[Top 10] Games Like Roblox (Games Better Than Roblox In Their Own Way)

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Ready to slay!

Like Roblox? Here are 10 games that have almost the same game style like Roblox, even better!  

10. Wobbly Life (PC / iOS / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

Wobbly Life cinematic trailer by RubberBand Games

Just like the many games in Roblox, in Wobbly Life, you get a job and earn money to buy a house, clothing and things. It’s a beautiful open world with fun and cute graphics. You can play here by yourself, or better with friends with its online co-op.

The game starts at what is supposed to be your grandmother’s house, and she asks you to get a job and work. There are many jobs to choose from from pizza delivery, chef, or even a garbage collector.

As you work your way to the top, and make a name for yourself, you can finally buy your own house or even a mansion and make granny proud! I do love the mini missions and tasks. Also watch out for some missions as they give some pretty and exclusive prizes such as a secret outfit!


9. Human Fall Flat (PC / PlayStation / XBOX / Nintendo Switch/ Android / iOS)

Human Fall Flat gameplay trailer by No Brakes Games

A relaxing game with the wobbly and shaky movements. But will absolutely test your mind skills to figure out puzzles in dreamlike maps, find the exit and to get to the next level.

You will use your wobbly body and figure out physics puzzles, and defy gravity to carry and blast heavy things to open doors or crack walls. The Human Fall Flat world is very ethereal, the feel of the graphics and map. Perhaps also because of the game’s unique wobbly animation.


  8. Stumble Guys ( Android, iOS, PC)

Stumble Guys trailer by Stumble Guys

Join 32 players and race to the finish line. But don’t feel lucky just yet, because there are crazy obstacles along the way. But the greatest obstacles are the players that might or will definitely try to kill you to reach the finish line in this obby race game.

It’s like playing a Roblox obby game with only the graphics and character design difference, and a much more brutal race to reach the end.  Skins are easily obtainable by watching video advertisements. A delight to play with friends and family as you blast, dig and melee your way to the end of the finish line.


7. Trove (PlayStation / Nintendo Switch / Xbox / PC)

Trove trailer by Trove

A sandbox MMO game that looks like you’re walking around in Lego Worlds only with a Minecraft character and you get daily rewards like on Roblox. They have fun titles of classes from Boomeranger, Candy Barbarian to Neon Ninja.

You claim an empty lot as yours to build on, but you can move it to an empty lot if you wish to move to a better location. Teleport to different worlds and complete quests and defeat enemies to increase your power rank, doing these also gets you new weapons and cosmetics.

There’s also a battle arena where you can fight and compete with other players. Trove is like an online version of Lego Worlds and the build mode will also get your creativity kicking. What’s more fun is that you can build with friends here.


6. Terraria (PlayStation / Android / iOS /  PC)

Terraria trailer by Re-Logic

Terraria is indeed very much like Minecraft, only it’s 2D. Explore different worlds, and create your own goals to do in the game. Starting off in your first world, you gather and craft materials for stronger weapons and a lot of other things for constructing structures.

Defeat lots of creatures and bugs that are everywhere, you can also build defensive walls or even a house, to protect yourself from zombies that come creeping in at night. Enemies get stronger as you as you proceed to the next worlds and defeat the bosses.

Like Lego Worlds, there are different biomes, and some are pure evil and highly dangerous. Hats off to Re-Logic for the backgrounds in the boss fights.


5. Portal Knights (Android / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 /  Xbox One /  iOS /  PC)

Portal Knights trailer by Game Spot

One of the most adorable sandbox games out there. This new updated version has a subtle storyline in which you need to restore the fracture in their world by rebuilding the portals. After picking your character class and character customization, you must complete the tutorial on the first island.

There are already enemy creatures to defeat to acquire shards that are needed to craft stones for rebuilding the portal, and things to break, mine and collect to craft weapons. There are many beautiful islands in Portal Knights so you can expect some beautiful views.

The graphics illustrations are in a chibi-like style and will remind you of Genshin Impact’s illustrations. The cute graphics makes Portal Knights stand out from other games in the genre.


4. Minecraft (PC/MAC / Xbox / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation / Mobile)

Minecraft cinematic trailer by Minecraft

The most famous sandbox survival and build game ever.  With the 2 modes in Minecraft, you craft a crafting table, hit and attack trees and plants to begin your crafting journey. Fight enemies and mobs, find your own food and supplies, and be careful not to be too exhausted.

And there are endless possibilities for building. Minecraft players have some of the most amazing builds and model designs out there. Probably the OG of block style sandbox games. Minecraft really is the pioneer of the iconic blocky and Lego style sandbox games.


  3. KoGaMa (PC / Android)

Kogama official trailer by Kogama

A game that closely resembles Roblox, it’s a gaming platform where you can create and join different pre-made worlds/games and ones that are created by players. Just like in Roblox, players can create their own game and publish it on the KoGaMa game platform, and can also be ranked by likes from players.

The graphics and gameplay  is truly reminiscent of Roblox. It feels like you are playing the Epic Games on Roblox, only with a different and adorable avatar body design.


 2. Lego Worlds (PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC / NINTENDO SWITCH)

Lego Worlds showcase by Koles YT

One of the best games out there that truly unleashes your creativity. You are an astronaut in search of new worlds. Landing on the first few islands, you will be getting a tutorial on how to use various tools for building and spawning items.

Doing the first tutorial will earn you your first gold Lego brick.  As you travel from one world to the next, you meet new characters, animals and see new items that you can copy and add to your inventory. Doing tasks and companion missions earn you gold Lego coins, the game’s currency.

Up to two players, you can build that wonderful world you’ve always been dreaming about. You can also mix and match your Lego body parts, and it's really fun making your unique character look. Beware of the skeletons, they love to engage in fights when you confront them about their cuteness.


1. Fortnite (PC/Mac / Mobile / PlayStation / Xbox / Nintendo Switch)

Fortnite trailer by Fortnite

Very much like Roblox in a way. You can save the game currency called V-Bucks to buy outfits and clothes by playing, whereas on Roblox, you only get the free clothing unless you buy Robux.

There are various world maps too, and just like on Roblox, users can create and build game maps of their own. While most maps have combat gameplay, some maps have a more relaxing vibe so you won’t have to fear for your life for once.

Fortnite also collaborates with many iconic personalities and even movies for themed skins. And they all look super cool with Fortnite’s 3D graphics.

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