[Top 3] Cry of Fear Best Resolutions

Cry of Fear Best Resolutions
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Hey, gamers, today I’m gonna give you some advice about the resolution in CoF - Cry of Fear. For those who don’t know, Cry of Fear is a survival horror game in first person and it has many modes you can play: Main Campaign, Co-op and Custom Stories. Specifically, I’m gonna give this tip for those who will play in Co-op mode with some friends but you can use that in any mode you want. 

3 - Performance Resolution (1280x720)

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Well, in Co-op mode from Cry of Fear we have four maps titled Suicide and it is just random maps from the Main Campaign, so as the title says, consists of surviving as long as possible. I highly recommend playing this mode with a few friends and surely to play in HD resolution for better FPS with a normal quality.

Cry of Fear: Memories | Full Playthrough (HD Resolution)

2 - Better resolution (1600x900)


If you have a FullHD monitor, sure you can play in 1920x1080p, however I think you should try this resolution first. Initially, Cry of Fear it’s not a game that requires a lot from your computer, at first it was a Half-Life mod when released back in 2012 and became a standalone product the following year, so your FPS will not drop dramatically as you think, maybe in some parts because it's not a well optmized game anyway.

Cry of Fear Co-op - Pilot - Episode 1

1 - High Resolution (1920x1080)

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I must say that I highly recommend just these three resolutions because, sincerely, Cry of Fear it’s not a well optimized game and some resolutions may bug your screen, so if you want to test another resolution better use window mode, ok? With this in mind, CoF can be played normally at FullHD and the graphics can be pretty good at this resolution. And for those who want a more performance gaming, disable Screen Grain in general options. Have a good play.

Cry of Fear iceberg explained

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