[Top 15] Horror Games with Good Storylines

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Over the years we have been treated to the absolute best stories and experiences that video games can deliver.

Ironically, some of the best stories to be ever put into a game come from a genre that loves to torment and make its players anxious, the horror genre.

From the classic Clock Tower to Harvester and newer offerings like The Last of Us and Dead Space, we rank the best in terms of storytelling. These are the 15 horror games with the best storyline.


15. House of Ashes - 2021 (PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

Sharpay hasn’t been the same since High School Musical

The third entry into the Dark Pictures Anthology by Supermassive Games comes the terrifying and realistic-looking game, House of Ashes.

It offers a compelling and dramatic experience that has learned from its predecessor's mistakes and almost perfects it in a way never done before by Supermassive. 

The game centers on a team of military and archaeologists who must battle ancient and mystical monsters in an underground temple in Iraq.

With its realistic graphics and detailed character models, it adds up to the tension and anxiety that the game brings to the player. Exploration, puzzle-solving, and QTE action scenes are all incorporated into the gameplay smoothly. 

The plot is captivating and full of tension and unanticipated turns and has certainly stepped up in terms of the coherence and investment it asks from the player with a menacing orchestral score and unsettling sound effects adding to the game's creepy atmosphere.

With multiple endings and split-second decision-making, "House of Ashes" offers a terrifying horror experience that will have players on the edge of their seats.

House of Ashes Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game


14. Bendy and the Ink Machine - 2017 (PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Android, iOS)

Disney didn't look too good during its early days

The atmospheric and engrossing horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine is an homage to the 1930s vintage animation style beautifully developed by Kindly Games.

It delivers an exciting gameplay experience with its distinctive fusion of puzzle-solving, exploration, and suspenseful encounters. 

The game is set in the fictitious Joey Drew Studios and was influenced by the BioShock video game franchise.

Players take control of Henry Stein, a retired animator who receives an invitation to return to his former profession.

Stein comes across a number of odd paranormal occurrences that are brought on by the Ink Machine. 

Players go around the game in a first-person perspective and must fulfill various activities, such as battles, collecting objects, or solving puzzles, in order to advance.

In order to understand the history of the game, players can also locate audio logs that were recorded by the studio's staff.

The game's spooky soundtrack and black-and-white graphics successfully add to its eerie atmosphere.

Even though the gameplay occasionally feels repetitive, the atmospheric design and compelling story keep players interested.

For fans of horror and those looking for a nostalgic trip through the world of classic cartoons, "Bendy and the Ink Machine" is a must-play.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Full Game Walkthrough


13. The Evil Within - 2014 (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

These abattoirs be getting crazy FR

The Evil Within is created by Tango Gameworks and directed by legendary horror video game director of the Resident Evil Series, Shinji Mikami, who offers a sinister and unsettling story that has been sorely missing for years before its release. 

Sebastian Castellanos, the game's main character, is pulled through a warped universe when he visits the Beacon Mental Hospital which is now filled with nightmare locales and terrifying warped monsters. 

With guns and melee weapons, players combat disfigured nightmare-like foes, including bosses, as they advance through the stages dodging traps, using stealth, and collecting various files that explain the game world.

It effectively captures the spirit of the horror subgenre with its ominous and atmospheric landscapes, furious gameplay, and horrific foes.

The game's rich-level design, difficult puzzles, and tactical fighting techniques give the experience depth and variation. 

Immersion may be hampered by sporadic technical glitches and a complicated plot, though.

In conclusion, "The Evil Within" is a must-play for horror fans looking for a horrific and heart-pounding gaming experience.

The Evil Within Full Game Walkthrough


12. Alan Wake - 2010 (Xbox 360, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch)

He doesn’t look too good

The gripping psychological horror action-adventure game Alan Wake enthralls players with its compelling plot and atmospheric settings that have laid the groundwork for Remedy Entertainment’s next offerings such as Quantum Break and Control. 

The plot of the game follows the journey of the titular Alan Wake as he struggles with evil powers that have manifested from the manuscript for his new book that imperil both his sanity and the reality of Bright Falls, Washington. 

The story develops in a way that keeps players on the edge of their seats, much like a suspenseful mystery novel.

Intense battle sequences and challenging puzzles are flawlessly incorporated into the gameplay, creating a satisfying and immersive experience. 

The graphics are breathtaking for a 2010 game and feature intricate settings and dynamic lighting effects that heighten the ominous mood.

For fans of suspenseful and atmospheric gaming experiences, "Alan Wake" is a must-play because of its captivating tale, engaging gameplay, and excellent graphics.

Alan Wake Full Gameplay Walkthrough


11. Little Nightmares 2 - 2021 (Stadia, Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

If only I could pull out things and people from the TV too

The acclaimed indie game by Tarsier Studios returned in 2017 with Little Nightmares 2 and ramped up the scares and suspense from a 10 to an 11.

The game transports players to a nightmare world filled with hideous creatures and unsettling environments thanks to its moody visuals, a spooky soundtrack, and challenging puzzles. 

The relationship between the two main protagonists, Six and Mono, gives the story emotional depth as they make their way through a number of tense and even horrifying situations. 

Similar to its predecessor, Little Nightmares II is set in a 2.5D universe.

In order to move forward, the player must solve puzzles that occasionally resemble platformer situations they encounter while exploring the game world. 

Contrary to the original game, the player is not completely defenseless; Mono can pick up specific things and swing them to shatter stuff or defend himself against minor enemies, yet, like Six, he must use stealth and his surroundings to avoid larger enemies.

In order to keep Six by their side, the player is also given the option to call out to her and take her hand. 

The snappy and simple controls of the game improve the entire playing experience. "Little Nightmares II" offers a distinctive and atmospheric horror experience that will leave gamers wanting more.

Little Nightmares 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough


10. Dead Space Remake - 2023 (PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S)

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

The popular survival horror game of our childhood is effectively brought back to life for the PS5 generation of players with the Dead Space Remake.

A highly immersive experience is created with the updated graphics and sound design, increasing the suspense and terror of the original. 

As you move through the eerie hallways of the necromoph infested USG Ishimura playing as Isaac Clarke, the improved gameplay's fluidity and responsiveness heighten the tension and sense of urgency.

The scenery and character models exhibit remarkable attention to detail, which amplifies the eerie atmosphere. 

With newly reimagined horrors of the Necromorphs being made clear in 4k resolution, cosmic horror never looked so terrifyingly beautiful

The classic dismemberment mechanic is still satisfying, and the story is still engrossing as the original.

The Dead Space Remake is a breathtaking reinvention that honors its inspirations while providing an amazing horror journey.

Dead Space Remake Full Gameplay Walkthrough


9. Resident Evil 7 - 2017 (PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X/S)

When you wanna take a photo of Grandpa but instead you pull out the Glock

The terrifying video game Resident Evil 7 gave the famed horror series a much-needed revitalization and arguably saved the whole franchise.

The game follows Ethan Winters as he looks for his lost wife at a run-down plantation in Louisiana.

When he arrives, he is met by the terrifying Baker family and then the horrors resume as he tries to escape his captors and survive his ordeal. 

Resident Evil 7 creates an immersive environment with a first-person viewpoint, moody settings, and challenging survival gameplay.

The game excels at creating tension through deft level design, gory encounters, and an engaging plot that breaks away from the normal shooter mechanics of the RE franchise to a return to form and focuses more on the horror that made Resident Evil famous. 

It's a refreshing break to go back to the survival horror roots because it provides a new and horrifying adventure.

Resident Evil 7 is a frightful and enduring addition to the franchise and has spawned an equally terrifying sequel with Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Full Gameplay Walkthrough


8. Outlast - 2013 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, OS X, Switch)

These Halloween decorations are getting more realistic every year

The game that practically made jumspcares famous along with Five Nights at Freddy's is the 2013 horror masterclass, Outlast.

You'll be on the edge of your seat while playing the riveting and violent survival horror game that helped YouTubers like Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and Jacksepticeye build their subscriber count I mean who doesn't wanna see those dudes scream their hearts out? 

You play as investigative journalist Miles Upshur as you explore Mount Massive Mental Asylum while carrying nothing but a camcorder to record your findings of the abandoned hospital.

But as you progress through the story, you soon find out that the abandoned hospital isn’t so abandoned at all. 

With its creepy environment, frightening graphics, and chilling sound design, the game excels at generating a spooky atmosphere all through its runtime.

The suspense is increased by the use of night vision as you maneuver through dark passageways while dodging deadly and deranged former hospital patients. 

The story is masterfully written, revealing a twisted plot that will astound and engross you.

Outlast is a really terrifying experience that horror fans shouldn't miss because of its superb gameplay mechanics and brilliantly handled scares.

Outlast Full Gameplay Walkthrough


7. Until Dawn - 2015 (PS4)

Rami Malek was wildin before he got his Oscar

The interactive horror game that started Supermassive Games to rise to prominence in the horror genre is their magnum opus, Until Dawn. 

Eight friends bonded by tragedy are followed in the game as they become stranded in a lonely mountain lodge that is plagued by their tragic past and a sinister monstrosity that stalks them up the lonely mountain. 

Until Dawn keeps players on the edge of their seats as they make pivotal decisions that determine the course of each character thanks to its stunning graphics and cinematic storytelling.

The lifelike character models and atmospheric environment produce a wonderfully eerie mood, while the branching plot and different endings offer good replayability. 

Although some players might find the gameplay mechanics repetitive just like what happened to me during my playthroughs, still Until Dawn is a must-play for horror fans thanks to its compelling story and masterfully handled jumpscares and tension.

Until Dawn Full Gameplay Walkthrough


6. Alien Isolation - 2014 (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Linux, OS X, Switch, Android, iOS)

Old dildo head returns

Aliens: Colonial Marines did what no one thought was possible, they made the xenomorph not scary.

But then out of the blue comes Alien: Isolation who enthralled players with its tight setting and constant alien danger and firmly reestablished the xenomorphs place in the horror sphere. 

The game, which is set in the titular Alien universe, follows Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she navigates the Sevastopol space station while trying to not get murdered by the deadly Xenomorph and other hostile androids. 

The game immerses players in a continual feeling of terror and paranoia because of its excellent sound design, dark visuals, and clever AI that still stands as one of the most complicated AI systems in a game. 

Every encounter becomes a heart-pounding battle because of the dexterous level design and smart gaming mechanisms that give dimension to the experience.

An air vent can be your resting place, under a table could be where you last draw breath, or around the corner could be where the Xenomorph is waiting for you. 

Every encounter, the xenomorph learns and every encounter could be your last.

For aficionados of the genre, Alien: Isolation is a must-play since it offers an amazing and horrifying adventure. It is a masterclass in suspense.

Alien Isolation 1080p Full Gameplay Walkthrough


5. Detention - 2017 (PS4, PC, macOS, Linux, Switch, Android)

Get away from me creepy rice hat man

The horror adventure Detention, created by Red Candle Games, is unnervingly atmospheric, emotionally compelling, and leaves a lasting effect on the player well after the credits roll. 

Students Wei and Ray are trapped in Greenwood High School, which is situated in a remote mountainous environment, during the White Terror period in 1960s Taiwan.

The familiar environment has undergone disconcerting changes and is now inhabited by terrible beings known as the "lingered."

The heroes progressively unravel mysteries about the cursed school's terrible past while they hide from the supernatural beasts.

The game expertly combines psychological horror with cultural and historical components as it is set in 1960s Taiwan at a time of martial law.

An unsettling atmosphere is created by the lavishly detailed hand-drawn graphics and creepy soundtrack, which perfectly supports the game's narrative. 

Detention addresses issues of guilt, oppression, and identity through thought-provoking stories and clever puzzles, providing a distinctive and engaging gameplay experience.

Fans of atmospheric horror games must play this title because of its compelling plot and creepy environment design.

Detention Full Game Walkthrough


4. The Last of Us - 2013 (PS3, PS4)

An absolute masterpiece of a game

Released in 2013 by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, The Last of Us has brought about a franchise and multiple accolades including Game of the Year and a highly lauded live-action series released in 2023.

Players are thrust into a post-apocalyptic USA that has been decimated by the Cordyceps fungal infestation that turns its infected hosts into cannibalistic mutants. 

Joel, a seasoned survivor, and Ellie, a young child with an immunity to the fungus, make their way across the country to somehow find a way to create a vaccine brought about by Ellie’s immunity.

It offers a gripping and immersive experience because of its emotionally packed plot, stunning visuals, and flawless voice acting by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson as Joel and Ellie respectively. 

Players are kept on the edge of their seats by the seamless blending of stealth, fighting, and puzzle-solving elements in the gameplay.

This ground-breaking game continues to be an amazing gaming experience and is a monument to the power of interactive storytelling.

The Last of Us Full Gameplay 


3. The Walking Dead Season 1 - 2012 (Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, OS X, PC, Switch, Ouya, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

“Come on, Lee. I think my dead parents are here somewhere”

The first season of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is a suspenseful and moving masterpiece that has made me cry more times than I can count. 

It transports players to the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead comics and TV series where survival and difficult decisions are vital through its gripping tale and challenging decision-making gameplay. 

Players take control of Lee Everett, a school teacher on his way to prison for the murder of a politician when the apocalypse started.

He then meets a little girl named Clementine and makes it his mission to protect the little girl no matter the cost.

The characters in the game are masterfully created, with Lee Everett functioning as a likable and nuanced lead character and arguably the best character to ever exist in a horror video game.

The story explores complex ideas like morality and the ties created through difficult circumstances. 

The decisions that players make have a big impact on the plot and character interactions.

The game's visual design, voice acting, and moody soundtrack all contribute to the immersive experience. 

Players who played The Walking Dead Season 1 were enthralled and clamoring for more which led to multiple seasons of the franchise being created.

The Walking Dead is a great example of interactive storytelling and player investment where its influence is still felt to this day.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Full Gameplay Walkthrough


2. Silent Hill 2 - 2001 (PS2, Xbox, PC)

Big Poppa has returned

22 years after its release, Silent Hill 2 is still a terrifying masterwork that enthralls players and inspires numerous other games, movies, and literature.

The atmospheric storytelling and intensely unpleasant ambiance of this psychological horror game are outstanding and a sight to behold back in 2001. 

James Sunderland, the main character, sets off on a journey to the gloomy town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife,

where he encounters unsettling monsters and delves into a twisted and disturbing storyline full of regret and hopelessness. 

The game masterfully employs psychological tension and symbolism to create an immersive experience that lasts long after the end credits have rolled.

While the difficult puzzles and stressful battles keep players interested, the creepy mood is further enhanced by the unsettling soundtrack and flawless sound design.

With its scary and unique story and gameplay, Silent Hill 2 is and always will be a classic and a masterpiece in the horror genre.

Silent Hill 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough


1. P.T. - 2014 (PS4)

NOPE I'm outta here

It’s a commendable feat for a game to stay scary and tell a good story in an 8-hour playthrough. But for a game demo to do all of that and more in only 20 minutes is nothing short of phenomenal.

P.T. or Playable Teaser is the game demo for the canceled Silent Hills game that was supposed to be directed by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima starring Norman Reedus as the main character.

Unfortunately, Silent Hills was canceled due to a falling out between the studio and Hideo Kojima.

Despite this cancellation, they still managed to put out the PT demo. It tells a story of a man walking around a looping L-shaped corridor where pieces of mystery are strewn all around.

From distorted family photos, doors that lock by themselves, and a deformed baby fetus on the bathroom sink, this game has it all. 

The tension and fear that PT brings in its 20-minute runtime are astonishing as it blends together fear, anxiety, and uncertainty and the introduction of one of Silent Hill’s most terrifying entities, a one-eyed ghost called Lisa.

The horror and fear that PT brought inspired countless other games such as Soma and the revival of the Silent Hill series as a whole.

PT may be a ghost of a dead game but there's no denying the influence and fear it has given players since.

P.T. SILENT HILLS Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (8K 60FPS) No Commentary


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