25 Movies and Anime Every Final Fantasy Fan Should Watch

25 Movies and Anime Every Final Fantasy Fan Should Watch
The Labyrinth was integral to a lot of our childhoods! No wonder we love spikey haird boys!

Final Fantasy is a long series with many, many games, and many even have their own accompanying movies and anime series. However, they are often short series, and won't scratch the itch for long. So we’ve provided a list of movies and anime that fans of Final Fantasy are sure to enjoy. 


25. Princess Mononoke  (1997)


Princess Mononoke follows the story of Ashitaka, a young man who gets a massive injury and seeks the help of the forest god Shishigami. He eventually gets swept up in an ongoing conflict between the humans destroying the earth for their own gain, and the wolf god Moro. As he gets to know Moro’s human companion, Princess Mononoke, he gets involved, only furthering the conflict. 

This movie is great for Final Fantasy fans, as many Ghibli movies are. It’s a great fantasy movie that leans into themes of eco-consciousness and taking care of our planet. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the soundtrack to this film invokes a lot of feelings. 


24. The NeverEnding Story (1984)

This is a “story within a story.” The framing premise is of a young boy named Bastion who hides away in an old bookstore after being chased by bullies. He sneaks away with the book, “The NeverEnding Stoy,” and holes himself up in the school attic to read. Within this story is a young man who travels across the world of Fantasia, to save it from never-ending darkness. 

With themes of darkness all within a high-fantasy setting, this movie feels like it could easily be in any Final Fantasy game. Fans of the games would love this movie as it explores many similar themes such as the fight against darkness, the hero’s journey, tragedy, and giant furry monsters! 


23. Violet Evergarden (2018)

This anime is about a former soldier who, after the war, begins life as a ghostwriter who writes letters that help connect people. After a bloody end to her time as a soldier, Violet receives a cryptic message from someone close to her. She decides to work as an “Auto Memory Doll”, and begins transcribing people's thoughts and emotions. This leads her on a journey of self-discovery. 

This is a gorgeous anime with a beautiful art style and soundtrack. It’s a great series for Final Fantasy fans, as its visuals are very reminiscent of many Final Fantasy games. Violet has quite a few similarities to protagonists of Final Fantasy as an ex-soldier once caught up in a massive war now on a journey to find herself. 


22. Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016) 

A quintessential isekai, this anime is about a boy named Kazuma who, after a fatal accident, is reincarnated into a new fantasy realm and is joined by the less-than-capable goddess, Aqua. Together, they form a party with other fighters to fight the Devil King so that Aqua may return to her own realm once again. 

This is great for the Final Fantasy fans wholove a high fantasy setting, and stories that don’t take themselves too seriously. Due to the settings, different classes such as fighter and mage are represented here, and it feels very reminiscent of old-school Final Fantasy titles. 


21. Legend (1985) 

This movie is about a young man named Jack, a hero pure of heart, that falls in love with a beautiful woman named Lili. He teaches her how to speak to animals and shows her the unicorns. However, it isn’t long before the darkness falls and Lili is taken. Now Jack must journey to find her, and stop the Prince of Darkness from bringing eternal darkness to the whole world. 

Another movie that touches on darkness and a hero's journey, Final Fantasy fans will find many things in this film that will hit home for them. A high fantasy setting featuring goblins, darkness, magic, and the ever-tempting power of darkness. 


20. Your Name (2016) 

Your Name is a romance anime movie about a boy who attends high school in Tokyo named Taki, and a young girl who lives in a small rural town named Mitsuha. After wishing to be a “hot Tokyo boy in the next life,” she suddenly begins to switch bodies with the other boy. They eventually begin leaving each other notes and communicating with each other as they try to find each other, and figure out what’s going on. 

This is a bit of a different pick, but its romance and sometimes angsty themes would really hit home for a lot of Final Fantasy fans. Another journey of self-discovery, this movie is romantic and keeps you at the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen with them next. 


19. Logans Run (1976) 

Taking place in 2274, its focused around a society that is deemed perfect from the outside. Most people don’t have to work, and they are free to pursue whatever dreams and activities they wish. However, there’s something darker at play underneath it all. Citizens are sent to a right of passage known as the "carousel" once they reach the age of 30, but all of this is a sacrifice that ends people's lives once they reach the age of 30, thereby keeping the society young. A man named Logan acts as a Sandman, those made to catch the “runners.” However, he discovers there is a way out of the dome, and tries to set others free. 

This is a pick for the classic movie lovers that play Final Fantasy. Its high future “dystopian” perfect world can feel a lot like the worlds of Final Fantasy XIII. Messed up “rights of passage”, and “quasi-religious” practices will feel familiar to fans of the series. 


18. Akame Ga Kill (2010)

This is the story of a boy named Tatsumi who travels to the Capital to try and raise money for his home. However, when he gets there, he’s made aware of the massive corruptionin the area. He gets recruited into a rebel assassin group called Bight Raid, and he then helps them in their fight against the Empire. 

This one is for the fans of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and XIII, just to name a few. A common theme we see in Final Fantasy is corrupted governments and empires, and we love to see the rebel groups that come together and do everything they can to stop them and bring peace to their people and their home. 


17 . Howls Moving Castle (2004) 

Sophie is a young hat maker who was living a nice, quiet life as a hat maker. That is, until she meets Howl, a mysterious, blonde, handsome wizard. Soon after this encounter, she is cursed by a bitter witch, and is transformed into a 90 year old woman. She eventually finds shelter with Howl in his giant magical moving castle as she embarks on a journey to undo the curse. 

Let’s be honest, most Ghibli movies are perfect for Final Fantasy fans and this one is no exception. A giant steampunk castle, a handsome wizard with crazy powers, and a talking flame named Calcifer all feel as though they would fit right in with Final Fantasy, and if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you really should! 


16. The Princess Bride (1987) 

Another story within a story, the main focus of this film is on the story of Westly and Princess Buttercup. They fall in love; however, a string of events leads them to be separated. After some,time, Buttercup is betrothed to be married to the King, however, she is kidnapped by three criminals who want to instigate war between two conflicting kingdoms. Westly then goes on a long and arduous journey to save his long-lost love. 

A more lighthearted story, the romance, hero’s journey, and high fantasy setting make this a perfect film for fans of Final Fantasy. It’s a romantic adventure with high stakes, and plenty of comedic relief. 


15. Fairy Tail (2006) 


Lucy is a young woman who aspires to be a powerful Celestial Wizard. She eventually meets a man named Natsu, a member of the infamous guild Fairy Tail. Here she is treated as family, and makes many close connections with those around her. She goes on jobs and travels with her new friends as they complete various missions together. 

While the series is a bit long, it’s high fantasy themes and wide array of characters will be great for many fans of Final Fantasy. Characters are all unique, with their own personalities and interesting powers and abilities. It’s a fun anime to watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 


14. 9 (2009) 

9, a sentient ragdoll, wakes up and finds himself in a dark, post-apocalyptic world. There are no humans or animals, and the sentient dolls are the only forms of life to be seen. Hunted by evil machines, he groups up with other dolls like him as they try to stop the machines and discover why they are being chased in the first place. 

This might seem like an odd pick at first, but hear us out! The post-apocalyptic themes and imagery feel like they are straight out of Midgar. Industrial greens, mechanical monsters, and a never ending sense of dread being right around the corner will feel familiar for many fans of Final Fantasy. 


13. Desert Punk (2004) 

Japan is now a desert, and all of Kantos is nothing but dirt and sand. However this doesn’t stop those living in the desert from doing anything they can to survive make a name for themselves. Sunabouzu is a masked man who goes across the desert doing any job necessary, regardless of the cost. However, he isn’t without his weaknesses, particularly that of the “large breast” persuasion. He then goes on crazy and fun adventures full of chaos and violence.

Another post-apocalyptic pick, this is another anime that would fit right into the Final Fantasy universe. Pervy humor and plenty of violence, it’s a fun anime that many fans of the series would enjoy. 


12. Castle in the Sky (1986) 

Sheeta, a young woman with a mysterious crystal necklace falls from an airship, and with the magic crystal slowing her fall, she is caught by a young man named Pazu. He tells her about Laputa, a magical castle in the sky hidden by a large circle of stormy clouds. Together they go on an adventure to find Laputa, while trying to avoid the corrupt army trying to take the magical power for themselves.

Magic crystals, a floating island, and a corrupt army led by greedy men is something many of us are familiar with. Magical crystals are a common theme in Final Fantasy, and airships and an overall steampunk vibe are perfect for fans. 



11. Willow (1988) 

A dwarf farmer named Willow suddenly finds himself taking care of a young baby girl his children found in the river. Soon after, the village is attacked by fierce monsters looking for the young baby. Willow istasked with leaving the village and bringing the baby somewhere she can be cared for. He soon learns that this baby's destiny is to be the downfall of the corrupted Queen Bavmorda. 

Another 80’s fantasy movie, high fantasy elements are something many of us enjoy. Fans of older Final Fantasy games would enjoy this movie, as he goes on an epic journey, all while under the threat of an evil sorceress. Sound familiar? 


10. Seven Deadly Sins (2012) 

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that focuses on a group of warriors who were once Knights that served the region of Britannia. However, they are later framed for a major crime that they did not commit. A princess named Elizabeth seeks them out to help her save her imprisoned father and sister. She soon finds out the Seven Deadly Sins end up being not quite what she expected! 

This is another anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a high fantasy anime with a wide variety of characters, interesting story lines, and plenty of comedic relief. Another anime that is great for fans of the older, more “classic” Final Fantasy titles. 


9. The Golden Compass (2007) 

A universe with parallel worlds, human souls can take the form of animal companions called daemons, who stay by one’s side their whole life. A young girl named Lyra lives in a world where darkness is taking hold, and children start going missing. She goes on a journey to find her friend Roger after he’s gone missing. She teams up with her own daemon, and an eclectic group of people to try and save her friend, and the world as well!

Aesthetically speaking alone, this movie is perfect for Final Fantasy fans. There is plenty of steampunk imagery, airships, parallel worlds and darkness. It doesn’t get much more Final Fantasy than that! 



8. Ergo Proxy (2006) 

In this anime, humanity is reduced to living in small inhabitable domes as the rest of the world turns into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There are androids known as AutoReivs who are starting to gain sentience, and they begin committing crimes. Re-L Mayer begins investigating why this happens as it leads her down an existential journey of her own as she begins to question the world around her. 

This anime has a much darker tone compared to some of the others on this list. The ever present existential crisis is something we’ve seen often in Final Fantasy, especially when you look at characters like Cloud and Squall, among so many others too. Between that and the dark, mid-2000’s vibe would make this a great anime for Final Fantasy fans. 



7. Blade Runner (1982) 

A sci-fi epic, a company called Tyrell Corp. created humanoid robots called replicants, that were originally created to help society. But of course, this does not last as some start to gain sentience and commit crimes. Space cops known as Blade Runners are tasked with tracking down these rogue replicants. A retired blade runner named Rick Deckard is pulled out of retirement to track down four replicants who are combat models that have made their way onto earth. He soon meets a replicant named Rachael, who does not know she’s not human herself after her memories are tampered with. 

Humanoid clones with tampered memories, and existentialism? Sign us up! Final Fantasy fans that love sci-fi movies with these types of themes will really get a lot out of Blade Runner. Plus, with Harrison Ford playing the main character, what’s not to love about it? 


6. Neon Genisis Evangelion (1995)

In a world where giant celestial monsters called Angels attack Tokyo, a boy named Shinji travels to Tokyo-3, and soon he is forced into action to control the Evangelion mecha robots and fight these Angels. The anime focuses on Shinji’s internal conflicts with his own trauma, his abusive relationship with his father, and the loss of his mother. But the relationships he’s able to foster along the way help him to grow as a person, and stand up to the giant, celestial threat. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of those massively popular animes, for good and bad reasons. However you look at it, its epic proportions, themes of fighting literal gods, as well as one's own internal conflict is no stranger to Final Fantasy fans. 


5. Hugo (2011) 

A young orphan named Hugo grows up living in the walls of a train station and is looked over by his uncle. He oils and maintains the station's clocks, however he focuses more on a broken automaton left behind by his father. After meeting a young girl he goes on an adventure to find out more about the automaton left by his father and seeks a home.

The steampunk themes, automatons and hero’s journey is something fans of Final Fantasy will recognize and resonate with. Young orphans with exceptional skills going on a grand adventure as they seek a found family is familiar, and fans will really love this movie. 



4. Tank Girl 

In a post apocalyptic future, a woman named Rebecca is forced away from her home as her family is attacked by a corrupted corporation called Water and Power, and Rebecca is essentially taken hostage. She meets a woman named Jet, and together they set out to take down Water and Power for good.

I think by now you’ll notice why we can’t recommend this movie enough to Final Fantasy fans. Corrupted corporations, a post-apocalyptic future, and weird-looking, humanoid creatures? Sign us up! This movie is funny, fast-paced, and the soundtrack is awesome! 



3. Goblin Slayer (2018) 

In a high fantasy setting, a young man makes quite the name for himself in a small guild killing nothing but goblins. He eventually saves a young priestess after the rest of her party is wiped out by those very creatures. Soon, with the help of others, the party sets off to make sure they kill every goblin possible. 

This anime starts off pretty lighthearted and fun, however, things get pretty gorey and dark quickly. It’s in a high-fantasy setting and is a great anime for fans of Final Fantasy. 


2. The Dark Crystal (1982) 

Thousands of years after the Crystal of Truth is shattered, shards of the crystal are scattered all over the land. An evil race of creatures known as the Skeksis have corrupted this crystal, and use its magic for their own evil and greedy needs. A young Gelfling named Jen is, as far as he knows, the last of his kind. He’s eventually forced to set out on a journey to find the shard, and restore the crystal and bring balance to the land. 

Final Fantasy fans will love this movie, if they haven’t seen it already! A corrupted crystal, and protagonist who believe he is the last of his kind are all themes that play well with the series. An ever looming darkness, and evil sorcerers. What’s not to love. The movie is dark, and creepy at times, but it’s never without its sense of hope and optimism underlying this journey. 


1. The Labyrinth (1986) 

Starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, this movie is about a young girl who wishes for her baby step-brother to be kidnapped by the Goblin King. Hearing her pleas, he shows up in the window, takes her kid brother, and tells her that if she wants to save him, she will have to journey through his massive labyrinth. As she makes her way to the Goblin King’s castle, she makes friends along the way and learns a lot about herself in the process.

This movie is visually stunning, and I”m not just talking about David Bowie! The music is outstanding, and Bowie had a very heavy hand in a majority of the soundtrack. Fans of Final Fantasy will love the high fantasy themes, magic, and the fun and crazy magic shenanigans that happen to our young protagonist as she makes her way through the Labyrinth. 


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