help.

Overall, Jack Baker is a memorable and terrifying enemy who adds to the game's success and immersion.

Resident Evil 7 All Jack Baker Boss Battles Compilation


13. Big Daddy - Bioshock

The biggest of all the daddies

One of the most memorable and powerful characters from the video game Bioshock is The Big Daddy.

It oozes power and intrigue with its monstrous stature, commanding drill arm, and menacing diving suit. 

The Big Daddys were formerly Rapture’s builders and diggers hence the giant drill arm.

But incessant testing on their bodies gave them increased aggression and their bodies permanently fused to the diving suit they are in.

And the only way to quell their aggression is by giving them purpose, hence the Little Sisters were introduced into their lives and have become their protectors ever since.

The atmosphere of the game and its eerie music perfectly complement Big Daddy's presence to engender suspense and unease.

The Big Daddy's function as the Little Sisters' guardian gives it depth and reveals startling compassion within the chaos and horror that Rapture brings. 

If for some reason you wanna visit Rapture, make sure to steer clear of The Big Daddy.

Bioshock The Collection - Encountering your first Big Daddy


12. Slenderman - Slender: The Eight Pages

Uhhh sorry sir wrong room

The internet's first urban legend and first-ever viral video game that opened the doors to hundreds of copycats and successors is the terrifying Slenderman in Slender: The Eight Pages.

While you hunt down 8 pages that chronicle and describe the terrifying entity in a desolate and dark forest, you’re hunted down by Slenderman himself.

Although simplistic in design, the atmosphere, and immersion that the game brings along with the terror the Slenderman brings is off the charts.

Slenderman is unmoving and silent in this game adding to the eeriness and fear he brings to the player.

When he does catch up to you, you’re first heralded by static and a weird droning noise when he's near. And when he catches you, you’ll see nothing but his terrifying blank white face.

More than a decade since he appeared in our collective gamer lives, Slenderman still terrifies and captivates players to this day.

Slender The Eight Pages Walkthrough


11. Nemesis - Resident Evil 3

Mr. Mutant Horse Teeth is not happy right now

Nemesis, the iconic antagonist from the Resident Evil series, is a relentless and terrifying force that has given the word STARS a different layer of meaning and fear for anyone who has come across him in the original Resident Evil 3 or the remake.

With its hulking physique, mutated appearance, and powerful arsenal. 

Nemesis strikes fear into the hearts of players. Its pursuit is unrelenting, always on the hunt for Jill Valentine or anyone dumb or slow enough to get in its way with relentless determination. 

The character design of Nemesis, featuring exposed muscle tissue and a gruesome visage that shows his everlasting toothy grin, adds to the horror and grotesqueness that he brings.

Nemesis as a whole represents the embodiment of fear and the constant looming threat of him appearing from out of nowhere in the game.

Its appearance and gameplay mechanics make it an unforgettable and formidable adversary, leaving players with a lasting impression of terror and excitement.

Resident Evil 3 Remake All Nemesis Cutscenes


10. Aya Brea - Parasite Eve

“Looks like this parasite is about to meet his Eve”

Aya Brea is often forgotten in the greatest horror video game characters and it's a shame since she is an engaging and complex main character.

She shines as the protagonist of the Parasite Eve series thanks to her steely determination, sharp mind, and skill in battle. 

As she faces off against deadly biological threats and unearths sinister plots, Aya's journey through the games demonstrates her maturation.

Her genuine emotional complexity gives the gripping story a human element. 

Aya is a formidable opponent due to her cunning and versatility in battle, and her depth comes from her difficulties and contemplation.

Players are left with a lasting memory of Aya Brea as a result of her endearing nature and the distinct fusion of science fiction and horror, making her a memorable character in gaming history that deserves the recognition she has been missing all these years.

Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday - Concert Scene


9. Leon S. Kennedy - Resident Evil 2

“Looks like these residents are getting evil 2 remake”

Before he became a badass government agent and killer of dozens of bio-organic weapons and zombies, Leon S. Kennedy first started out as a rookie in the Raccoon City Police Department that encountered the worst first day on the job ever.

See on his first day on the force, the Raccoon City outbreak also started, so yeah.

Epitomizing what a great hero really is shown through his unyielding resolve, superb fighting abilities, and unshakeable moral compass.

His transformation from a newbie police officer to an experienced government agent over the series exemplifies how he has grown and been able to adapt in the face of unspeakable events. 

Leon is a memorable protagonist thanks to his endearing nature, quick wit, and undying commitment.

In the realm of video games, Leon S. Kennedy is a shining example of bravery and tenacity, whether he's facing up against armies of zombies or discovering intricate conspiracies, you can be sure that Leon is there with his trusty knife and 90’s haircut.

Leon’s Best Moments in Resident Evil 2 Remake


8. Isaac Clarke - Dead Space

"Looks like this Space is already Dead" Okay, ill stop now with these stupid pun captions but come on you can't tell me those weren’t funny

The main character of the science fiction/horror video game series Dead Space that has brought upon the deaths of the necromorph infestation in the USG Ishimura and beyond is badass space engineer, Isaac Clarke. 

Isaac embodies the spirit of a helpless survivor turned badass necromorph killer in a nightmare setting with his iconic engineering suit and resourcefulness in killing the necromorphs.

His character develops from a modest engineer to a grizzled warrior while he battles hideous creatures and deciphers a complicated scheme behind the infestation and the mystery behind what the brethren moons are. 

Isaac is a likable and intriguing hero because of his quiet tenacity and strategic thinking.

I mean who could ever forget him headbutting a newly transformed necromorph while bound in a straightjacket. 

His actions speak for himself as we are dragged into a world of tense atmospheres and heart-pounding encounters.

For lovers of the horror genre, Isaac Clarke's voyage is a fascinating and unforgettable experience that will bring heartbreak, fear, and non-stop action.

Isaac Clarke just being a badass


7. Chris Walker - Outlast

Hello Nemesis. It's your other brother

Chris Walker, a crazed and intimidating psych patient in Mount Massive Asylum, haunts players throughout the horror video game Outlast.

Chris has become a noteworthy antagonist that has instilled fear and an overall sense of helplessness given to the players during the gameplay.

He makes his scenes more dramatic and suspenseful with his huge physique and unrelenting pursuit.

His demeanor and actions add to the intense horror experience of the game, making interactions with him truly unsettling. 

His presence is further enhanced by the excellent voice acting given by Chimwemwe Miller and stellar sound design giving the game a permanently unsettling feeling.

Outlast is a unique horror game and a must-play for lovers of the genre and most of it is thanks to Chris Walker's contribution of blood, guts, and terrifying presence, which adds a critical element of dread to the whole Outlast experience.

Outlast Chris Walker - All Encounter and Chase Sequences


6. Regina - Dino Crisis

Redheads with shotguns always slap

Regina from Dino Crisis is an exceptional protagonist who stands out for her wit, cunning, and fortitude amidst a whole slew of practically forgettable characters in a franchise that has long since died

(but we're still holding out that Dino Crisis will be revived someday). 

She expertly maneuvers the dangerous Ibis Island filled with resurrected dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures as a member of the Secret Operation Raid Team or S.O.R.T. team.

Regina's growth as a character is evident in her tenacity as she works to safeguard her colleagues and solve the island's mysteries. 

She is a powerful opponent for the deadly dinosaurs thanks to her razor-sharp wit and accurate shooting and not to mention pistols that can take down a T-Rex.

Regina makes a strong impact on players thanks to her appealing demeanor and well-developed character design, securing her place as a classic and recognizable character in the survival horror subgenre.

Dino Crisis 2 Full Walkthrough


5. James Sunderland - Silent Hill 2

Ever wondered why he puts his hands to his face in the opening? Well, it's a lucid dream technique to check if you’re really dreaming or not. Now you know

In one of video gaming’s best-ever titles, Silent Hill 2, we take control of James Sunderland, who sets out on a terrifying quest to learn the truth about his wife's passing after she sent a letter to him after her apparent death. 

James is a complicated and intriguing character.

Most players feel a great deal of pity for James because of the masterful portrayal of his mental struggle and guilt-ridden temperament but also as we learn more and more about his history,

we slowly begin to understand why he brings an enormous amount of guilt with him and why the monsters he encounters in Silent Hill are as grotesque as they come. 

The impact of James's story is amplified by the game's eerie backdrop and psychological horror components and of course the monsters he comes face to face with.

James Sunderland emerges as a compelling and memorable character throughout the course of the game, and, along with the game's masterful portrayal of themes like loss, remorse, and forgiveness, it helps to establish the game as a timeless masterpiece.

Silent Hill 2 Intro - Mary’s Letter


4. Sebastian Castellanos - The Evil Within

Sebastian has this constant WTF look on his face all the time and we don’t blame him for it

A brilliant detective with a terrible and traumatizing past, Sebastian Castellanos is pushed into nightmare realms filled with hideous creatures and psychological torture in the survival horror video game series directed by Resident Evil series game director Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within.

We’re first introduced to Sebastian as he responds to a call about a massacre that happened in Beacon Mental Asylum.

From then on he is trapped in a nightmare world created by a tortured and psychopathic man called Ruvik as he tries to escape while battling nightmare creatures that are the twisted representations of the things that have tortured Ruvik his whole life.

Sebastian's fortitude, tenacity, and the inner demons he faces while traversing a perverse terrain define his adventure.

Despite the game's seriously undeserved reviews, Sebastian's growth as a character is evident, showing how he goes from being a broken man to a grizzled survivor. 

He is a gripping and enduring character in the horror genre because of his human weaknesses and steadfast determination to protect the people he loves, especially his daughter.

The Evil Within 2 Laura, Keeper, Sadist Boss Fight


3. Rei Kurosawa - Fatal Frame

Since then I have been looking over my shoulder if the extra weight I’m carrying is because of a ghost piggybacking on me

A character that has fallen a bit off the wayside due to it being bogged down by other horror video games such as Resident Evil but nonetheless deserves a spot in this list is Rei Kurosawa from the Fatal Frame series.

Rei Kurosawa is a compelling and tenacious figure who sets out on a haunting quest to learn the truth behind ghostly occurrences. 

She must face evil spirits in creepy environments as a photographer with only a supernatural camera called the Camera Obscura as her only way to fight back against her undead enemies.

Rei's daring deeds and unwavering resolve reveal her inner fortitude and tenacity. 

Fatal Frame is a terrifyingly immersive experience thanks to its location, compelling story, and cutting-edge gaming mechanics centered upon capturing ghosts with the Camera Obscura.

Rei Kurosawa's character gives this terrifying and unforgettable horror adventure more nuance and relatability.

Fatal Frame 3 Creepiest Boss Cutscene


2. Alma Wade - F.E.A.R.

Fun Fact: Alma in Spanish means soul. And this kid scares the soul outta me

One of the driving forces of the F.E.A.R. franchise or First Encounter Assault Recon is Alma who is in most of the marketing material for the game and even on the box arts of the game and for good reason.

Known for her creepy abilities like psychic reality warping and a disturbing presence, Alma plays a significant role in the game's atmospheric and tragic story.

She is a highly memorable opponent thanks to her telekinetic abilities and ghostly look, which has frightened and unnerved gamers since 2005 original. 

Her presence in the games comes from fleeting glimpses of her visage like a literal ghost. Our first experience in seeing her comes as a slow-walking entity in a hallway engulfed with fire.

And since then players were always kept on eggshells as we were always wary of her next appearance in-game

Alma is a captivating and enigmatic woman thanks to her complicated background and terrible presence.

Overall, Alma Wade is a memorable and legendary character in the realm of video games due to her terrifying presence and fascinating narrative function.

F.E.A.R. Alma Compilation Part 1


1. Lee Everett - The Walking Dead Season 1

Sam Jackson played Lee Everett for a promo by the way and it is glorious

You could’ve guessed who the number one is by this article's intro photo alone. Lee Everett from Telltale Games season 1 of The Walking Dead takes the top spot on our list.

We’re first introduced to Lee as he’s being transported to prison for the murder of a high-ranking government official for sleeping with his wife.

As he goes to the prison, they encounter a Walker on the highway and then his story begins.

Eventually, he meets a girl named Clementine who has been surviving alone for a few days and on the search for her missing parents.

He then takes Clementine under his wing and bands up with a group of survivors as they try to weather out the undead plague and survive despite the obvious hardships the new world now brings.

Portrayed masterfully by Dave Fennoy with his stellar voice acting, we take control of Lee in the point-and-click style of gameplay in The Walking Dead.

But no matter what choices we make it always boils down to a universal truth for Lee. And it's that he is a noble and selfless man who will stop at nothing to keep Clementine safe.

The story of The Walking Dead is as riveting as it gets with emotional moments from start to finish and story decisions that will impact how the game progresses.

The Walking Dead season 1 won numerous Game of the Year awards back in 2012 standing as a testament to how masterfully created Lee’s character is in The Walking Dead and permanently cementing him as one of the best horror video game characters of all time.


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