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kingdom hearts 3 best meals
Remy teaches the player to cook, using you as a puppet.

What Are The Best Meals in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The first time Remy meets Sora, officially.

Meals in Kingdom hearts end up changing the stats of the characters temporarily in order to help with certain tasks.

There are sets of meals that can be created and consumed for better effects.

The top five meals below contribute to an EXP Bonus that allows the player to gain EXP faster and also help temporarily boost certain stats for the player.

5. Ratatouille

Ratatouille is the first dish needed to stack the stats.

Ratatouille is one of the starters that can be made in Kingdom Hearts 3 at the little bistro. All of the starters focus on helping on the same sort of stats, but full five course meals give another stat boost as well. This starter requires the most ingredients and is the first component to the EXP Boost meal.

Bonuses Ratatouille Provides:

  • Max HP Up
  • Max MP Up

How to Get It:

  • Get zucchini
  • Get eggplant
  • Get tomato
  • Get garlic
  • Get bay leaf
  • Play the Ratatouille mini game

4. Crab Bisque

Luckily we don't have to go under the sea to get the ingredients for this bisque.

The Crab Bisque also has the most ingredients out of all the soups, though this is because of the amazing effect that all of these dishes gives once stacked together by the player. Plus it looks prettier as well and still gives stat boosts to the whole party. This is the second component to that EXP Boost meal.

Bonuses Crab Bisque Provides:

  • Max HP up
  • Max MP up

How to get it:

  • Get Carrot
  • Get Crab
  • Get Tomato
  • Get Olive Oil
  • Get Celery
  • Play the Crab Bisque mini game at the bistro

3. Sea Bass en Papillote

This recipe is all about that bass, so no trouble.

The Sea Bass honestly has an average number of ingredients and still does a decent amount of stat boosting for the party. It’s relatively easy to gather the ingredients and like all of the fish dishes it boosts three stats. This is the third component to the EXP Boost five course meal.

Bonuses Sea Bass en Papillote Provides:

  • Max HP Up
  • Max MP Up
  • Defense Up

How to Get It:

  • Get Sea Bass
  • Get Olive Oil
  • Get Basil
  • Get Thyme
  • Play the Sea Bass en Papillote mini game at the Bistro.

2. Beef Bourguignon

You won't have any beef with this recipe.

The second most complicated of the beef dishes, it is part of the five course meals that will make it so the player can get experience points faster. It boosts two stats for the party and allows for stronger attacks.

Bonuses Beef Bourguignon Provides:

  • Max HP up
  • Attack up

How to Get It:

  • Get beef
  • Get rosemary
  • Get bay leaf
  • Get thyme
  • Get garlic
  • Play the beef bourguignon mini game at the bistro

1. Tarte aux Fruits

Taste the rainbow with this tarte.

The tart is the first thing that the players see in the game from the bistro and honestly is one of the more complicated desserts to make. It requires a lot of fruits from those Heartless challenges in each world but it is worth the effort to get the completed five course meal.

Bonuses Tarte aux Fruits Provides:

  • Max MP up
  • Magic Up

How to Get it:

  • Get Blood Orange
  • Get Sour Cherry
  • Get Strawberry
  • Get Banana
  • Get Melon
  • Get Grapes
  • Get Watermelon
  • Play the Tarte aux Fruits mini game

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