[Top 15] Best Horror Animes of All Time (Part 1)

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Hey, what's eating you?

Some of us got balls being able to watch the scariest sh*t at 3 AM. And some of us choose to stick to our wholesome slice-of-life. Because, screw it, horror anime is not for the faint of Scooby Doo. 

15. Danganronpa 

In a seemingly normal school, in a seemingly normal class, 15 students discover that graduation isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because some of them might not live to graduate. Earning a diploma means being able to get away with murdering your own classmates. 

Class is in session: Don’t get attached to any of them. 

14. Parasyte

Earth is suddenly invaded by parasitic aliens, who engulf themselves into human targets and take over their form. One man gets attacked, however, the parasite is unable to take over, only able to settle for his hand. Now stuck on him, the parasite named Migi will have to form a reluctant, symbiotic relationship for both their survival. 

Hand model: His brain remains untouched, yet his hands have pretty much just touched everything. 

13. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


For years humanity has been terrorized by murderous creatures known as Kabane. Getting eaten by one isn’t as horrifying as getting bitten by one, which results in becoming a Kabane as well. Ikoma awaits the day he gets to fight them with his newly-invented weapon, which comes much sooner than he would have liked... 

                                                                Avengers assemble!  

12. The Promised Nerverland 

Good food, warm beds, and loving guardians, the Grace Field House was a wonderful home for all the orphans that lived there. Emphasis on “was”. Three kids discover the horrifying reality of what it means when “adoption” happens. 

If you think the foster care system is already f*cked up, this anime is for you! 

11. Beserk


A mercenary known as Guts meets his match in rogue soldier Griffith, feared leader of the Hawks. Fighting for fortune and status, both parties will find themselves practically performing cat-and-mouse. And the world just gets darker from there.  

When you’re the most hardcore mercenary in the world, and some new guy tries to steal your thunder. 

12. High School of the Dead 

Suddenly, Japan is overrun by zombies. One high school falls victim to this outbreak, and one student must fight his way to freedom and reunite with loved ones. He is, however, joined by what may well be his unwanted harm (which makes up his best friend’s girlfriend, an otaku, a skilled swordswoman, and the hot school nurse).  

This horror fest is less horror, more fan service.

9. Ajin: Demi-Human 

Ajins are known to revive soon after dying, but no more than two have ever been discovered. A young boy named Kei realizes he is one, immediately reviving after being hit by a truck. Now on the run, he comes across a rebellion of Ajin who are determined for human rights. 

What depression looks like.  

8. Another 


In 1972, class 3-3 was met with a tragedy. 15 years later, a transfer student gets put in that same class. And since then, he makes one horrifying revelation after another. 

Looks like one teacher is definitely losing his job.

7. Monster 


A renowned surgeon is forced to make a choice between performing on the mayor or a small child. He chooses the latter, his morals overcoming him. His facility becomes condemned with murder that may or may not lead to the patient he just saved. 

When you’re a brain surgeon and you lose your mind.

6. Deadman Wonderland 


Framed for the massacre of his entire class, Ganta’s field trip ends with him going to the very prison they were supposed to visit. He is plunged into a world of sadistic prisoners and deadly competition. Now he must fight to survive while searching for the person responsible, the “Red Man”. 

That subway guy Jared would do nicely in a prison like this...

5. Higurashi When They Cry 

Keiichu moves to a humble little town where he quickly makes friends. However, he discovers the town has a secret, in the form of the yearly festival. Soon, he begins wondering just what this town is and who exactly are his friends. 

Don’t let their cute appearances fool you. This is a horror anime, after all. 

4. Terra Formars 


An attempt to colonize Mars results in mutating two seemingly harmless species. When Earth comes down with an Alien Virus, Mars is suspected of having a cure. What they didn’t realize was how the so-called “harmless” species they sent there are now mutated, intelligent, and not too friendly.  

Mutated, practically humanized cockroaches? NOPE! I’m moving to Mars! Oh, wait...

3. Elfen Lied 


A human/mutant girl named Lucy has been tested and experimented on most of her life, bred to be a government weapon. After escaping the facility, she loses her memory and finds herself taken in by normal humans. However, her past comes back and memories she longed forgot begin to resurface. 

The mind can become the most dangerous weapon. 

2. Attack on Titan 


For years it has been humans versus Titans. While humanity struggles to survive, Titans keep devouring them. A young man, who lost his family to Titans, is among the best fighters who vows to end these abominations for good. 

Have you ever wondered how the human body works? 

1. Tokyo Ghoul 


Once a beautiful place, now rotted with these hellish creatures known as “ghouls”. They prey on human flesh, while able to blend into humanity. Kaneki finds himself in the middle after a fateful encounter. 


Good luck sleeping tonight…

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