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KH3 Best Gummi Ships, kingdom hearts 3 best gummi ships
If Sora asks "are we there yet?" one more time, Donald's gonna turn this ship around.

As with previous titles in the series, Sora and co pilot the Gummi Ship to traverse the lanes between worlds.

However, the Gummi system got a serious upgrade in this game, making travelling through space a thrilling adventure in its own right!

There are Heartless ships you can encounter and defeat, bosses, treasure spheres and mysterious floating crystals to find and crack open. Let’s break down the top 10 ships you can grab and build to establish yourself as a real ruler of the skies.  

10. Imp 

Skip to 4:04 for Imp location

Starting off the list at number 10, the Imp blueprint is an easy one to obtain. Just use your Gummi Phone to snap a picture of the constellation in Misty Stream and it’s all yours! This ship has a high HP stat, and whilst its other stats are fairly low, it’s a decent choice for the beginning of the game and gets bonus points for its mischievous design. 

9. Moogle 

Another ship found from photographing constellations, the Moogle is, in my opinion, the best early game ship you can get. You find it right at the beginning, if you take the time to explore Starlight Way. Like the Imp, the Moogle’s HP is high, but it also has better Speed and Offense stats, enabling it to help you last through the initial Gummi boss fights. And besides, it’s a Moogle! Who doesn’t want to zoom around space inside one of Final Fantasy’s leading mascots, kupo? 

8. Airship 

The Airship blueprint is found as a treasure after beating Space Worms in the Misty Stream. This Gummi boss can be a little tricky, but the reward it blesses you with is worth it. The Airship is one of the fastest ships you can obtain, with a Speed stat of 250, and its HP and Rolling stats are decent to boot. Unfortunately, its Offense is lacking but if speed is more your style then you will definitely want this one in your collection.  

7. Necho Cat 

This cute kitty can be obtained by acing Countdown 9 Mission in Misty Stream and it’s definitely worth giving this one a go. You’ll be rewarded with one of the best designed ships in the game (flying purple space cat, anyone?) and from a numbers perspective, it isn’t half bad either. The HP stat is through the roof at 2,512 and the offense is decent at 364. It’s a little lacking in speed and roll, but again… flying purple space cat. That is all.  

6. Ultros 

Skip to 4:42 for Ultros location

Ultros is found after capturing the Ultros constellation on your camera, which is located in The Eclipse. This late game ship boasts the highest HP stat out of them all but lands a place at just below halfway through this list due to its lack of speed and mobility making this super sluggish to manoeuvre. If speed isn’t your style, this might be a favourite for you, although the weird design has left players unsure whether they love it or hate it.  

5. Sirius 

Named after a real-world star, this ship’s components can be found scattered throughout Misty Stream inside pink crystals. Players that like a heavy hitting gummi ship will enjoy using this, as its offense stat is an impressive 936, and combined with its speed makes this ship a powerful potential. However, it’s HP is rather low, so if you’re going to try using this one in boss fights it’s a good idea to try a more agile playstyle.  

4. Sequence 

Sequence is basically a souped-up version of the Sirius ship. Its main draws are the speed and firepower, but once again anyone using this ship for boss fights might want to keep an eye on the HP, as this stat is a little lower than the others. To find this ship, you must first collect all the other blueprints found in Misty Stream. A bit of a task, but if you do, this quick little pocket rocket is yours.

Obtained after photographing the matching constellation in The Eclipse, The Omega is definitely one of the most powerful ships in the game. The HP and Offense stats are incredibly high, only being offset by a distinct lack of speed and manoeuvrability. So, if you like taking out swathes of enemies without receiving much damage in return, this is the ship for you. On the downside, you’ll be doing all this very slowly.  

2. Endymion 

Skip to 2:41 for Endymion location

This ship is found by photographing the Endymion constellation in the Misty Stream, and has a design as cool as its name. Its stats are also impressive, they are not only high but balanced, meaning this ship is good at attacking, dodging, agility and lasting out those long battles when you need it to, with a HP of 1,214. 

1. Golden Highwind 

The Golden Highwind is considered far and wide to be the best Gummi ship in the game, and for good reason. Its HP is a very impressive 1,633 and Offense is even better, with a massive 1,882. The rest of the stats are suitably balanced and this machine will make taking out anything in the galaxy a piece of kupoberry cake. Obviously, getting such a powerful piece of tech will require effort, and this can only be added to your arsenal by defeating the most powerful Gummi boss in the game; Schwartzgeist. This can be found in the swirling, sinister looking stormcloud in the middle of the Misty Stream, and should only be attempted when you have a decent ship to take down this space beast. 


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