[Top 10] Best Square Enix Games We Love

Square Enix
Best Square Enix Games We Love

It's no doubt that the game developers Square and Enix had some incredible games on their roster but when the two companies merged, there was a huge impactful bond. With video games like the Final Fantasy series being continually made and having a huge significant fanbase, Square Enix has been on the constant rise of creating incredible games throughout the years. Which Square Enix games are considered the best of the best? Gamers Decide has compiled a perfect list of the Top 10 Best Square Enix Games We Love. 


10. Octopath Traveler


9.Vagrant Story


Follow Ashley Riot, the protagonist of Vagrant Story, in a political journey of finding the mysterious leader of the Müllencamp cult, Sydney, and restore peace to their land.


8. Final Fantasy Tactics

The original Trials of Mana was released in 1995 by Squaresoft but never was localized. In 2020, Square Enix remade Trials of Mana into a 3D adventure compared to its former 16-bit version and created new additions to the remake.


6. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age


With nostalgic character designs by Akira Toriyama, gorgeous musical compositions, and enticing storylines truly give a remarkable pavement throughout the Dragon Quest VI adventures. The notorious blue mascot Slime has also been a popular and cherished part of the Dragon Quest franchise. 


5.Final Fantasy VII


4.The World Ends With You 


Created for the Nintendo DS in 2007, The World Ends With You was a groundbreaking game similar to Kingdom Hearts for its vibrant yet dark storytelling. Displayed on both screens of the DS, designed a particular gameplay style that was unique compared to other JRPGs of its time. There is an upcoming sequel called Neo: The World Ends With You that will be released near the end of July, so that is exciting news to long-time fans of this series!


3.Kingdom Hearts


A marvelous mash-up of Disney characters along with Final Fantasy characters is the highly successful and popular franchise of Kingdom Hearts. Waltzing right into a Disney Parks-like universe, with compelling narratives and deep character backstories, the Kingdom Hearts series has gained much success over the years due to the collaboration of Disney and Square Enix.

With over 10 games in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts has truly been a fan-favorite since the first release of Kingdom Hearts in 2002. Kingdom Hearts III released in 2019 which gave a conclusion to the 'Dark Seeker Saga' and became the fastest and best selling game within the franchise. 


2.Final Fantasy VI


As most JRPGs focus on the fantasy aspect of magic, Final Fantasy VI dives right into a world of sci-fi steampunk of robots and machinery. Following a treasure hunter and an amnesiac protagonist, the player is whirled into a world of nostalgic charm. Released in 1994, Square Enix definitely created a game worth having the title 'Greatest Game of All Time.'


1.Chrono Trigger


Following the adventures of Crono, Lucca, Marle, who all live in the Kingdom of Guardia, begins their journey when Lucca, an inventor, brings her invention: a teleporter, to the Millenial Fair. When Marle, a princess in disguise, offers to volunteer for the teleporter, she is instantly teleported away. Crono and Lucca follow her, but when they come back to the present day, Crono is arrested for kidnapping the princess. The story is filled with time-traveling magic, adventures, and solving puzzles to restore peace from the parasitic creature antagonist.

Released in 1995, Chrono Trigger has hailed as one of the most prolific games in history. Something is charming about this traditional RPG that brings a compelling story from beginning to end. And speaking of the end, Chrono Trigger has a whopping 13 different story endings for your adventuring. Akira Toriyama's nostalgic character designs truly enrich the game with its simple yet innovative gameplay. 


There you have it, the Top 10 Best Square Enix Games We Love. But how can one truly rate all the fantastic games created by Square Enix, honestly? Let us know if your favorite made the list in the comments below!

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