Which Kingdom Hearts 3 Edition to Buy? (All Kingdom Hearts 3 Editions Explained)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Editions
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Which Kingdom Hearts 3 Edition Is For You?

With Kingdom Hearts III finally coming out in less than two months, die heart fans and new fans alike are looking forward to receiving the third and final game in the “Xehanort Saga” in January.  For the first time ever, not only popular Disney films but also feature worlds from Pixar films such as Toy Story and Monsters, Inc along with characters such as Remy from Ratatouille.

 Since this new game of the series is set to come out not just on PlayStation 4 but also Xbox One, there is no excuse not to get this game and become a new fan if you are not yet into this series. The big question that is on everyone’s mind is “which edition should I buy?” Square Enix has come out with three special versions of the game which is up for pre-order on various sites right now.

3: Standard Edition ($59.99 usd)

The Kingdom Hearts III Standard Edition goes for about 59.99 USD.

  • Includes the game disk only

For those who are new to the series or simply want to buy only the game with no extras, this is the edition for you. It is simple and is the game only with the official Kingdom Hearts III box art. It’s a cheaper edition, but will still offer all the feels and story that all fans love.

2: Deluxe Edition ($79.99 usd)

The Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition goes for about 79.99 USD.


  •  Kingdom Hearts III physical copy
  • SteelBook
  • Official artbook
  • Collectible Kingdom Hearts III Sora pin

The Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition is a great addition for the fan who has been waiting for a long time for this game. It contains an artbook for those who love the art style and concepts for the series, along with a collectible pin for those who enjoy collecting pins for either collectible reasons or placing them on tote bags and such. The steel case protects the game with a beautiful black and silver artwork on the front of the box.

1: Deluxe Edition + Bundle ($229.99 usd)

The Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition + Bundle goes for about 229.99 USD.


  • SteelBook
  • Kingdom Hearts III game disc
  • Official artbook
  • Collectible Kingdom Hearts III Sora pin
  • Official Bring Arts figures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy

Finally, the special Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition + bundle contains the same items as the Deluxe Edition with the addition of three Bring Arts figures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Considering a single Bring Arts figure can cost up to 60 USD per figure, this set is a deal if taking into account the amount of money that would be spent buying the set of Bring Arts individually plus shipping (which is currently unavailable.)  These figures feature the trio in the forms they have in the world of Toybox which is based on the Toy Story series.

Kingdom Hearts III is finally set to come in the US on January 29, 2018. With three wonderful choices in finding these games, there is no reason not to get excited about this new installment which is sure to bring emotions to so many fans. It will release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The various editions are available at multiple online stores including Square Enix official website, Gamestop, Amazon, and many more. 

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