[Top 5] Cry of Fear Best Weapons

Cry of Fear Best Weapons
"Where are you going, sweety?!"


"Time to run, bitch!"

Cry of Fear - an indie survival horror game released in 2012 by the independent Swedish studio Team Psykskallar (yeah, it's hard to pronounce that, we know) has several weapons throughout the game and some of them are so special that it motivated us to make this list. Here are the best 5 weapons you can find in the game:

Cry of Fear - Launch Trailer

5 - Ruger P. 345

"Nice shot!"

The Ruger P. 345 is the most powerful handgun you can find in Cry of Fear. To know how brutal this pistol is, you must know that it can kill the Crazyrunner easily with a few shots. Crazyrunner is that girl with a knife in her hand with long beautiful metal black hair, and looks like Samara Morgan from The Ring.

  • does high damage
  • high recoil
  • just available near the end of the single player campaign

4 - Glock 19

"Look at these books! Maybe I can find some of Dante Alighieri".

How To Get the Glock 19

This is the first gun you can find playing the first chapter at the apartment buildings, hanging from the hand of a corpse in the ceiling. Scary. When I saw this the first time I almost forgot how much of a gamer I am.

Hint: do not reload the Glock or any handgun with some bullets still in the magazine as it will not add up with the next one.

  • has the second highest magazine capacity of all the pistols in the game;
  • medium recoil; 
  • can kill easily most of the primary enemies; 
  • a tactical light can be attached, getting rid of the dual-wield.

3 - Remington 870


"This man lost his mind. Poor guy... Look, a pack of cigarettes!"

Everyone knows this gun, right? It has a lot of versions in many FPS games: Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield etc. Of course it’s not the same gun, but it is always the same version of a 12 gauge Shotgun.

  • can cause some pretty good damage;
  • effective with many enemies;
  • can kill sub-bosses, like Sawrunner or Sawcrazy with a few shots.

2 - M16 Assault Rifle

"Hey, look what found here!"

How To Get M16 Assault Rifle

Have you seen Rambo: First Blood? Well, here we have the gun he used in that movie. Here comes a valuable tip: this gun can be found the first time when the Sawrunner (that lunatic evil guy with a goddamn chainsaw previously shown at the top of the article) appears and runs after you. Kill him (of course you can!), go back and find this gun in his room. 

  • very high damage;
  • you can play in single-shot or 3-round burst mode; 
  • try shooting with burst mode regardless of the recoil on Taller, that ugly giant.

1 - Hunting Rifle

"What did you say about my mom?!"

How To Get the Hunting Rifle

I remember that day... It was night and I was in chapter 3 of Cry of Fear, lights out, and I came across the most powerful weapon in the game. After a fairly easy puzzle for a true gamer like myself, I found the Hunting Rifle in the room upstairs above Gustav-Dahl Park.

  • does the most damage;
  • highly accurate;
  • perfect to kill the Flygares (those bastards in a flying bed);
  • and you can zoom in with the scope.


"Man who was sawing trees, ended up tripping and I finished him off with a branch".

Yes, man, that’s what you read. A giant branch. This god-tier weapon can be found in the woods near the end of the game. This branch is faster than the Nightstick and It’s more powerful than the Switchblade. You are lost in the woods with just a lantern and see a piece of branch, what do you do? “Better than nothing… I guess” - Simon.

Of course it was a joke.

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