Kingdom Hearts 3 Characters and Their In Game Roles

Kingdom Hearts 3 Characters
Kingdom Heart's main heroes, Sora, Donald, and Goofy

Meet The Characters of Kingdom Hearts 3 

Characters old and new will be joining Sora and friends in this game and it is unsure who will help Sora and who will be a hinderance.

1. Sora

As the main protagonist of the series, Sora teams up with his friends to beat back the Heartless and save the worlds from darkness. He wields the Kingdom Keyblade and a positive energy that boosts the confidence in his friends.

Sora will once again travel to distant worlds to repel the darkness and finally put an end to master Xehanort’s plan.

He is the beacon of light that will finally close the door to Kingdom Hearts and seal away the darkness.

2. Donald and Goofy

Having joined Sora from the beginning of his journey, Donald and Goofy will again stand by Sora’s side to help fight against the darkness. With Donald’s magic and Goofy’s defense, Sora will never have to worry about being alone in a fight again.

Donald and Goofy will help players fight enemies as well as provide support through healing, buffs, and potions.

They will be a big help in finally sealing away the darkness.

3. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, or King Mickey, has been battling against the darkness since before Sora became a Keyblade wielder. Under the direction of Master Yen Sid, Mickey travels to different worlds to help vanquish the darkness and try to track down Master Xehanort to put a stop to his plans.

He will help battle against the darkness and save long lost friends.

With Mickey’s knowledge of the darkness, he will be able to tackle it straight on to seal it away.

4. Riku

Sora’s best friend, he is also a Keyblade wielder who had once fallen to darkness but since then has become an active fighter against the darkness. He is now able to use the darkness for good to help his friends out of sticky situations.

Riku has been given the title of Keyblade Master, so he has been trusted to other missions against the darkness.

Riku will join Mickey on his journey to discover more on the enemies controlling the darkness and put a stop to them.

5. Kairi

As one of the seven Princesses of Light, Kairi is a beacon of warm light that wants to help her friends. She is now a Keyblade wielder who has been training hard in order to prove that she can be useful past being a Princess of Light.

Kairi will be able to help her friends fight the darkness with her own Keyblade.

As one of Sora’s best friends and love interest, she will give Sora a boost to never give into the darkness.

6. Lea

Formally a Nobody going by the name Axel (though others still call him Axel despite him saying otherwise) Lea has escaped the darkness and has his heart once again. He is able to wield a Keyblade and has gone off with Kairi to train and learn to master his keyblade.

He will be a type of role model and guiding character for the younger Keyblade wielders as he tries to make a new name for himself.

He is the closest to the darkness of the group, so he will be a major help in understanding the darkness and finally putting a stop to it.

7. Ansem and Xemnas

Being one-in-the-same, Ansem (Xehanort’s Heartless-Left) and Xemnas (Xehanort’s Nobody-Right) can control the darkness and are aiming to set it free to conquer distant worlds under their command. It had been believed that they had been defeated in previous games, it is unsure how they came back and how far they’ll go to reach their goal.

They are the main antagonists battling against Sora and others fighting against the darkness.

If they are undefeated, then the worlds will fall to darkness. But if they are defeated, then peace will return to the attacked worlds again.

8. Young Xehanort

Xehanort has been the main manipulator of darkness who believes it is a stronger force than light to use and control. He has returned as a younger version of himself, but it is unknown what motives he may have now.

He will be another antagonist that Sora and friends will face throughout their fight against darkness.

He will have to be stopped in order to finally put an end to the darkness.

9. Vanitas

Having previously been a beacon of darkness in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Vanitas returns to find Ventus, his other half whose heart lays hidden within Sora’s heart. He wants to recreate the X-Blade again to fully control the darkness.

He is yet another antagonist Sora and friends will have to conquer.

His motive is known, but just how far he’ll go and what else he is involved in is still unknown.

10. Aqua

A Keyblade master, Aqua had sealed herself in the darkness in order to rescue one of her long lost friends from being taken over by the darkness. She wandered the realm for ten long years waiting for her rescue, but when it finally came it was too late and she had been taken over by the darkness.

While once a protagonist against darkness, it looks like now she has become an antagonist wielding the darkness she had once fought against.

It is still unclear when Aqua fell to the darkness and how she will impact the game, but the one fact that remains true is that she must be rescued.

11. Organization XIII

Having been the main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II, Organization XIII is returning, but not all as they once were. Some have returned to their former selves, as Lea had, while others have been consumed by the darkness and are being controlled by Xehanort. As for Marluxia (the one pictured above) he is not under the control of darkness, but neither has he returned to his past self.

It is unknown exactly just what role Marluxia will play in the new game, but the other Organization XIII members have their roles set.

The ones who have returned as their past selves will aid Sora in his fight against the darkness, the ones under Xehanort’s control will battle against Sora and friends, and it is still unknown just what Marluxia will do towards Sora and friends.

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