KH3 Best Keyblades: All Keyblades Ranked Worst to Best

KH3 Best Keyblades
When Sora starts dual wielding it's time to back up a little

KH3 Best Keyblades: All Keyblades Ranked Worst to Best

With the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts series being released for PC, it’s time to take a deep dive into which weapons you’ll want in your arsenal. Starting with the latest release in the series, we’re going through KH3 Keyblades to find out which ones can take a back seat and which will be up front with you mowing down Heartless.

16. Kingdom Key

The classic Kingdom Key is your default weapon, and while the new keyblade upgrade system allows you to make any keyblade decent, this one has the lowest stats of the bunch. The ability Treasure Magnet, while useful in the early hours of your playthrough, can easily be gained through Goofy early on. Yes, it’s nostalgic, but it’s outmatched by the other weapons KH3 has to offer.

15. Hero’s Origin

This is the second weapon you’ll pick up after completing Olympus at the beginning of the game. Its attack stat is only marginally better than what you start out with, and it's magic is even less. It Formchanges into a shield, which does pack a decent punch countering, but the only thing that saves this keyblade from being at the bottom of the list is the Defender ability. If you’re doing a critical playthrough, you might want this for your early game as this ability boosts your defence stat when things get rough.

14. Shooting Star

This magic focused keyblade can be found after completing Twilight Town early on and its stats are a mirrored version of Hero’s Origin. Once again, it’s given the Treasure Magnet ability, so you might be thinking… so what? The big draw of this weapon is that it Formchanges into a magical crossbow, enabling you to fire off long range attacks on enemies while keeping a safe distance. This is great if you like using magic attacks or playing it safe, plus it just looks really cool.

13. Starlight

Starlight is obtained after completing the Keyblade Graveyard story segment, which places it right at the end of the game. For such a late game weapon, it’s stats are weirdly low, although it does boast the useful MP Haste ability which you’ll love if you’re a magic user. The formchange gives Sora a moveset from KH2, which isn’t massively useful at this late stage of the game but it’s a cool call back that fans of the second game will love for sure.

12. Hunny Spout

This quirky looking keyblade is picked up after finishing the Hundred Acre Wood and has a decent balance between strength and magic. The Formchange allows you to play with long range attacks and is one of only two keyblades in the game with three different Shotlocks (The other being Shooting Star.) This weapon might not be a powerhouse but its ability Harvest means you collect an extra ingredient for your stat boosting meals, meaning you’ll want this on you if you’re planning on using the cooking feature a lot.

11. Crystal Snow

Earned after getting chilly in Arendelle, Crystal Snow is a magic focused weapon with a unique ability Freeze Guard. This protects Sora from being frozen (and that triple blizzard damage when frozen, ugh) and the formchange allows you to quickly deal damage to close range enemies. The finisher to this freezes your enemies solid, which makes this keyblade a great weapon to use against a flurry of enemies all at once.

10. Happy Gear

Kicking off the Top 10 is the keyblade found in Monstropolis. This keyblade has decent base stats, but its power really lies in the formchange. The Assault Claw and Twin Yoyo formchange attacks deal heavy damage and close a lot of distance between you and the bad guy, so this is one keyblade to have close to hand during boss fights with a big HP bar.

9. Ever After

This keyblade is obtained after finishing the Kingdom of Corona and has a powerful magic stat, enabling magic-lovers to deal heavy spellcasting early in the game. The formchange allows you to sweep a large area for damage, which is useful against clusters of enemies or could even multi-hit a large boss. The cherry on top of this keyblade is definitely the ability, Leaf Bracer, which enables healing mid-battle without having to worry about being struck while doing so. This keyblade is worth having early game for sure, and magic users will want this around much longer.

8. Favourite Deputy

Favourite Deputy is an early game weapon, obtained after completing Toy Box. Its base stats are decent and strength based, but the real power lies in its formchange. The first formchange transforms the keyblade into an enormous hammer, hitting heavy damage and taking out mobs of enemies. Finally, this weapon comes with Lucky Strike, which makes this keyblade an absolute must if you’re going to be synthesising for materials.

7. Grand Chef

If you can endure hearing Donald talking to you about finding ingredients long enough to rank the Bistro up to five stars, then this keyblade is yours. It has a decent base stat, with a slightly higher magic than strength, but its secret lies in its ability. This weapon has Wizards Ruse, which can only be found on two other accessories, and has the potential to recover your HP when casting spells. This can be incredibly useful when in high firepower situations, and is a complete game changer if you’re doing a Pro-Code playthrough in boss fights.

6. Nano Gear

This late game weapon is found after hanging out with Baymax and the gang in San Fransokyo. It has balanced base stats so you can switch effortlessly between utilising strength and magic attacks. The formchange transformsthe keyblade into nanobots and multi hits the target, with a finishing move that deals damage in a wide radius around you, making this an ideal weapon against bosses or other strong single targets. The Stun Protection ability is another valuable asset, making this a great all-round weapon.

5. Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate is one of the best keyblades you can get on your first play through of this game. It has great base stats in both strength and magic, although the high strength definitely makes this more of a physical heavy hitter. The ability, Waterza, allows you to use the spell without having other requirements, which makes taking out clusters of enemies a breeze. The Formchanges transform this keyblade into a spear and a flag, dealing both quick attacks and wide sweeping swings. This should definitely be in your arsenal until late game, as it is adaptable to most boss fights.

4. Oathkeeper

Oathkeeper was added as an obtainable weapon in the 1.07 update and can be collected from the Moogles after completing the game on any difficulty level and finding all 90 lucky emblems. Safe to say, this weapon has to be earned and it has the stats to match. The base strength and magic stats are incredibly high, and boasts three abilities – MP Converter, Formchange Extender and Situation boost. These powerful abilities mean that you can fire off heavy melee attacks for days, and the formchange makes it even better. Light Form comes with a whole host of abilities that turns Sora into a fast moving attacker, making this keyblade well worth the effort. If combined with Oblivion, Sora unlocks Double Form, which we’ll talk about below.

3. Classic Tone

Classic Tone is given to you once you find and play all 23 Classic Kingdom mobile games on your Gummi Phone. It’s definitely worth doing this, as the base stats are high and the triple (yes, three of them!) MP Haste abilities enable you to caste powerful magic spells one after the other without having to wait around for your MP bar to regenerate. The Boom Hammer and Clock Drill formchanges mean you can hit clusters of enemies and deal large amounts of damage to a single target, making this late game keyblade versatile and powerful, and definitely one of the heaviest hitters you can get on your first play through of the game.

2. Oblivion

Added in the 1.07 patch with Oathkeeper, Oblivion can only be unlocked after completing the game on Critical mode. A firm fan favourite from previous KH titles, this weapon has high base stats, and once fully upgraded shares a strength stat with the most powerful weapon in the game. The formchange sees Sora transform to Dark Form, which, like Oathkeepers Light Form, enables him to perform lots of strong melee attacks in quick succession. Once you have both of these keyblades, a new form, Double Form, is unlocked, allowing Sora to dual wield both keyblades in a nod to his Nobody, Roxas. The attacks performed in Double Form deal massive damage, and it’s worth jumping through all the hoops to get this keyblade, especially if you plan on fighting the Limit Cut battles in the DLC.

1.  Ultima Weapon

Without a doubt, the best keyblade in the game. Ultima can be synthesised from the moogle workshop and boasts the highest base strength and magic stats you can get. The Combo and Air Combo Boosts on this weapon make it the ideal melee weapon, and if you pair this with magic boosting accessories Sora is pretty much unstoppable. The Ultimate formchange sees Sora gain tons of additional abilities which make him a powerhouse, the biggest game changer being Teleport, which sees him close distance on enemies in a flash. Once you’ve unlocked this keyblade victory in every fight is within reach, and you’ll definitely want this with you if you plan on taking down the secret bosses in the postgame and DLC episode. 


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