Kingdom Hearts Gameplay: 10 Things We Are Excited For

Kingdom Hearts Gameplay
Sora and pals ready for whatever challenges will rise before them.

Why we're excited about Kingdom Hearts 3

After over thirteen years of waiting, the new Kingdom Hearts game is finally set to be released on January 29, 2019. Players have been getting information little by little with each new update on the story and gameplay. From what has been seen, these are the ten things we are excited for in the much anticipated game.

10. The long awaited conclusion to a much anticipated game

The Kingdom Hearts series is known to have a complicated yet fascinating storyline that has players wonder “what next?” with each game.  The third game of the main series promises to finally answer all those unanswered questions and give the long awaited conclusion to what has become a beloved video game series. We’ll learn the fate of previous Keyblade heroes, what awaits for the current Keyblade heroes, and how the main villain, Xehanort, will finally be stopped from using Kingdom Hearts for evil.

Sore picking up an unknown Keyblade left abandoned on the beach of his home island.

9. New enemies to fight and new bosses to conquer

As with every new Kingdom Hearts game, new enemies, known as Heartless, are introduced alongside enemies that have appeared in every game. We do not know the names of all the new enemies and bosses yet, but they are sure to be a thrill to battle. Most likely, there will be enemies specific to each world and bosses will also follow the theme of the worlds. We are excited to see what the enemies will be like in this new game.

Sora fighting some of the new Heartless enemies in one of the new worlds.

8. Impressive CG with fluid animations to keep the action going without lag

One of the bonuses of having waited so long for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 is the updated graphics. Having been switched to Unreal Engine 4 in the midst of production due to rendering issues, the game’s 3D models will be smoother and suffer less lag from intense battle scenes. The new animations will have players feel like they have stepped into the Disney movies and are fighting alongside the main characters. The new graphics will be one of the most beautiful yet for any Kingdom Hearts games in the series.

Sora fighting alongside Woody from Toy Story makes it seem like he has stepped straight into the movie.

7. New costumes fitting into each world

In previous Kingdom Hearts games, when Sora and friends traveled to worlds their appearances changed to fit the world. Not all worlds had the costume change, but in Kingdom Hearts 3 it seems like more worlds will. These costume changes are true to the current world visiting and helps with player immersion. We’ve only seen a few costume changes so far, so it is unknown yet whether those will be the only worlds with costumes or if other worlds will have the opportunity.

Sora and friends revisiting the Pirates of the Caribbean world with a new costume that hadn’t been in previous games.

6. Return to familiar worlds such as the Mysterious Tower and Twilight Town

Players will have the opportunity to revisit worlds that have always been present in previous Kingdom Hearts games and see them in the new graphics. Players will be able to again meet with old friends and have them join in their parties to fight the Heartless. So far, we know players will be back in the Olympus Coliseum, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mysterious Tower, and Twilight Town.

A look at the new Olympus Coliseum with more to explore than ever before.

5. Explore new worlds such as Monsters Inc., Wreck It Ralph, and Frozen.

Alongside with old and beloved worlds, players will be able to explore new worlds, as is common with each addition to the Kingdom Hearts series. The new worlds include: Toy Story, Kingdom of Corona, San Fransokyo, Arendelle, Wreck It Ralph, and Monsters, Inc. Players will be able to explore the new worlds as if they were in the movie themselves. Many of these worlds are fan favorite movies that are sure to be a hit with new and old players.

Sora as he looks in the ­Big Hero 6, San Fransokyo.

4. Easy to handle mechanics that make getting around levels easier

What Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to do differently than previous games is include an easy to handle interface to make switching between menus, commands, and Keyblades easier. Previously, players would have to navigate through different menus to get where they wanted, making it a hassle. While this is still a feature in the new game, the easier to handle interface will make menu searching easier to avoid losing the gameplay flow.

Sora summoning on of the new summons, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Sora summoning on of the new summons, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

3. New Keyblades with opportunities to level up and unlock new abilities

With each new world, players will earn keychains that alter the shape of the Keyblade. While this is common for all games in the series, what will be new is the ability to level up Keyblades to unlock new abilities. By the looks of it, the Keyblades will be able to transform to other weapons and utilities that will make battles easier and more fun. We’ve only seen a few teasers to what the abilities are, but we are excited non-the-less by what we have seen.

One of the Keyblade upgrades/abilities from the Toy Story Keyblade.

2. New special attacks themed around the world currently in

What will be an amazing new feature to Kingdom Hearts 3 will be new attacks that will be themed around whatever world the player is in. These attacks will make battling easier and more entertaining than simply button mashing the same button over and over.

One of the new abilities Sora and company can do special to Twilight Town.

1. Increasing party size from three to up to five

What has been a problem in past Kingdom Hearts games has been the party size. Players would have to choose from three possible party members and only take two, making character leveling unbalanced. But now, players will not only be able to have both Donald and Goofy along with them at the same time, but could also include two extra party members. That’s a total of five party members! For the tougher fights this will make battling easier not only in fighting support but healing support as well. Fans are definitely excited for this much desired aspect.

As can be seen in the right bottom of the image, the party size has gone up from three to five members.

We are excited to see what else the new Kingdom Hearts game will offer players. Longtime fans who have been patiently waiting will finally have their conclusion to the much beloved game. With how amazing the game looks with all the updates, the wait was well worth it.

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