[Top 25] Best Horror Anime of All Time

Best Horror Anime of All Time
What your sleep paralysis demon looks like.

25. Ajin: Demi-Human  

Ajin are known to be immortal beings, able to revive quickly after getting killed. For the last seventeen years, they had often been spoken as trivial. Sometimes laughable. For Kei, he thought it was just some made up fantasy to scare kids. That is, until he suddenly gets hit by a truck. And revives.

First of all, the description alone gives me chills. Second, I’m well-aware that there are countless torture scenes that would make Jigsaw look angelic. 

It’s another one of those government-hurts-innocent-civilians-because-they-have-gifts kind of anime. And those freak me out. 

But if you’re into bloodfest. Or betrayal. Or looking to make date night interesting. This one’s for you, you sick f*cks. 

24. Terra Formars 

Mars was destined to be colonized. Earth sent a rocket with roaches to see if it was even possible. Years later, the planet has met better days. And a group of skilled scientists decided it’s finally time to see just how good Mars has played out. Good news: the roaches survived. Bad news: their survival means possibly the end for humanity’s. 

Hell. No. 

Okay, I love science fiction. Mars is a beloved planet. And I have a thing for anime scientist characters. 

But cockroaches?! 

No. I hate those little sh*ts. And the fact that this anime has them as humanized, bloodthirsty creatures is already making me hyperventilate. 

I’ve already seen a horror movie with spiders. And bees. And ants. And don’t get me started on The Mist!

Good luck watching this and keeping your feet on the floor! 

23. Deadman Wonderland 

It was supposed to be a normal school field trip. But next thing Ganta knows, he’s framed for the massacre of his own class. Now he’s placed in the most twisted, hellbent prison ever built: Deadman’s Holiday. Convicts there are used for horrible deathmatches, to please the sadistic crowds who think they deserve this. Ganta will have to fight for his survival if he wants to seek justice. In a place where the only escape is death. 

I can’t look at this one. I really can’t. I can’t even look directly at the screen when I search it on YouTube. And even if I click on it, I’m hiding in the comments. 

I mean, how can I blatantly describe this one?

You know that show Happy Tree Friends? This is its Japanese cousin. 

22. Death Note 

What would you do if you had the power to take down bad people? Not powers like Superman or Wonder Woman. But if you had a book that killed whoever’s name you write in it? An average highschool student stumbles across the Death Note. Wanting to rid the world of evil and corrupt, he decides their fates. The world will become better thanks to Light. 

This was the most talked-about anime in my middle school days. Every emo kid (not me) would talk about the characters Light, “L”, and even Misa. 

Personally, this anime has to be really good for you to actually hate a character. 

Light is that disgusting son-of-a-bitch who took away most of our favorite characters. I want to feel bad for Misa. I mean, she’s a precious cinnamon roll. 

But even sweets can be tarnished. 

21. Another 

26 years ago, a beloved student died. Her classmates continued to pretend she was still with them up until graduation. Now a new boy transfers to that same class. And he’s suspicious of the tension that seems to be going on there. The answers he seeks possibly lie in a quiet girl wearing an eyepatch and constantly drawing. 

Horror mysteries. And I thought Case Closed was the only one. 

It’s kind of predictable when you meet the two main characters. One who is the MC and trying to solve a mystery. And his new friend who is practically a mystery of her own. 

Were the creators trying to add a romance tag to this anime? Because there are moments where the two form some kind of sexual bond. 

Then again, it is anime. 

20. Japan Sinks: 2020 

After the Tokyo Olympics, an earthquake hits Japan. Two siblings find themselves caught in the disaster, along with their family. Forced to abandon their only home, they venture through the aftermath in hopes of finding refuge. They come across others who have suffered from the disaster. And worse events occur. But brother and sister refuse to shy away from a better future, and make the effort to survive. 

First of all, 2020. As if we didn’t say enough about how it was such a sh*t year. 

The pain that we had to go through last year is written in each and every one of these characters. And that’s what makes watching this anime so depressing. 

Another thing that made this anime fitting to air in 2020: the f*cking Chads, Karens, and anti-you-knows. 

Despite how much it hurt watching this, let’s not forget how it all turned out in the end. 

We’re in 2021 now. If the kids were able to have a happier future, then so will we. 

19. Paranoia Agent 

There’s been news of a mysterious child going around town and attacking people with his golden bat. Two officers think this is just some petty wannabe-delinquent and hope to straighten him out. However, this case isn’t as simple as they believe. 

One word: mindf*cked

I don’t know where this anime was headed. But just like the officers, the entire plot took me around in circles. 

Who is the antagonist here? The mysterious “Lil’ Slugger”? The victims? The police force? Or the imagination?

Hope Film Theory got this one covered!  

18. Trinity Blood 

It has been a long, horrendous battle between the vampires and the humans. In order to protect humanity, a special force known as the Vatican has to rely on other allies. Abel, a priest from the Vatican, has one special ability he has over vampires: he is what they call a “vampire eater” (a vampire that feasts on the blood of vampires). Later down the road he meets Esther, a young girl who starts travelling with him. As they march on, the war resumes. But at what price for either side? 

If you’ve read the Bible, you already know the story of Esther. As well as Cain and Abel. 

If you did, you know exactly how this anime will go down. 

Personally, I don’t like vampires. Media has made them oversexualized, and anime is no exception. 

Not sure if you’re overwhelmed by the scary elements they use. Or aroused by the characters they created.  

17. Beserk 

Betrayed by the one he once called a friend, Guts is forced on the run from those seeking his head. Alone and hate-filled, he plots to use his weapon Dragonslayer and take down those that have wronged him. During his quest, he comes across unlikely allies: an elf and a thief. Together, they will cross paths with the worst of mankind: man and beast. 

If you’ve watched Goblin Slayer, get ready for a real bloodfest. Because this sh*t doesn’t hold back either. 

Fight for survival? Plotting vengeance? Nightmare-fueled creatures? 

This isn’t anime. This is Hunger Games.  

16. Steins: Gate 

An opportunity to go back in time, a group of scientists attempt to send text messages to the future. But instead of preventing the disasters they’ve experienced, they’ve only made things worse. 

This, in no way, predicted anything years later after its release. But it was based on a true story about a crazy guy who blasted forums, claiming he was from the future and was trying to make warnings. 

If you’ve seen The Day the Earth Stood Still, then you know exactly how the story turned out. 

And time travelling is confusing. On one hand The Time Machine shows the downsides of trying to alter the past, which can f*ck up the future and all dimensions that come with. On the other hand, Back to the Future shows that maybe altering the past isn’t so bad and things can be better. 

And don’t get me started on that one Harry Potter movie. I still don’t know how Hermione was able to get to all those classes. 

15. Elfen Lied

Diclonius are said to be special characters of God who are fated to cause world destruction. As a precaution, most have been captured and held in isolation by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines. However, she gets shot in the head, and falls off a cliff into the ocean. She survives, and is discovered by two teens who take her in. 

Now I know Lucy is a complicated character. On one hand, she is still a child who was held inside a laboratory like some wild animal. On the other hand, sometimes she can’t control her powers and possibly cause bloodshed. 

But we all have to agree that those boys deserved it. I mean, who the hell kills a puppy? 

Only true antagonists would do such a thing. And Lucy was practically the hero in this matter. 

A lot of sensitive material. Really heavy stuff. 

If you’ve watched Carrie, then you know where this anime is headed. 

14. Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace 

What was supposed to be a normal day becomes a life-changer when middle schooler Yoshio discovers his teacher murdered. With him holding the weapon. While on the run, he can’t help but admit that there was some thrill to being framed. And thus becomes a game when his school’s genius student rises to solve the mystery and clear his name. 

So who is really the bad guy here? A person framed for murder and yet LIKES it?

And his “accomplice” is just an ass-kisser, willing to go the extra mile for him. Reminds me of Misa from Death Note (she sucked). 

The entire plot is confusing. And we don’t know who to root for.

But maybe this is where the viewer might have to play the real detective. 

13. Vampire Knight 

At the elite Cross Academy, there are two classes: the Day class, and the Night class. Yuuki, daughter to the chairman, and her friends Zero keep the students in order. And also keeping Day class from discovering Night class’ secret: that all the students are actually vampires. Yuuki believes that despite the difference, they are all people. Meanwhile, Zero is bigotted against vampires and will not hesitate to kill them. Can vampires and humans truly get along?

I am heavily reminded of Monster High, especially the whole racist issue. There was the movie focusing on how vampires and werewolves should get along (and even date). As well as between monsters and “normies”. 

I like how they took vampires and made it into a lesson of intolerance.  

Also, this is a better love story than Twilight.   

12. Attack on Titan 

For years, humanity has been on the decline because of Titans. Horrifying, mutated giants that were the result of an act against gods. They feed on citizens, and their hunger is never satisfied. Special arm forces are tasked with fighting and killing off these Titans. One man, who lost his entire family to them, vows to kill every single one. 

This is that anime my friends warn me to NEVER watch. So I looked it up on TV Tropes instead.  

Even reading about it is making it hard to sleep at night.  

11. Soul Eater 

Death City is your typical normal town. Kids going to school to become stronger. Students fending off against threatening creatures. And teens are literally able to be used as weapons to take the souls of evil humans. Yup, just another school-based anime. 

This has Gorillaz written all over it.  

The characters are hilarious at best. The whole concept of making the Grim Reaper’s role look like a CEO position. And humanity being the assholes we know too well today. 

A good watch if you’re into that black comedy. Also, if you’re a fan of Bleach.  

10. Black Butler  

A young, sophisticated heir finds his family has been killed. A demon shows up, and in exchange for his soul, offers the boy a chance for vengeance. Meanwhile, the demon takes on the role as his assistant/butler/possible friend. He’s only doing this while waiting to claim the boy’s soul. Yet he’s starting to take a liking for him. 

Like Ouran High School, this anime screams boy romance! 

You’ll fall in love with all these charming, nicely-dressed men. You can’t help but imagine what it would be like in their position. Or with them.  

For the single lovelies to watch! 

9. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress  

The industrial revolution is about to begin. But so do the horrors to humanity when a monster suddenly emerges. Grotesque, predatory, and with one bite could turn a human into a monster as well. The only way to kill them is through the heart. Ikuma, an up-and-coming inventor, hopes to stop the chaos using his latest design. And what better opportunity to use it than in the same locomotive where passengers have begun to transform? 

Remember that Korean movie "Train to Busan”?

This is its anime version.  

8. School-Live! 

Yuki loves her high school so much that she never wants to leave. Every day she and her friends attend their class and enjoy being students. Everything is so perfect. Except it’s not and in reality they are holed inside their school on account of a zombie apocalypse going on. 

This anime started off so cute and then sh*t hit the fan.  

It’s like when I first watched Happy Tree Friends and thought it was a cute show for little kids. But after watching “Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya”, I realized there was a reason it got rated for cartoon violence.  

While HTF has some exceptions, I can’t watch School-Live! and witness cute, little, chibi girls forced to fend off against zombies! 

And what’s worse is the mental breakdown characters like Yuki go through. That’s probably scarier than even the zombies. 

And don’t get me started on the scene with the dog. If you thought Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” was a massive tearjerker, this anime is even more heart wrenching. 

7. Blue Exorcist 

Two dimensions are joined as one yet never interact. One has humans. The other has demons. Demons often come over to the human side, heavily disguised and avoidance of suspicion. Yet what happens when Satan manages to form himself a son from a human woman? He expects the boy to go into the human world and stop some kind of revolution against him. But what does the boy feel about this when he gets a taste of humanity? 

Light comedy in a world of dark elements. I love how they play with the whole biblical concept because, seriously, they made Satan into an anime character!  

Can’t imagine what Westboro Baptist Church must feel if they ever watched this!  

6. Goblin Slayer 


They don’t know exactly who he is, or why he dresses in cheap armor. Face hidden under a simple metal mask with only one objective: to kill goblins. When he saves a young priest from a quest gone wrong, it begins the realization that goblins are not as easy as adventurers say. While he may not be popular in his community, his experiences will shake the nations to the very core. And everyone will see Goblin Slayer for who he truly is.  

This anime freaked me out the first time I watched it. The beginning episode was really hard to stomach because not even ten minutes, and characters (who are 15, BTW) getting slaughtered and other gross stuff I can’t type. 

The kill count piles up on this anime. Not just for human characters, but especially the goblins. 

Yes, those little mofos deserve it. But every time I witness a “new technique” performed by Goblin Slayer, it’s still hard to watch. 

Also, fan-service at its finest here with big-titty women. Because why not?  

5. The Promised Neverland 

A group of orphans realize that their beautiful, loving dream house turns out to be a nightmare. And their beloved caretakers are nothing more than sadistic guardians preparing the kids for “adoption”. After seeing the body of their dear friend, leftover from the slaughter of horrifying creatures, the kids only have one choice. Escape before their due date and find refuge somewhere else. Where else in a world populated by these exact creatures? Where can a bunch of kids go in a world where their kind is basically food? 

F*cked me up real bad. Because these are kids, and they’re being used as meat for god-knows-what! That one sweet girl in the beginning didn’t deserve to die!  

Also, I feel like this is a middle finger to the foster care system. Because we all know most of the time they don’t know what they’re doing. 

4. Parasyte 

Aliens suddenly invade Earth, and humanity is attacked. Creatures take over people from within, seeking control of their bodies. However, one alien fails to take control of an average man. And now it’s him who’s in control of said parasite. Well, save for him hand, where the creature is only able to reside. 

This is one of those really messed up anime. I mean, yes, a lot of body horror. But in the same way that Beetlejuice does it. 

And it’s considerably a friendship kind of anime if you count the MC and the parasite on his hand! That little eye on his finger is sort of cute!  

3. Danganronpa 

Welcome to a school where everyone must study extra hard. Not for the benefits of a brighter future. But for the opportunity to graduate with high honors in being the final killer. A classroom full of the most unusual and sadistic students is put to the test: find ways to get away with murder, and not get caught. 

This is like Assassination Classroom. But unlike the other anime, this one doesn’t make me cry as much.  

All the characters are messed up, yeah. But then think about how each was brought up.  

This is their way of being normal. And some even are even optimistic that they’re doing this.  

I may get tired of school-related anime. But I would rather watch one where students marry creatures (anime: Jingai-san no Yome) then watch kids murder. 

2. High School of the Dead 

High school was full of experiences. Sports. Arts. And zombie massacres. An outbreak has occurred in Tokyo, and one school has become the victim of it all. Many students and faculty have been killed. One group of teens, and their school nurse, remain bound together in hopes of fighting this living Hell off. 

I could talk about how this is a typically good zombie movie. But then I would be overlooking the fact that besides zombies...it’s the overwhelming fanservice. 

Pantyshots. Boob physics. And the filler scenes where most of the female main cast create sexual tension with one of the two male characters. 

As scary as this anime is, it’s kind of hard to take it seriously when so many scenes are overly sexual. 

You would have thought this was one of THOSE anime. 

1. Tokyo Ghoul  

It was supposed to be a nice date. He thought he met the perfect girl who loved books as much as he did. But it turned into the worst day of his life, and the start of many more. The girl he liked turned out to be a ghoul, who merely lured him as easy prey. But their encounter is halted, and next thing the man knows, he’s become part-ghoul. Now he is forced to live between two different worlds. 

I speak for the fandom when I say Ken didn’t deserve this.  

Some are going to say that being a SIMP is what got him into this mess. All he wanted was to meet a girl he thought actually liked him. And she took his innocence and wrecked his life. 

And the fact that in this anime, you can never tell who is human or who is a creature. 

So many trust issues which can relate to the real world.

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