[Top 5] KH3 Best Party Members For Good Team Composition

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Who will you choose to dominate the worlds of Kingdom Hearts?

One of the coolest things Kingdom Hearts 3 has implemented into the game is that you don’t have to replace Donald or Goofy in order to have another party member. Now, you can have a party of four with Sora! This opens the door for tons of new possibilities, and tons of damage dealing. Here’s our top 5 list of party members you can add to your team.

5. Sully & Mike Wazowski + Donald + Goofy

Check out this duo in action!

These two are a great dynamic pair in your party. Mike Wazowski runs around doing little bits of constant damage, while Sully has his combos and his Scream attack, which does damage in a radius around him. Alongside Donald and Goofy, you have a solid team that’ll deal damage nearly consistently throughout your fights.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Lots of damage constantly being done
  • Sulley has a charge attack, doing damage and pushing enemies back

4. Captain Jack Sparrow + Donald + Goofy

Watch Jack Sparrow slice some enemies!

Our favorite drunken sailor is here to fight at your side! Captain Jack Sparrow has a lot of poke-and-run-away type moves, but he can also throw bombs out in a spray in front of him, which will deal some extra ranged damage in a cone in front of him. He can also jump insanely high, which will help knock down airborne enemies or those Heartless Monkeys that love to stick to walls.

3. Rapunzel + Donald + Goofy

Check out Rapunzel whipping her foes!

Rapunzel is letting her hair free in Kingdom Hearts 3. Who needs fists when you’ve got as much hair as this princess? Rapunzel uses her hair as a whip here, which has insane reach. Her Situation Command, Tangled Reach, is also a great skill: it drops Sora, Donald, and Goofy in 3 separate spots that deal AoE damage. She’ll be tossing and smacking your enemies around like nobody’s business, making for a great ranged ally.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Wide ranged attacks
  • Attacks do a lot of damage
  • Her reach can easily get to flying enemies/enemies in the air

2. Marshmallow + Donald + Goofy

Wanna see Marshmallow stomping some heartless?

Let’s be real: Marshmallow was pretty scary in the first Frozen movie. However, we soon learn of his loyal, loving nature, and it’s made especially apparent in Kingdom Hearts 3. Like Baymax, who will be talked about next, Marshmallow is huge—-possibly even bigger than our armored friend from San Fransokyo!

Why This Team is Great:

  • Marshmallow is basically another tank
  • Big amounts of damahe
  • Does damage in a wide radius (especially with his Jump Attack)

1. Baymax + Donald + Goofy

Initiating Combat: Check out this video to see Baymax in action!

Baymax is an absolute unit in both the movies and Kingdom Hearts 3. Acting as a tank, this armored softie shows his tough side by chop-chop-chopping through your enemies. His hitbox may be large, but that also means that the Heartless and Nobodies will have to get through a wall to deal any damage past him.

Why This Team is Great:

  • Large hitbox
  • Basically two tanks, Baymax and Goofy
  • Sora can deal damage on the frontlines as well, or sit back and cast spells
  • Donald acts as support and spell casting as well


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