[Top 20] Best Horror Anime With Good Storylines

[Top 20] Best Horror Anime With Good Storylines
[Top 20] Best Horror Anime With Good Storylines

[Top 20] Best Horror Anime With Good Storylines

Welcome, fellow lovers of the eerie and fantastic! Within the captivating world of anime, a genre exists that merges the artistry of animation with the hair-raising elements of horror.

Today, we embark on a spine-chilling adventure as we unveil our handpicked selection of the twenty most remarkable horror anime series, each boasting enthralling storylines.

These bloodcurdling narratives will transport you to a realm where fear lurks in every shadow and mysteries unravel with a sinister elegance. From supernatural encounters to psychological torment, prepare to be spellbound by these nightmarish tales that will leave you simultaneously terrified and craving more. 

So, gather your courage, brace your nerves, and descend into the abyss of the finest horror anime with narratives that will haunt your dreams.


20. Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue, directed by the talented Satoshi Kon, is an enthralling anime film that captivates viewers with its gripping psychological thriller storyline.

It follows the journey of Mima Kirigoe, a former pop idol who embarks on a new career in acting, only to find herself grappling with the challenges of fame and the intricacies of her newfound path. As the narrative unfolds, Mima becomes entrapped in a nightmarish realm where delusions and questions about her own identity take centre stage. 

Through its exploration of perception, reality, and the darker aspects of the entertainment industry, the film immerses audiences in its intense atmosphere, intricate plot twists, and visually stunning animation.

Within the realm of anime, Perfect Blue has earned widespread acclaim as a psychological masterpiece, inviting viewers to ponder the complexities of the human mind and the repercussions of pursuing one's dreams in a demanding and unforgiving world.


19. Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa: The Animation is an anime series based on the popular video game franchise. 

It follows a group of high school students trapped in a twisted game orchestrated by a sadistic robotic bear named Monokuma. To escape, they must uncover the truth behind a series of murders.

With its mix of mystery, suspense, and psychological horror, Danganronpa: The Animation keeps viewers engaged with intense investigations, shocking revelations, and deadly trials. 

The series stands out with its unique art style, memorable characters, and captivating plot, earning a dedicated fanbase for its thrilling storytelling and unexpected twists.


18. School-Live!

School-live! is an captivating anime series that revolves around a group of high school girls navigating an apparent normal school life. However, there's a twist - they're surviving in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies.

Despite the bleak reality, the main character, Yuki Takeya, maintains an optimistic and cheerful outlook, firmly believing they are in an ordinary school environment. This unique blend of slice-of-life, horror, and psychological drama explores themes of friendship, survival, and the power of imagination.

School-live! is acclaimed for its well-developed characters, emotional depth, and the seamless balance between heartwarming moments and chilling suspense. 

With its engaging narrative, viewers become invested in the girls' fate as they navigate their seemingly ordinary yet perilous school life.


17. High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead is an exhilarating anime series that plunges viewers into a world overrun by a relentless zombie apocalypse. 

Set in a high school, the story follows a group of students fighting for survival against hordes of undead creatures. Amidst the chaos, they face heart-pounding action, make tough decisions, and form unexpected alliances to stay alive.

High School of the Dead seamlessly blends horror, action, and elements of fan service, creating a captivating experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. With its dynamic animation, intense fight sequences, and diverse ensemble of characters, the series has garnered a devoted following. 

It is praised for its fast-paced storytelling and visually striking portrayal of the harrowing zombie-infested landscape.


16. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a gripping anime series that tells the story of a group of orphans who live in the peaceful Grace Field House. 

But their world is shattered when they discover a horrifying secret hidden within their supposed haven. To escape their cruel fate and learn the truth about the outside world, the children use their cleverness and courage to come up with elaborate schemes and outwit their enemies.

The Promised Neverland has received rave reviews and a loyal fanbase for its brilliant storytelling, well-rounded characters, and intriguing themes.

This mesmerizing series skillfully combines elements of psychological thriller, mystery, and dystopia, keeping viewers hooked with its unexpected plot and stunning twists.


15. Ghost Hunt


Ghost Hunt is a fascinating anime series that follows a team of paranormal investigators called Shibuya Psychic Research. 

The group is led by the enigmatic Kazuya Shibuya, who takes them on exciting investigations into haunted places, uncovering the secrets behind supernatural phenomena.

Each case involves a different ghostly challenge, from haunted schools to cursed mansions, pushing the team’s abilities and exposing dark realities. Ghost Hunt mixes elements of horror, mystery, and supernatural suspense to create a captivating atmosphere that keeps viewers engaged. 

The series impresses with its well-developed characters, complex plotlines, and creepy ambience.

With its mix of scary encounters and surprising twists, Ghost Hunt transports audiences to a fascinating world of the paranormal


14. Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Phantom is a captivating anime series that immerses viewers in a perplexing world centred around the enigmatic entity known as Boogiepop. 

Set in a city plagued by unexplained disappearances and unsettling events, the narrative intricately weaves together the stories of diverse characters as they confront their fears, desires, and the enigmatic presence of Boogiepop.

Blending reality and fantasy, the series delves into profound themes of identity, trauma, and the complexities of human nature. 

Boogiepop Phantom mesmerizes with its atmospheric storytelling, profound psychological exploration, and haunting visuals. Renowned for its non-linear narrative and introspective depth, the series invites viewers to ponder the enigmatic nature of existence and the depths of the human psyche lurking within the shadows.


13. Shiki

Shiki is a captivating anime series that immerses viewers in a mysterious village plagued by a string of inexplicable deaths. 

As the story unfolds, the residents embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind these unsettling occurrences and confront the horrifying consequences that follow.

Blending elements of the supernatural, psychological suspense, and profound themes, Shiki keeps audiences engaged and intrigued. 

The series delves into complex moral dilemmas, the essence of humanity, and the weight of choices made in moments of desperation.

With its atmospheric storytelling, well-crafted characters, and haunting visuals, Shiki offers a unique and unsettling experience that lingers long after the final episode.


12. When they cry: Kai

When They Cry: Kai is a fascinating anime series that acts as the eagerly awaited second season of the When They Cry franchise.

It explores further the creepy story of Hinamizawa village and its inhabitants, revealing the chilling secrets and disturbing events that haunt their lives.

As the story progresses, the mysteries behind the gruesome deaths and strange happenings gradually unfold, linking the destinies of the characters in a complex web of interrelated narratives.

When They Cry: Kai skillfully combines elements of horror, psychological suspense, and supernatural elements, drawing viewers into a tense and thrilling atmosphere.

The series impresses with its complex plotlines, intensely emotional moments, and surprising twists that keep audiences hooked.

With its intriguing themes and brilliant storytelling, When They Cry: Kai provides a captivating and unsettling viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression.


11. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain is an intriguing anime series that takes viewers on a mind-bending journey into the complex realms of technology, identity, and perception.

The story revolves around Lain Iwakura, a quiet and introspective girl who becomes increasingly entangled in the enigmatic world of the Wired, a vast network blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical realms.

As Lain delves deeper into this virtual landscape, she unearths dark secrets, confronts existential questions, and grapples with the essence of consciousness and human nature itself.

Serial Experiments Lain captivates with its surreal atmosphere, philosophical undertones, and unconventional narrative approach. It prompts viewers to ponder the nature of reality and the profound influence of technology on our lives.

Through its thought-provoking storytelling and mesmerizing visuals, Serial Experiments Lain offers an immersive and introspective anime experience that leaves a lasting impression.


10. Mononoke

Mononoke is a fascinating anime series that takes viewers on a captivating journey alongside a mysterious medicine seller who specializes in banishing Mononoke, vengeful spirits driven by deep-seated grudges.

Each episode explores a different haunting, examining the complex psychological and supernatural elements that involve it.

The series stands out for its stunning art style, which mixes vibrant colours and traditional Japanese aesthetics to create a visually stunning experience.

With its brilliant storytelling, symbolic undertones, and meticulous attention to detail, Mononoke offers a truly immersive and intellectually stimulating viewing experience. It delves into profound themes of guilt, regret, and the profound impact of human emotions. The series has gained a loyal following and is widely praised for its originality and the profound depth of its narrative.


9. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is an enthralling anime series that delves deep into the intricacies of human nature, exploring themes of identity, empathy, and the profound influence of our past experiences.

The story follows Lucy, a genetically-altered being with extraordinary telekinetic abilities and a haunting backstory. As she escapes from a clandestine research facility, her path intersects with Kouta, a young man who becomes intertwined in her enigmatic world. Together, they navigate a society fraught with prejudice, violence, and the enigmatic secrets shrouding Lucy's origins.

Elfen Lied expertly combines elements of psychological drama, science fiction, and intense action, crafting a compelling and emotionally charged narrative. It poses thought-provoking inquiries about the lasting impacts of trauma, the complexities of love, and the intricate balance between good and evil.

With its captivating storytelling, well-developed characters, and evocative musical score, Elfen Lied leaves an indelible mark on viewers, prompting introspection about what it truly means to be human and the transformative power of empathy.


8. Hell Girl

"Hell Girl" is an intriguing Japanese anime and manga series known as "Jigoku Shoujo" in its original language.

The story delves into a unique website that enables individuals to seek retribution by consigning their adversaries to hell.

At the centre of it, all is Ai Enma, the enigmatic protagonist who goes by the moniker "Hell Girl," executing these haunting requests.


7. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

"Corpse Party: Tortured Souls" is a gripping Japanese horror anime series that draws inspiration from the renowned video game franchise bearing the same name.

The narrative unfolds around a cluster of students who unwittingly become ensnared within the eerie confines of Heavenly Host Academy, an elementary school plagued by paranormal horrors.

As they navigate through nightmarish encounters with vengeful spirits and grapple with sinister secrets, their ultimate goal becomes escaping the nightmarish clutches of the haunted institution.

Notorious for its unsettling atmosphere and graphic depictions, this series offers a bone-chilling and suspenseful viewing experience.


6. Death Note

"Death Note" is an incredibly popular and thought-provoking Japanese manga and anime series.

It centres around the extraordinary tale of Light Yagami, a clever high school student who stumbles upon a mysterious notebook called the Death Note.

This extraordinary artefact bestows upon him the power to eliminate anyone whose name he writes in its pages.

Motivated by a desire to rid the world of criminals, Light embarks on a perilous path, attempting to reshape society according to his brand of justice. However, his actions catch the attention of L, a brilliant detective, sparking a gripping battle of wits and ideologies.

As the story unfolds, "Death Note" delves into complex moral dilemmas, psychological suspense, and thrilling intellectual confrontations that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


5. Tokyo Ghoul

"Tokyo Ghoul" is an incredibly captivating and widely embraced Japanese manga and anime series.

Its setting is a sombre and dystopian version of Tokyo, where the central character, Ken Kaneki, leads an ordinary life as a college student. However, a fateful encounter with a ghoul—a creature that preys on human flesh—leaves him forever changed as a half-ghoul hybrid.

What follows is an intricate exploration of Ken's struggle to adapt to his newfound existence, as he is thrust into the enigmatic world of ghoul society.

Throughout the series, viewers are treated to a gripping blend of exhilarating action, complex interpersonal relationships, and profound themes that delve into questions of identity and morality. "Tokyo Ghoul" is a thrilling and thought-provoking experience that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


4. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an incredibly popular and critically acclaimed Japanese manga and anime series that has enthralled audiences worldwide.

The story takes place in a world on the brink of destruction, where humanity faces the constant threat of gigantic humanoid creatures known as Titans.

Enter Eren Yeager and his friends, who courageously join the Scout Regiment, an elite military unit, to fight these ruthless beings. Amidst the turmoil and bloodshed, they discover shocking secrets about the true origin of the Titans and embark on a journey of survival, self-discovery, and the harsh realities of war.

With its thrilling action, complex plot twists, and richly crafted universe, “Attack on Titan” continues to leave a lasting impression on fans, exploring themes of courage, sacrifice, and the enduring strength of the human spirit


3. Parasyte -the maxim-

"Parasyte -the maxim-" is a tempting Japanese anime series that is based on the popular manga "Parasyte" created by Hitoshi Iwaaki.

The storyline follows the journey of Shinichi Izumi, a regular high school student who finds himself unwillingly hosting a parasitic alien creature named Migi. However, unlike other parasitic beings, Migi only takes control of Shinichi's right hand.

Together, they form an unlikely partnership and confront a menacing array of other parasitic entities that pose a grave threat to humanity.

Throughout the series, deep questions of identity, morality, and the delicate balance between humans and parasites come to the forefront.

Boasting intense action sequences, profound psychological exploration, and an engaging narrative, "Parasyte -the maxim-" has captivated a dedicated fan base with its unique and thought-provoking storyline.


2. Higurashi: When They Cry

"Higurashi: When They Cry" is an intriguing and captivating Japanese visual novel and anime series that has gained a dedicated following.

It engages viewers in the calm yet eerie village of Hinamizawa, where a chilling series of mysterious and gruesome events unfold during the annual Watanagashi Festival.

We follow a group of friends who find themselves trapped in an unsettling time loop, experiencing terrifying and violent outcomes that repeat endlessly.

As the narrative unravels, it unearths dark secrets, unveils intricate conspiracies, and introduces supernatural elements, all while delving into profound themes of paranoia, the complexities of friendship, and the hazy boundaries between reality and illusion. 

"Higurashi: When They Cry" is renowned for its atmospheric suspense, intricate storytelling, and psychological depth, weaving together an immersive and enthralling viewing experience.


1. Another


"Another" is a captivating Japanese horror novel and anime series that has sent shivers down the spines of its devoted fans.

The story revolves around Koichi Sakakibara, a high school student who undergoes a disconcerting transfer to a new school, only to find himself entangled in a chilling sequence of unexplained deaths that afflict his classmates.

As Koichi delves deeper into the ominous enigma surrounding the curse that haunts his class, he becomes driven to uncover the truth and break free from the relentless cycle of tragedy.

With its masterfully crafted suspense, psychological intricacy, and visually unsettling aesthetics, "Another" offers a gripping and hair-raising experience that continues to captivate viewers who revel in the realm of horror.

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