[Top 5] KH3 Best Keyblades and How To Get Them

Also known as Mickey's main keyblade.
The original Keyblade that you start with in every game.

[Top 5] KH3 Best Keyblades and How To Get Them

Kingdom Hearts 3 brings all of our keyblade wielders together.

Kingdom Hearts is known for all of the different kinds of keyblades that we can wield in the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 kicks it up a notch by giving them alternative forms as well for us to play with. Now a keyblade is more than just their stats and improved abilities So what makes a keyblade stand out above the rest?

There are 14 keyblades that can be unlocked in Kingdom Hearts 3 but obviously there are some keyblades that are better than others. Rather than ranking them all, here are the top five keyblades to level up in your arsenal.

5. Nano Gear - Best Keyblade for Balance

A fusion of all the Big Hero characters in some way.

Nano Gear is the most balanced keyblade in the game. It has stats that better balance magic and strength which makes it so you can have the best of both worlds. This keyblade helps make sure enemies can’t stun you and also has a pretty sweet drive transformation into something that looks like Baymax’s battle arms in Big Hero 6.

Weapon Stats:

  • Strength: 7
  • Magic: 5
  • Stun Protection Ability

What’s Good About Nano Gear:

  • It’s drive form is able to target one enemy multiple times to optimize damage
  • Stun Protection makes it so you can’t be stunned while casting spells, which makes it more likely you can land the spell.
  • The keyblade stays balanced even through upgrades

How to get Nano Gear:

  • Complete San Fransokyo

Video Guide to Fransokyo:

See Nano Gear in Action:


4. Ever After - Best for Healers

A Healer staff for a healter....which is why Donald doesn't have it.

The Ever After keyblade fits the stereotypical magic wand, embodying all the sunshine and magic from Rapunzel’s world of Corona. Strength isn’t the priority with this keyblade but it is a magic user’s dream, specifically if they’re a healer. Forget Donald with this keyblade.

Weapon Stats:

  • Strength: 2
  • Magic: 7
  • Leaf Bracer Ability

What’s Good About Ever After:

  • Anytime Sora uses cure due to Leaf Bracer and the transformation he will not be interrupted, which sure beats Donald attempting to heal you.
  • Changes into a staff that has area of effect damage when it changes back to Ever After’s base form.
  • Great asset to a magic based player so they can have more mana for their spells.

How to Get it:

  • Complete Corona to unlock it.

Video Guide:

See Ever After in Action:


3. Favorite Deputy - Best for the Item Gatherer

A toy Keyblade for a toy Sora.

The Favorite Deputy keyblade combines our two favorite Toy Story characters into a keyblade design. This keyblade is a crafters dream due to its special ability and will have you switching to it all the time in order to get the items you need for crafting. The items more than make up for the lack of magic after all.

Weapon Stats:

  • Strength: 6
  • Magic: 3
  • Lucky Strike Ability

What’s Good About Favorite Deputy:

  • Packs a punch if you’re focused on strength
  • Lucky Strikes makes it more likely for rare items to drop, perfect for synthesis. 
  • They Hyper Hammer/Drill Punch drive form does a significant amount of area of effect damage.

How to Get It:

  • Complete Toy Box to unlock it

Video Guide:

See Favorite Deputy in Action:


2. Classic Tone - Best for Magic Users that want to pack a punch

A mix of classic game elements smooshed together.

The Classic Tone keyblade is a little more difficult to get in the game but who doesn’t like playing games within a game? This keyblade starts out really powerful once you win it from playing some in-game style mini games on the gummy phone. Though the design of this keyblade is a little odd….

Weapon Stats:

  • Strength: 11
  • Magic: 14
  • MP Haste Ability

What’s Good About Classic Tone:

  • MP Haste makes it so you are constantly regenerating MP so you can keep casting spells
  • The Boom Hammer and Clock Drill form changes focus on heavy hitting melee attacks to follow up your magic with serious damage
  • This keyblade has the second best stats at the beginning compared to any other keyblade

How to Get It:

  • Collect all 23 Classic Kingdom games
  • Play all 23 Classic Kingdom games

Video Guide:

See Classic Tone in Action:


1. Ultima Weapon - Best for….Everything

The Ultima Weapon is the keyblade that is present in every game, and it seems to keep getting better with every version of it. The road to getting this keyblade is a long one but man that pay off is amazing. The most powerful keyblade in the game that renders all the other ones...meh.

Weapon Stats:

  • Strength: 13
  • Magic: 13
  • Combo Boost
  • Air Combo Boost
  • Situation Boost

What’s Good About Ultima Weapon:

  • This is the strongest starting keyblade in the game on stats alone
  • The Ultimate form deals a ton of damage rather quickly over a wide area
  • It’s basically a mix of the light and the dark for a perfect combo.

How to Get It:

  • Gather 58 kinds of synthesis materials
  • Unlock the recipe after getting the synthesis materials
  • Collect 7 Orichalcum+
  • Obtain 2 Wellspring Gems
  • Obtain 2 Pulsing Crystals
  • Obtain 2 Lucid Crystals
  • Synthesize to obtain the keyblade

Video Guide:

See Ultima Weapon in Action:


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TheTortieDragon's picture

TheTortieDragon 4 years 6 months ago

The only time I ever got the Ultima Weapon was in KH2, and man does it take forever to get (not hard per se, just a lot of time and effort). I haven't played through all of KH3 (I don't have a PS4 but I've started the game on my sister's) but to hear that Ultima got even better is really exciting! The Donald joke nearly made me spit out my coffee XD. I would probably get the most use out of Ever After, because I hate the high adrenaline feeling of trying to do a big heal on yourself when you're a millisecond away from losing to a big boss like Xehanort. Although the low strength it has kinda sucks. At least it's pretty...right?

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