[Top 5] Friday the 13th Best Ways to Kill Jason

Friday the 13th game Best Ways to Kill Jason
Machete, meet Jason.

Killing Jason Vorhees. It’s the fascinating concept that Friday the 13th gamers have strived to achieve throughout the game. Some players simply join a match just to kill Jason and reap the benefits. However, the majority of players have never actually succeeded in killing Jason for themselves. It’s a task that doesn’t come as easily as expected, seeing as several steps need to be taken before Jason is lying face-first on the ground in front of you.

What many players also might not know is that there are also several ways to kill Jason. Here’s an official guide to assist you in killing Pamela’s only son, and to give you plenty of bragging rights in the lobby after the match.

Items Needed and Their Importance

  • To effectively kill Jason, one player controlling a counselor is going to need to call Tommy Jarvis using the CB Radio. Tommy Jarvis is the only person who can kill Jason, so this step is the most important.
  • A player controlling a Female Counselor is going to need to take Pamela’s Sweater from Jason’s shack and put it on. Be aware: Jason receives an alert when there are people in his shack, and can immediately Morph to it.
  • Jason’s mask needs to be knocked off. This can be accomplished by counselors and Tommy using the necessary weapons.

The Ways

#5: Police Assistance 

Many players might not be familiar with this trick, but those that do know it have surely taken advantage. The first step of this trick is to find the fuse, repair the phone box and call the police. Of course, you’ll want to make sure someone has also called Tommy Jarvis to the scene. The next step is to simply just survive until the police show up. Once the police have arrived, the final step is to lead Jason to where the police are. When Jason gets close enough, the police can shoot him, which knocks him to the ground for several seconds.

Many players take advantage of this by allowing the police to shoot Jason over and over until they remove his mask with a few hits themselves. This method helps counselors’ to hang on to the Durability of their weapons while the cops do the heavy work. That opens the window of opportunity for the Female Counselor to stun him and for Tommy Jarvis to kill him.

#4: Group Therapy

Working as a group can be an efficient way to kill Jason. Along with the Female Counselor and Tommy, two other counselors can join in on the murdering fun by attacking Jason with whatever weapons they can find. Having a group work together in hitting Jason is an even quicker way to knock his mask off, which is a necessity in trying to kill him. All of this can keep Jason distracted while Tommy prepares to put an end to the terrorizer at Camp Crystal Lake. 

The downside here is that an experienced Jason can catch on pretty quickly, and begin to pick apart the counselors one by one. All of a sudden, you’re left by yourself, and you don’t exactly know how it happened because it all happened in the blink of an eye. Make sure your group approaches this method wisely, and bring plenty of pocket knives and med sprays to the battle.

#3: Trio Trifecta 

Three is normally a crowd, but not in this case! Having that third person can prove to be a deciding factor when gearing up for battle with Jason. An extra person helps to achieve easier success when attempting to demask Jason, which can be more difficult than many anticipate. The Female Counselor and an extra counselor can take turns delivering blows to Jason, and even Tommy Jarvis can get involved in the mix! However, players controlling Tommy will need to be careful since you don’t want to waste your weapon by hitting Jason too much. You’ll want to save your weapon for the final blow of justice. 

This method, much like the rest, will heavily depend on how experienced the Jason you’re playing against is. Most experienced Jasons will catch on to your method and try to put an end to it quickly. Other Jasons might panic because they know what you’re up to, and will try to run off to surprise other counselors. To capitalize, you and your trio can take that time to run up behind him and hit him with a weapon. If you stick with your plan, it will only be a matter of time before Jason succumbs to his end.

#2: Double Trouble 

Plenty of players see success with simply just a Female Counselor and Tommy Jarvis doing the deed. It’s the most common method of killing Jason, seeing as you truly only need two people. The two players work together in knocking Jason’s mask off and tiring him out. Once the mask is off, the Female Counselor uses Pamela’s Sweater to stun Jason, hit him with a weapon to bring him to his knees, and Tommy finishes him off with an axe or machete. Simple as that. 

Others have found this method to be difficult when in the presence of an experienced Jason, who will likely try to murder the Female Counselor before she has the chance of using the sweater. This plan can either go one of two ways, so it will all boil down to how bad you want to kill Jason. Nevertheless, stay determined and success can be achieved here.

#1: The Camp Strikes Back

The gang’s all here! This is a great method to get everyone involved and ensure nobody gets left behind (except the one person who didn’t get selected to be Tommy.) This method to the madness requires all seven players in the match to abandon completing Objectives, such as repairing the cars and phone and instead choosing to help in the fight against Jason. This means that all of the focus goes solely to killing Jason, and requires all hands on deck for the duration of the game. Of course, two people will need to either be dead or have escaped for this to work. One of the two will then return as Tommy Jarvis. Six counselors, with the help of Tommy, will then join together to complete the necessary Objectives needed to kill Jason. 

As mentioned before, two people will need to be gone (either dead or escaped) for this plan to work. However, before they die or leave, they can do serious damage by teaming up with the rest of the counselors to fight Jason first. Two people usually die in this method, as Jason begins to kill counselors to slow down the chance of the group killing him. Because of this, one counselor will return as Tommy and the wheels of the plan begin to turn. Happy Jason hunting!


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