Friday the 13th Crossplay Explained

Friday the 13th Crossplay Explained
Here's Jason!

Since its intriguing debut in 2017, Friday The 13th: The Game has been recognized as a staple in the horror gaming genre. Players can play as counselors on a selection of maps where they must defend themselves against Jason Vorhees and survive the night. For players controlling Jason, they welcome the opportunity to utilize his abilities, including Morph, which allows Jason to teleport to any place on the map.

The only place gamers cannot morph to, of course, is in a game with their friends who are using a different console. Many fans believe this feature would be a major step forward in the game, although with the lawsuit pausing new content within the game, it’s hard to imagine the possibility will be coming any time soon.

What is Crossplay?

A popular term amongst gamers, crossplay is the ability where players gaming on different consoles can play with each other. Whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or even the Nintendo Switch, crossplay provides the opportunity for gamers on all consoles to get involved. Many games are staying ahead of the curve and including crossplay in their development, while some stragglers are still stuck behind.

The pros of Crossplay

Crossplay is a great way to get all of your friends involved in the same game, no matter which respective platform they’re playing on. Or in this case, it only helps to get your friends involved with assisting in killing Jason. In addition, one of the most significant benefits of crossplay is producing game longevity. Crossplay also encourages more players in games, since there’s no limit on which console you’re playing on.

The cons of Crossplay

Of course, with any list of pros, comes a list of cons. A worry that some players have with crossplay is that when it comes to playing with PC gamers, hackers are a concern. Instead of Jason hacking away at a counselor’s head, there’s a possibility of a hacker trying to overthrow your game. Crossplay also has the potential to slow down matchmaking, and matchmaking on Friday the 13th: The Game takes a hike as it is.

Would it help the game?


As mentioned before, crossplay encourages game longevity, which Friday the 13th: The Game desperately needs at this current place in time. Longevity and long-standing interest are what have kept the films so popular over the years. However, with the ongoing lawsuit between the game developers and Victor Miller, the lack of new content has caused a considerable chunk of the game's original audience to flock elsewhere. The introduction of crossplay has the opportunity to bring a decent amount of that audience back and spike an interest in the game again.

Fans have even taken it into their own hands to create content for the game themselves, such as testing the possibilities of crossplay, as well as finishing the Grendel map, based on the Jason X film.

Crossplay potential

Gun Media, the developers of Friday the 13th: The Game, have expressed interest in bringing crossplay to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms in the possible future. However, they have stated there are “quite a few logistical issues” that have to be ironed out before crossplay can be properly introduced.

Despite a sticky lawsuit, the chance for crossplay in the future is still on the table. If and when the feature does become available, Friday-fans and players will be eagerly excited to test the waters and revive their interest in the game once more.

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