[Top 15] Best Roblox Horror Games To Play

roblox horror games
Various Roblox games created by Mark Sammut & Emma Majoros

Roblox is a vast game with thousands of experiences stretching across all genres of game media. Some prefer to hit the ranks and score high in fighting games, others like to kick back and rack up some cash in a tycoon. But one of Roblox’s most diverse communities is its horror, famous for sending many players flying out their seats. Today, we’re gonna review 15 of the best horror games to check out and send some shivers.


15. Rainbow Friends

Coming from the darkness, Rainbow Friends takes a similar approach to the Piggy style of horror games, but with its own twist of its own world and characters. Because it uses a similar style to a pre-existing game, Rainbow Friends loses a couple points, but its traction with players and influence on the internet has caused it to become loved by many alike.


14. Piggy

Piggy was one of Roblox’s most influential games, Piggy has obtained as of the publishing of this article a whopping 12 billion visits. Since its release, many games have followed in its style of collecting items while being hunted by monsters. While the genre is very copy-paste, Piggy is the first of its kind, making it unique in that aspect. It’s not the scariest, but it's certainly a classic and is deserving of at least one play.


13. Spider

If you have arachnophobia, this game might not be for you. Taking a similar approach to the Piggy style, players must escape the house while being hunted by a player-controlled spider. The concept is similar to Flee the Facility where the monster is controlled by a player, so if you’re looking to play against your friends and are fine with spiders, this could be a fun game to play.


12. The Cabin

The Cabin is a horror game revolving around a cabin previously owned by the players’ grandfather and an incomplete ritual. The point of the game is to finish the ritual and rid the cabin of the evils that killed your grandfather. The game is not as scary as it comes off as, and can even be a little cheesy at times, but in the end is a fun game to play with friends to pass the time.


11. Flee the Facility

As mentioned before, Flee the Facility is a game where players hack computers to escape while the hunter, played by a friend, hunts them down and captures them in tubes. Between the dark elements and music and light that the hunter emits, players are guaranteed a scare when playing this game.


10. 3008

A game inspired by SCP, 3008 is a horror survival game taking place in a conceptually infinite Ikea. During the day, players can gather items to store food and build bases using furniture. At night, the workers that traverse the Ikea become hostile, beating anyone they see. Using the forts, players can keep the workers away and survive for as long as they can. While the game can be creepy, the game feels more survival then anything and hence wasn’t placed as high, but otherwise 3008 is a very creative and well-designed game.


9. Nightlight

Nightlight takes inspiration from the Slender Man concept, where players are encouraged to locate a number of pages that all spell a word. The game will have you perform this 3 times before actually completing the game, each time increasing the difficulty and scare factor via introducing new monsters and mechanics for players to fend from. Overall, the game is generally memed which does unfortunately take away from the horror elements, but many embrace this humor and some find themselves shook regardless.


8. Before Truth 

Before Truth carries a similar aspect to Piggy where the player needs to find keys and codes in order to progress through the game, but unlike those games, Before Truth does a much better job at retaining horror elements by not just locking you in a room with a monster. Instead, the player must work through creepy settings and random jumpscares to find what they need and move forward. This game is exceptionally good at setting the mood and drawing players to the ends of their seats, so it’s recommended for any players searching for thrill.


7. Bear 

With such a cartoony character as a monster, it can be easy to overlook this game, but I advise heavily against that. Following a similar playstyle as Flee the Facility, Bear has players solving puzzles to escape while a 2D render of a bear hunts them down. There are many hidden secrets and other game modes, making this a high suggestion amongst thrill-seeking gamers.


6. Short Creepy Stories

Unlike the other games, Short Creepy Stories– as the name suggests– is a compilation of horror games that players can play through. The vibes of this game are overall horrifying and don’t exercise any cheap tricks or cookie-cutter layouts like some other horror games, making for a good, retentive game to play with friends.


5. The Intruder

The Intruder is a spine-chilling game that emerges through the bounds of the 4th wall. This game uses a format similar to Five Nights at Freddies where the player keeps the monster at bay using cameras and power, but the real terrifying part is when the Intruder morphs into your friends, guaranteed to break emersion and frighten players right out of their seats.


4. Far From Land

Far From Land is an extremely detailed game full of its own mechanics, characters, and lore. The game functions similar to The Intruder where the player is mostly stationary and must fend themselves from monsters while doing tasks to transport the boat. Unlike The Intruder, however, this game introduces a new stage that initiates once completing the voyage, where the player roams the ship and completes their tasks before actually being able to leave. The entire game is boat themed, which adds to the setting and does a good job tying the game up in a pretty bow. It’s a really fun experience with even more game modes, badges, and secrets, and is certainly worth checking out.


3. The Mimic

The Mimic is an extensive game that explores the lore of ancient Japanese ghosts. The multi-chapter story has the player exploring all kinds of mazes, puzzles, and chases as they dive deeper into the hidden lore and try not to jump from their chairs. Although The Mimic follows a very similar layout as other games with hidden lore and multiple stages, The Mimic is more notably known for being one of the first iterations of this, and even to do it better than most others, making it worthy of its high ranking.


2. Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia is a game inspired by the backrooms, featuring dozens of levels each with their own mechanics, designs, and monsters. By tailoring to a concept beloved by many, this game has earned a large portion of players, many with assistance from general knowledge of the backrooms itself. If you enjoy liminal spaces and truly terrifying monsters, Apeirophobia is a highly recommended game.


1. Doors

Among the many various games that Roblox has to offer, Not many come close to the level of complexity that Doors shares. In this game, you and a small team work to clear through a numerous set of doors while surviving different challenges and monsters throughout your journey. What makes this game unique is a combination of the monsters, game design, functionality, and even the lore. Furthermore, Doors has offered a variety of game modes since their release that has kept many players to continue playing their well-crafted game.

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