Batman vs Jason Vorhees: Here's Who Would Win

Batman vs Jason Vorhees, Batman vs Jason Vorhees Who Would Win
Will Batman make it out of Crystal Lake alive?

Batman vs Jason Vorhees: Here's Who Would Win

Jason Vorhees, the undead serial killer versus Batman, one of DC’s most fearsome heroes. In a battle between Crystal Lake’s own monster and the man who became fear itself, who would win?

Batman Powers And Abilities

The protector of Gotham City.

Batman, the World’s Greatest Detective, and Gotham’s protector. Using his grand fortune, genius mind, and peak human body Bruce Wayne became the hero his city needed. He became Batman.

His parents’ murders left him with a trauma he could cope with only through dawning his cape and ensuring injustice is punished. Also one of the founders of the Justice League, he protects not only Gotham City but the whole world when needed.

The Dark Knight lacks superpowers, but his inhuman intelligence and unbreakable will put him up there with the rest of the superheroes in the DC Universe. With Batman around, Gotham’s streets are much safer now that criminals fear Batman is right around the corner.


List of Powers

  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Endurance
  • Ingenuity
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Master of Stealth
  • Master Tactician
  • Master Detective


Jason Vorhees Powers And Abilities

The killer of Crystal Lake.

A child born with facial deformities and mental disabilities, Jason Vorhees was secluded from the world by his mother Pamela at Crystal Lake. Taking after his own mother, who slaughtered countless people at the summer camp she once worked at, Jason stalks the woods of his mother’s death site, looking for anyone trying to enjoy the outdoors nearby.

Wearing a hockey mask and wielding the machete his mother was killed with, Jason began his first murders at Packanack Lodge. From there he continued to kill countless numbers of people. 

Seemingly unable to die, he’s been shot, gassed, electrocuted, and even hanged, but nothing will kill this zombie of a man. He is an unstoppable force of death.


List of Powers

  • Supernatural Strength
  • Immortality
  • Possible Teleportation
  • Supernatural Durability


How the Battle Would Go Down

Jason and Bruce, alone in the woods to battle until one is the victor. In hand to hand combat, Vorhees has supernatural strength after he was brought back to life Frankenstein style. He can tear people’s limbs off with ease and send them flying through the air with little effort.

Jason’s incredibly strong, but Batman is as strong as a mortal human can get, and he’s fast. As long as the Caped Crusader utilizes his 127 Martial Arts and his own agility, he shouldn’t have a problem taking on Jason’s strength. However, one mistake could be all Jason needs to tear Batman in two.

The masked serial killer also has supernatural endurance and immortality. Batman could throw everything he had at Jason, but it would not tire him out, nor could it kill him. Mortal wounds are paper cuts to the likes of this revenant zombie. 

He poses a slight challenge for Batman, but is it enough to trump the detective? Jason is similar to other villains Bruce has faced in the past and will continue to face I’m sure.

There are people like Solomon Grundy who Batman fights all the time. He’s a giant, immortal zombie man with inhuman strength and endurance. The only difference is he doesn’t wear a mask or have a machete.

I’d say they would both put up a very good fight worthy of the eyes of comic and horror movie fans, but there can only be one victor.


And The Winner Is...

Batman. While the immortal serial killer is strong and durable, it’s nothing Batman hasn’t seen before and he’s more than equipped to take on someone like Jason. Bruce has plenty of knowledge and gadgets he can use to subdue the killer and keep him locked away forever which is why Batman takes the win.


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