Top 10 The Quarry Best And Worst Characters (Ranked Worst to Best)

The Quarry Best Worst  Characters
A jock, an emo, a prom queen, an artist, and a class clown walk into the woods...

With 9 alternating playable characters, in addition to numerous side characters, some of which you interact with consistently, The Quarry has an abundance of characters. After playing through the game, you’ve likely formed some strong opinions on a few characters. But this article will give you an in depth analysis of 10 of the most significant characters’ backgrounds, personalities, and overall presence in the game. After reading this article, you may find yourself intrigued to replay with a focus on different characters–perhaps making different choices to explore their personality further.

Before we begin the ranking from 10 worst to best characters in the game, the character of Nicholas (Nick) Furcillo deserves a shout-out–despite being one of the 9 protagonist, Nick’s presence is short-lived and underwhelming, no matter what choices you make, so like his presence in the game, his presence on this list is sorely lacking.

10. Max Brinly (Worst)

He should've stayed at the motel.

Max attempts to be a carefree comedian, but often comes off as a worrisome robot, without much emotional range–even when communicating with his girlfriend Laura. He is also hiding the fact that he was rejected from the college program he applied to, leaving his future with Laura uncertain.

Max does not have much impact on the outcome of the game–playing as Max, you have a choice that could lead to Max’s death, but otherwise, the impact he has on others is based on choices that they make. His personality is also sub-far. He is rather boring in comparison to any other character, and he never really redeems himself. The combination of his boring personality and the lack of impact he has on the game is why Max is the worst significant character in the game.

9. Abigail Blyg

She will blush if you ask her to draw you like one of her french girls.

Abigail is a shy artist, who can always be found sketching or jotting down ideas in her sketchbook. Her introverted nature makes it difficult for her to form relationships, but as the game progresses, she is able to open herself up and form a romantic relationship with Nick, although, depending on your choices, this relationship may not end well.

Abigail’s shy nature leads her to not have a huge presence in the central storyline of the game. However, she has the option to find silver shells and roll them to Kaitlyn in the midst of a potentially fatal situation. Given the potentially fatal consequences of Abi’s choice in this moment, Abi has a more significant impact on the outcome of at least 2 lives (if she does not shoot Nick earlier on, she will die, which could cause Kaitlyn to die later on as well), This, in conjunction with the fact that Abigail’s personality seems less robotic than Max’s, places her higher than Max on this ranking list.

8. Jacob Custos

Golden retriever energy to an idiotic and deadly degree. 

Jacob is a borderline stereotypical narcissistic, overly-enthusiastic jock. His extroverted enthusiasm and persistence can be quite endearing. Although Jacob may seem like the prototypical jock, he had profound emotional concerns, namely in regards to his summer fling Emma.

Although his personality can be obnoxious and cringe-worthy, Jacob’s tenacity and over-the-top chivalry can be endearing at times. On top of that, unlike the previous mentions, Jacob’s actions have a greater impact on the story–after all, if it was not for him sabotaging the van, the events of the main game would never have transpired. Regardless, his cringe-worthy obsession with Emma places him towards the worst of this list.

7. Ryan Erzahler

He even looks like someone who loves to brood in dark corners listening to macabre podcasts.

Ryan is an introverted emo camp counselor who has been coming to Hackett's Quarry for summer camp for years, His macabre interests in paranormal/true crime podcasts, as well as his socially awkward behavior leads most people to see him as weird. 

Ryan’s specific knowledge regarding Hackett’s Quarry proves quite useful. He also demonstrates bravery and intelligence as the game progresses, surviving getting stabbed in the ribs and shooting his father-figure Chris (depending on your choices) in order to save others. He also plays a crucial role in working with Laura and Travis to not only solve the mystery of Hackett’s Quarry, but to end the curse once and for all.

6. Travis Hackett

The black sheep of a creepy family--does that cancel out and make him normal?

Travis is the rather creepy sheriff of North Kill (not an ominous name at all), an isolated town primarily run and populated by the Hackett family. His behavior, dialogue, and mannerisms are unsettling to the camp counselors and the player. Regardless, he is dedicated to maintaining order as best he can, while also meeting the needs of his mysterious family.

Travis is the most prominent side character in the game. Our first impression of him leaves us on edge and suspicious. It does not help that he proceeds to kidnap and lock up Laura and Max without any explanation. A lot of tension, confusion, and danger could have been avoided if Travis had simply been honest with Max and Kaura from the start. However, he redeems himself (depending on the choices Laura makes while in the jail cell) by working with Laura and Ryan to put an end to the horrific curse that is plaguing Hackett’s Quarry. His character becomes more complex–and therefore interesting–as you realize that Travis is the black sheep of the family, for he tries to maintain the balance between doing what is just as a sheriff and appeasing his family’s desires.

5. Emma Mountebank

Is the curtain calling or will she survive for another show?

Emma is a vibrant socialite fixated on her aspirations of becoming a social media influencer. She is known to pull out her phone to document nearly all her thoughts and experiences, even when it puts her in danger–for instance, a monster attacking her (talk about viral content)! Her ambitions drive her more than anything, which Jacob (her summer fling who wants to have a long distance relationship) is not too happy about.

On the surface, Emma may seem like a shallow wannabe influencer, but she demonstrates compassion, perseverance, and admirable ambition. She knows what she wants and she will not let anything get in the way of her reaching her dreams. As the game progresses, Emma proves that she has the capacity (depending on the choices you make) to be a resourceful, persistent, survivor that is more than capable to fight off and escape the monsters (werewolves) chasing her, making her an even more intriguing and enjoyable character. 

4. Kaitlyn Ka

Yes she loves to party, but she also wants to make it to tomorrow, so if she tells you to do something, maybe listen?

Kaitlyn is a witty, responsible, party girl who flourishes when she makes everyone around her comfortable and positive. Her combined go-with-the-flow attitude and reasonable sense-making nature lead her to take up the role as unofficial leader of the group. However, she has more to her than meets the eye, as Jacob and Ryan found out during their amateur shooting competition.

Kaitlyn is the refreshing sense-of-reason in the group. However, this does not make her any less fun. She proves she can still joke around and party with the best of them, without giving up her de facto role as the leader of the group. Her leadership skills and rationality also help quell potential chaos during intense situations. 

3. Dylan Lenivy

Will jokingly lock you out of the lodge, but will also jump in front of a werewolf in order to save your life.

Dylan is a slightly odd, witty, sarcastic member of the group, who loves to be the center of attention. At the camp he was the radio host via the camp’s PA system. Dylan portrays himself as an extroverted edgy jokester that brings levity to any situation. However, the sarcasm and jokes are mainly the exterior of his persona, the core of which he only reveals to those he trusts deeply.

Dylan is a breath of fresh air in otherwise tense or socially awkward situations. On top of that, Dylan is incredibly brave–when he gets bitten by a werewolf in the radio shack, he tells Ryan to cut off the part of his arm that was bitten, in order to prevent the infection from spreading. This was also before most of the counselors (save Max and Laura) knew about the specifics of the curse/infection, meaning not only was Dylan incredibly brave for suggesting this, but intelligent for thinking of this as a solution. On top of that, if you choose to let him get his arm cut off, he does not lose any of his sarcastic spunk, truly highlighting his bravery and pizazz. To add to the intrigue and likeability of his character, Dylan proves to be selfless, as he has numerous deaths which involve him sacrificing himself in order to protect others.

2. Eliza Vorez

A mama bear that will do anything to protect her cub.

Eliza Vorez was a fortune teller traveling with the Harum Scarum circus–or as the locals referred to it, freak show. While the show was near Hacketts Quarry, Kaylee Hackett caused a fire to try to free Eliza’s son Silas, whose stage name was the wolf boy. However, the fire spread rapidly, causing immense damage and separating Silas from Eliza. Eliza’s presence came to be called the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry, as she would wail for her lost boy, Silas. As the player, we do not learn her full background until we are very far into the game. To the player, Eliza appears as a ghostly form in the prologue and as the overarching narrator who performs tarot readings for the player in between chapters. 

Her character is fascinating and deceiving. In our earlier interactions, it seems as if Eliza is there to help provide us with clues for our potential futures. However, as the game progresses and more of the story of Hackett’s Quarry is pieced together, we begin to realize that Eliza has ulterior motives. Close to the end of the game, we realize that Eliza has been trying to manipulate us the entire game in order to get her revenge on the Hackett family and protect her son Silas. Although this makes her an overarching antagonist, the situation and her character are complex, making her far more interesting and valuable to the story than many of the playable characters. 

1. Laura Kearney (Best)

Laura Croft 2.0, is that you?

Laura is an adaptable and perpetually curious veterinarian student, who came to Hackett’s Quarry to spend more time with her loving boyfriend Max. However, her curious nature ends up putting her and Max in a dangerous situation that exposes them to the curse of Hackett’s Quarry. Nevertheless, Laura’s adaptability and perseverance shine through as she works to piece together and put an end to the mystery of Hackett’s Quarry. She is certainly never the one to back down from a challenge.

Consider Laura Kearney to be Laura Croft's American cousin. Laura Kearney is intelligent, curious, brave, and incredibly resourceful, with the brains and brawn to survive any situation. She, without a doubt, has the best character arc in the game. Starting out as a happy-go-lucky prospective camp counselor, Laura becomes a one-eyed werewolf hunter, who is willing to go to any lengths (killing the Hacketts and risking her own life) to end the werewolf curse, only in a matter of months.

On top of that, Laura has the greatest impact on the overall storyline out of any character–her choices interacting with Travis determine whether or not the counselors will be able to piece together the mystery of Hackett’s Quarry; it is also up to Laura whether or not to kill the White Wolf and end the curse, curing all those infected, once and for all. 


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