Top 10 Games Like Kingdom Hearts 3 (Games Better Than Kingdom Hearts 3 In Their Own Way)

Games Like Kingdom Hearts
These games will fill your hearts with joy as you wait.

The Best Games Like Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is notorious for its action style of RPG gameplay and the wacky Disney characters that many hold dear to their hearts (pun was intended).

As Kingdom Hearts III is drawing nearer and nearer by the second, and with the hopes of it not being delayed any further, many are excitedly going back to the old games on their consoles, while the PC gamers are looking to savor that taste that is Kingdom Hearts by playing a few games that are similar to the style, design, and overall gameplay mechanics that Kingdom Hearts brings to the table.

And thus, here is a compiled list of those games that will make your wait for Kingdom Hearts III the more memorable, as well as making sure you have a good time in general when playing them.

10. Final Fantasy XV: Window’s Edition

Starting as our number one on this list, Final Fantasy XV took the Square Enix community by storm when it initially released on console back in 2016.

With its gameplay similar to that of Kingdom Hearts II and III, we find ourselves playing as Prince Noctis, a royal prince who is on the road trip of his life with his three best pals and sworn guardians Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis, in order to marry his beloved Lunafreya and seek peace in the land of Eos once and for all.

A fitting concept if you ask me and one that will remind fans of the Final Fantasy or even newcomers about Kingdom Hearts.

The gameplay is nothing more than Open-World Action RPG, where you fight hordes of enemies, warp to locations that give a huge vantage point, and use your bros to make stunning combos.

I mean, wouldn’t you want your beefy bro Gladio whirlwind through some Imperial Soldiers?  Use Ignis to gather the team and go ham on some bosses and heal at the same time?

Or have your blondie boy Prompto use not one, but TWO guns and become freaking trigger-happy with them? I certainly would, and it makes the game all more enjoyable.

That and driving your fancy Regalia to the main locations of the game since the world is largely vast and filled with amazing sights to see while also jamming to the beats of previous Final Fantasy soundtracks.

Overall, Final Fantasy XV is like the little brother to Kingdom Hearts, providing you the fast-pacing action RPG gameplay that you’ve been craving for.

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