[TOP 3] KH3 Best Gummi Ship Builds

KH3 Best Gummi Ship Builds
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[Top 3] Best KH3 Gummi Ship Builds

    With Kingdom Hearts 3 having easily the best Gummi ship system, it’s only fitting that you explore the reaches of the lanes between in the most amazing ship you can get your hands on. There are tons of ready made blueprints for you to choose from, but if that’s not enough of a challenge and you want to try building your own ship, here are three of the best builds for you to get started with. 

3. X-Wing

Youtube user Walscheti created this incredible X-Wing style Gummi ship. They even build a little Tie Fighter to support as a teeny ship! The stats are decent too, making this build usable as well as looking good; with high speed and rolling stats for manoeuvrability and a solid offense. If you’re a fan of Star Wars you should definitely check out this tribute and give the build a try. 

What X-Wing excels in: 

  • High speed and rolling, so fast paced players can get their shots in when it counts. 
  • Build also shows matching Tie Fighter teeny ship
  • It’s an X-Wing! I never knew I needed a Kingdom Hearts x Star Wars crossover until right now, but I’m so glad it’s here and I. Am. Living. For. It. 

2. Broken Gummi Ship

Super Milkbox on Youtube created this version of a broken Gummi ship, with high speed and a super hard hitting offense of 822. Similarly to the Sirius blueprint, this ship's stats will mean you can hit hard and fast but you’ll want to use that speed to avoid taking hits as the HP doesn’t leave room for error. This build takes advantage of having multiple guns, so when facing down bosses you can get in a lot of multi-hits to quickly whittle down their HP. 

What Broken Gummi Ship excels in:

  • High attack stat paired with multiple guns for multi-hitting
  • High speed stat for avoiding attacks and getting around faster
  • Utilising both of these stats efficiently can greatly increase your hit multiplier, upping your rating in battle for greater rewards. 

1.Donut Gummi Ship

Ah yes, the donut. A classic build first used in KH1 many years ago, the donut ship still reigns supreme through space. This is a particular favourite of mine, and is a staple for many players for good reason. The key to this build is that all your weaponry, shields and engines are on the outside, leaving a gaping hole in the middle. This enables enemy attacks to go straight through the middle of your ship, missing you entirely while you’re dealing reams of damage to the opposing side. Definitely check out the video above for inspiration, and the best part about this is that you can customise it endlessly, adding in whichever cannons you like best for maximum impact. 

What Donut Ship excels in:

  • Potential for super high offense and power stats
  • Room for variety to tailor this build to your playstyle
  • Minimal risk for damage as most enemy attacks will miss you entirely. 

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