Cry of Fear: All Endings Explained and How To Get Each

Cry of Fear: All Endings

Suicide by Simon Henriksson - Best Seller

As we all know (or all the true gamers like myself know), Cry of Fear has five endings in total of the main campaign, and some of them are too easy to complete while others need specific things to achieve. So, in this article I’m gonna show you how to get each and explain them as well.

Ending 1 (Very Bad Ending)

"I'll just get some rest from studying"

Cry Of Fear - Ending 1 (Very Bad Ending)

I should say that the endings of Cry of Fear do not have precise, canonical titles, but were kindly named by the community following the levels of each ending. Following this, here we have the number one, the Very Bad Ending:

In this first one as in the other three endings, we have Simon in his wheelchair with his head blown to bits dumped on a table, with his book, which at each end has something different written. And on the other side there is a newspaper that in its first story tells us about a doctor who has been mysteriously murdered in his apartment. 

"Huh, “mysteriously”. Okay, bro."

Well, as the title says, this is the first ending you will get if you play as a newbie, I mean, no matter if you are rookie or not, you’ll probably get this ending in your first playthrough. I remember when I played Cry of Fear without caring about the story in the first three chapters, but when I saw that cutscene with Sophie and Simon on the roof, I realized that there was something else in that game.

In the Very Bad Ending, Simon seems really pissed off of his situation I believe. He begins ironically saying “Dear Diary” almost screaming out of his pages, and in his book we have him clearly assuming that he killed both Sophie and his Doctor, which he refers to as his “mentor”. He wished he could take everyone with him, and his last words were a desperate curse that anyone reading his book would be haunted by his dead body forever.

"He's angry"

Well, kids, what we can take away from this is: never mess with wheelchair users.

How To Get This Ending

  • spare the life of Carcass, the boss of the rooftops, after Sophie's suicide at Chapter 3: The City is Not Safe;
  • do not give the gun to the Doctor Purnell at the Asylum.

 Ending 2 (Bad Ending)

"Poor guy..."

Cry Of Fear - Ending 2 (Bad Ending)

As in the first ending, we have Simon almost in the same situation but has something different written both in the newspaper as in his book.

As you all know, at the beginning of the game we see some memory flashes of Simon being hit by a car, and then he finds himself in a dark alley with his Switchblade and cell phone. So that’s what this article is about. 

In this conclusion, Simon seems to be disappointed, rejected by his family and friends, however he shows respect for Doctor Purnell and his efforts for helping him. Even so, it seems useless because Simon decides to commit suicide anyway, not being able to deal with the tragedy he suffered. And in an act of selfishness he literally takes Sophie with him.

How To Get This Ending

  • do not kill Carcass;
  • give the gun to Doctor Purnell at the Asylum.

Ending 3 (Sad Ending)

"Did you see my glasses?"

Cry Of Fear - Ending 3 (Sad Ending)

This ending is just a reverse ending of the second one, simple as that. Simon seems frustrated by his condition, his anxiety and depression, then he falls into complete despair. In his suicide note, he reveals that he killed Doctor Purnell and forgave his friend Sophie even though she had rejected him.

This ending is very sad and I have shed a few manly tears when I read this. I think this is the most faithful ending of Cry of Fear because all the cases I know about suicide involve psychological help that couldn't be achieved perfectly. And the fact that writing a book didn't help him shows that he couldn't be helped anyway. #verysad.

How To Get This Ending

  • this time you have to kill Carcass;
  • do not give the gun to Doctor Purnell at the Asylum.

Ending 4  (Good Ending)

"I'm gonna end this".

Cry Of Fear - Ending 4 (Good Ending)​

So... “good” ending is very arguable. Simon dit not commited suicide, didn’t killed either Sophie and Purnell, but it’s not good at all because he killed two officers by accident. He believed that he had killed his mental counterpart but he was in a psychosis-induced hallucination and when came back to his senses… he had killed those two innocent police officers.

What a game I should say. Cry of Fear can provoke many emotions and feelings while gaming and in this ending you can also feel Simon’s guilt mixed with relief. At the end, Simon has been sent to a mental hospital and Doctor Purnell continues being his mentor and counsellor, while Sophie visits him regularly, even if the doctors say that she “destabilizes” his condition.

How To Get This Ending

  • kill Carcass;
  • give the gun to Doctor Purnell at the Asylum.

 Ending 5  (Secret Ending)

This image speaks for itself.

Cry Of Fear - Ending 5 (Secret Ending)

Have you played Afraid of Monsters? Well, maybe you don't know about it, but it’s the first game produced by the team Psykskallar before Cry of Fear. This ending can be seen as a joke by the producers. When Simon wakes up from the car accident he sees David Leatherhoff who was driving it, the protagonist of Afraid of Monsters, thus being the responsible for getting Simon in a wheelchair.

How To Get This Ending

  • you need to finish the game with the fourth ending, the Good Ending;
  • start a new game and you’ll see that you unlocked a secret room (you’ll find this room at the very beginning of the game, the first door on the left after you see a black silhouette walk away);
  • take the package addressed to Simon Henriksson;
  • keep the package with you until you get to the college campus;
  • find an yellow mailbox near bus stop with the tape recorder;
  • interact your package with the mailbox and keep playing as usual.

Ending 6 (Doctor’s Ending)

"What do you mean you've never seen Blade Runner?"

Cry Of Fear - Ending 6 (Doctor's Story Ending)

I thought a few times before posting this ending and the next one in the list because they are not part of the main campaign of the game, but I think it is worth posting them here because they are a complement to the game.

The Doctor Purnell has a gas mask and it is considered by Simon as his mentor and counsellor. Purnell also has a Taurus revolver and has night vision because of his mask.

This mode is funny to play and can also make us see the story in a different way.

How To Get This Ending

  • you just have to finish the main campaign in any ending to unlock the “Doctor Mode”, it’s fairly easy.

Ending 7 (Co-Op Mode Ending)

"Wait, guys. I forgot my belt".

Cry Of Fear Ending 7 (Co-Op Mode Ending)

Well, this the happiest ending you’ll be able to see in Cry of Fear. It's a fun way to play with friends and everyone is haunted by the demonic creatures created by the mind of Simon Henriksson. I played with my cousin and a friend as soon as the game was released. This is one of the best memories I have from Cry of Fear. 

This ending works best as a "What if?" since the events caused by Simon's psychosis are nullified by the cops destroying his inner demons and his book.

To get this mode I’ll leave it here a tutorial:

Cry of Fear - How to play co-op (Hamachi tutorial)

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