Friday the 13th Best Jason (Jason Tier List)

Friday 13 Best Jason
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Which is the Best Jason in Friday 13th?

Playing as Counselors is fun, but if you’re someone that prefers to spawn as Jason, you definitely want to bring your A-game! This tier list will tell you everything you need to make sure you win the match with no survivors!

Sharpen your Knives and load up on Bear Traps, because NO ONE IS GETTING OUT ALIVE TONIGHT!

Tiers and Their Importance

  • C-Tier: Trash. Underpowered or severely broken where the game is concerned. Stay far away.
  • B-Tier: Decent. Sure, there are better. Only play if you're looking for a serious challenge.
  • A-Tier: Dangerous. You'll be a formidable threat to any Counselor no matter their Perks.
  • S-Tier: Hellish. Even with perfect high-class Perks, Counselors won't stand a chance.


Jason Part 7 (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) 



One of the most interesting films in the franchise since it introduces telekinetic powers to the world of Friday the 13th and one of the coolest looks for Jason (DO YOUR CHAIN HANG LOW)!

Sadly, the worst version of Jason in the game. High Stats in Water Speed and Grip Strength don’t matter when it comes to the fact that most Counselors will never have to get in the water and can nullify grip strength with some well-placed Perks.

The only thing this Jason has is his strength in the Sense category. Still, the additional Sense abilities do not make this guy worth playing in the least bit.

Do yourself a favor and play literally anyone else. If you absolutely got to play this Jason (sadist), then you need to make sure that you make use of the Traps and Throwing Knives all over the map. You’ll need them.  

-B Tier-  

Jason Part 2 (Friday the 13th Part II) 



The appearance that introduced us to Jason as an unstoppable killer! This is the Jason that used to be S-Tier!

Power in Traps, Morph, and Can Run makes this another great Jason for Map Control. Don’t want Counselors to get near that phone? TRAP IT. They already have the gas and battery in the Car? TRAP IT. They’re making a break for the Boat? TRAP IT!

Traps are the answers to most problems with this Jason.

For those that they aren’t, just Morph or run them down. This is an easy Jason to play just for his ability to run down Counselors.

The only real weaknesses this Jason has are Shift, Defense, and Water Speed. If you see a Counselor getting into the water, don’t go out there with this Jason. He’s so much slower in the Water that it becomes a chore to chase anyone down in it and it’s may be a diversion!

Manage all the Objectives and nobody will get out alive. 

Jason Part 3 (Friday the 13th Part III)



The Jason that finally gained the popularity that the sack-head in Part 2 was missing! This guy is not the hotshot he was when the game came out!

Sure, he does have extra Weapon Strength, Grip Strength, and Can Run, but that doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to the updated Perks that have come out over time. Weakened Stun Resistance, Sense, and Stalk mean that most of the Counselors will know where you are and may actively seek you out to kill you with Tommy Jarvis.

Guess it comes in handy that you have Can Run, right? If you’re looking to win with this Jason, go for the jugular. Literally. Grab every Counselor you see and go for either Heart Punch or Head Punch. They’re both quick kill animations and will win you the kill while making sure the other Counselors won’t be getting away as quickly no matter what Perks they roll.

You’ll want to immediately kill every Counselor as quick as possible here. 

Jason Part 4 (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)



This is the last “human” Jason in the series, technically.

When you look at his Stats, you can see that Death did him some real favors! Loaded with Can Run, Weapon Strength, and Destruction he could have been a threat up there in the S-Tier list with Savini Jason, but his Weaknesses hold him back.

While two of this Jason’s Weaknesses are what keep him from being A-Tier, Shift is the major detractor. Sure, he has Can Run, but it simply doesn’t make up for how long it takes for Shift to cooldown.

When picking a Jason with Can Run, remember that you can only run so long before your Stamina needs to recharge and that can cost you the game. Usually, the Shift Weakness can be worked around by using Traps strategically, but the Traps Weakness here means that you have fewer Traps to even the playing field with.

Given his Strengths and Weaknesses, I don’t suggest this Jason for everyday play. Don’t let this article get you down on him, though. Go ahead and try him when you finally unlock him! You’ll be sick of all the other Jasons by the time you unlock him anyways. Just make sure that once you start playing him that you make use of the quick kills like Head Punch to end the game as quickly as possible. 

Jason Part 5 (Friday the 13th Part V:  A New Beginning)



This is the one Jason in the game that isn’t really a Jason! The most fun, in my opinion. He’s not the best, but not anywhere close to the worst. Part 5 Jason is the one you pick when you want to give the Counselors a chance.

Do you love the thrill of the Hunt? If so, you’re in for the match of your life! High powered Throwing Knives, Bonus Stalk abilities, and Can Run means that you’ll mainly be dominating Map Control during your matches.

You’ll be able to close gaps with fleeing Counselors in no time, but why do that in the beginning of the match? Take a chill pill and just sling some Knives.

You have 20 minutes until it’s Dawn, after all… His low Defense, Grip Strength, and Stun Resistance reinforce that you should shy away from directly taking Counselors out head on if they’re well equipped.

Watch out for Baseball Bat Buggzy! Play smart and everyone will be dead in no time! 


Jason Part 9 (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday)



Powered by the Necronomicon, this Jason is one of the hardest to face in the game.

Stalk, Shift, and Stun Resistance are crazy powerful and you should use them every chance you get!

Using Shift and Stalk, you can be aggressive and Shift Grab Counselors for a big surprise kill that can break up the tightest groups. Just make sure to make good use of the quick kill animations like Head Punch to get you back in the game to chase down the separated members of the group.

Of course, with the high-powered Shift you’ll be a master of Map Control. Whether you want to babysit the Objectives or go head to head with Counselors, you got the tools to do it. The biggest weakness to this Jason is that he doesn’t have many Traps.

The Shift ability makes up for it though as long as you play smart and can reliably guess what the other players will go for. You’ll also have less Hit Points, so make sure not to take on a group of Bat, Axe, or Shotgun users without trying a Shift Grab combo. 

Jason Part 6 (Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Lives) 



Jason Lives is the first movie to give us a Zombie Jason to stalk the night. Hope you like Throwing Knives, Sense, and Shift because those are this Jason’s building blocks! Combined with his Spear (it’s really an Iron Fence Post), you’ll have the ability to chase down Counselors and control how much damage they can do.

You’re worried about Buggzy with a Bat? HIT HIM BACK. Part 6 is one of the only Jasons that I actively suggest going for Slashing instead of Grabs. If you play smart and actively look for Counselors with the Sense ability, you’ll clear the map in no time at all. Don’t overlook the Knives, either.

You may feel like they slow down the match, but you’d be surprised how easily they can help you turn the match around when someone’s running for the Car. 


Jason Part 8 (Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan)



Another great Jason from a terrible movie, this Jason’s real power trait is Destruction. Wreck every door you come across whether or not a Counselor’s inside with no problem! Use Stalk with Destruction and they won’t even know you’re knocking on the door until it’s too late.

The High Water Speed ability is again, kind of lame compared to the others, but this Jason’s Fire Axe makes him a high powered Slasher because of its range. Grip Strength doesn’t even have to factor into this one because Destruction means you’ll be putting people in the ground without breakin’ a sweat.

However, this Jason cannot run very fast at all. I’d suggest if you want to try to make use of the Water Speed boost, try to chase Counselors directly towards the water on the maps.

If they don’t know enough about this Jason you may be able to work out a couple of easy kills just because of his how fast he is in the water. 

Savini Jason 



This Jason is the one you probably wish you had. The best in the entire game and only available to the original Kickstarter Backers and during a handful of glitches.

If you have him, you’re probably already well acquainted with the pressure he puts out. If not, you may not know how to play. That’s okay, that’s what this list is for! Bonus Stats in Shift, Weapon Strength, and Destruction along with his Pitch Fork weapon means that you can cut through Counselors like a knife through warm butter.

If you spawn as this Jason, players will usually immediately go for completing Objectives because it’s so difficult to kill an experienced Savini Jason. Use this to your advantage and immediately Trap all Objectives and use your Sense to start hunting down players.

Slash every door and Counselor you come across and you’ll win in no time. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.  

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