[TOP 10] KH3 Best Grinding Spots

KH3 Best Grinding Spots
After four and a half hours of level grinding, Goofy means serious business.

[Top 10] KH3 Best Grinding Spots

    Like most JRPGs, there comes a time when you might want to grind a few levels to give yourself an advantage. Here in this list we’ll go over ten great spots for grinding exp throughout different stages of the game. 

10. Galaxy Toys Ground Floor

This is a great early-game grinding spot. Travel to the Galaxy Toys save point and when you enter the store, you’ll be set upon by a group of large mech enemies. Clearing this room will net you about 1k exp, without boosters. At the start of your adventure, a few laps of this room can easily increase your levels and make a difference. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • Early game, so can give you an advantage to start out with
  • Close to a save point so you can refresh the area quickly
  • You can pilot the mechs you beat, so you can clear the area out more easily

9. Isle of Luck 

Found in the mid game, the Isle of Luck is one of the many small islands found in the Caribbean. Pull your ship alongside it and fly (or airstep if you haven’t got glide yet) over to the little islet and you’ll be facing three Anchor Raiders. Dispatching these guys will net you 413 exp each, plus the chance of them dropping some pretty valuable synthesis ingredients. You have a chance of collecting Wellspring Gems, Wellspring Crystals and Lucid Crystals. To refresh the area, just airstep back to your ship, use the fast travel option to pop somewhere else and back again, and the enemies will have respawned for you. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • Decent mid game exp gains
  • Good for also grinding synthesis
  • Fast travel on the pirate ship means you can refresh it quickly


8. Forest in the Kingdom of Corona

Skip to 38:00

Another early game spot, this area can be used to give you an edge. Travel to the Tower save point, and simply head to the Forest, clearing out any and all heartless you find on the way. This path will get you about 2k exp per run, and once you get to the end, you can use the save point to travel back to the Tower. Then rinse and repeat. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • Early game to give you an advantage
  • Save points at the beginning and end so you can loop it easily
  • A long path going through several areas so you won’t get bored

7. Door Vault

Skip to 8:00

This is a tricky one as it can only be accessed the first time you travel to Monstropolis, but you can really take advantage of it to gain some tasty exp. Once you reach the platform with the powered down door, you will have to fill up Boo’s laugh bar by defeating Unversed until you can use the triangle button to unleash a finish command. However, if you do NOT prompt the finish command, the Unversed will spawn indefinitely. You can take as much time as you want here to level grind for as long as you feel like without the need to respawn the enemies. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • Mid game so the exp yield from enemies is pretty good
  • You can keep defeating enemies until you feel like it, they won’t stop spawning until you press triangle to use the finish command
  • There are multiple opportunities to do this on your play through of Monstropolis so you can do it a couple of times. 

6. Frozen Wall

Travel to the Mountain Ridge in Arendelle and head through the cave to the right. You’ll come out at the top of the Frozen Wall, and just travel down the mountain here all the way to the Valley of Ice. There’s a mixture of enemies to defeat along this lengthy path, including Frost Serpents, which if you’ve cleared 6 worlds by this point, give you 326 exp each. You can also get plenty of Frost synthesis materials along this route, so make sure you pick up all the enemy drops. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • Variety of enemies along quite a lengthya decently lengthed route to keep it interesting. 
  • Lots of synthesis materials up for grabs here which are hard to find elsewhere
  • Save points at the beginning and end of the route for quick travel

5. Keyblade Graveyard

When you land in the Keyblade Graveyard you’ll be immediately set upon by countless Heartless. This battle is very reminiscent of the battle of a thousand heartless in KH2 and is finished with a really cool attraction command; Mountain Coaster. However, if this command is not triggered, the heartless will spawn indefinitely, just like earlier in Monstropolis. This time, you’re much further on in the game so the enemies have a higher exp yield so you can rack up some serious levels if you’re patient enough. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • Infinite enemies so you can level grind for as long as you want
  • All enemies are in a single area so no need to travel back and forth

4. Battlegate 0 - Skein of Severance

Before the final battle at the Keyblade Graveyard you’ll get access to this battlegate. This gate can be cleared quickly using the Simba summon, netting you 10k exp and 800 munny per run, which you can accomplish in as little as 30 seconds. Once you’ve finished you can hop back in the battlegate to repeat as many times as you like without needing to leave to reload the area. 

What’s great about this spot: 

  • You can just replay the Battlegate as many times as you like without needing to travel
  • High level enemies inside
  • Can clear the room quickly with Simba summon

3. Battlegate 1 - Lobby of the Realm of the Gods

Fast travel to the Summit on Mt Olympus and head up to the Lobby - the Battlegate will be ahead of you in front of the large golden statue. There are a variety of heartless in here for you to fight, including quite a few Satyrs which give up 706 exp each. This room can be cleared efficiently by utilising shotlocks - I used Infinity Circle with Ultima weapon and levelled up to 99 in a short amount of time. 

Why this spot is great: 

  • High exp per run
  • Variety of heartless so multiple types of synthesis item drops
  • Close by a save point for ease of travel

2. Battlegate 9 - The Elevator in Arendelle’s Labyrinth 


Once again, the shotlock on the Ultima weapon makes this a cake walk. Utilising it you can get 45k exp in around a minute with no food boosts. If you don’t have this keyblade, spam thundaga to clear enemies quickly and you can be done in a little amount of time. It’s possible to gain as many as 40 levels or so in around 20 mins if you clear it fast. 

Why this spot is great: 

  • Late game for quick levelling
  • Excellent small area to utilise thunder spells
  • Battlegate so you can repeat as many times as necessary with no travel

Battlegate 12 - North District San Fransokyo 

This Battlegate is a fan favourite. It has a high exp yield and you can clear it extremely quickly taking advantage of thunder spells and shotlocks. This particular spot is great for grinding synthesis ingredients as well as exp, so if you haven’t got Ultima Weapon yet you can come here to find the necessary Wellspring ingredients while increasing your level quickly. 

Why this spot is great: 

  • You can collect a ton of ingredients for the best keyblade in the game
  • Get a very high amount of exp extremely quickly and easily

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